Top 10 Tips for New Vape Users

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Fresh To The Vaping World? Then Welcome

This article will be going through some basic tips that every vaper ought to know, especially when new. Whether vaping is a new hobby or a deal to help you quit smoking, it’s a fact that there will always be some guidelines to follow. And this may look tiring, especially if you are trying to make the switch to e-cigarettes on your own.

Nonetheless, we’ve been able to put together the exact tricks and tips you need to make the experience a better one. You can trust that in no time, and with enough commitment, you will find the use interesting enough to question your reason for not joining a long time ago. To get started with choosing your vapes, you can find the best ones on Provape.

Keep The Tank Clean

A mistake most vapers make is using their vapes for an extended period without proper maintenance. Do not do that. There are always residues left in the rank whenever you vape. Hence, before changing the e-juice, ensure you get the residue out.

Not only does the dirt builds up in the tank, but it also hinders your good experience with vaping. It affects the taste of your preferred flavor and also the quality. However, do not worry too much because it is quite easy to clean your tanks. All you have to do is empty your tank and submerge it at least once in a bowl of warm water. You can always get even fairly easier ones to clean in the online vape shop.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Out New Flavors

One time or the other, you might experience having something enthusiasts call the “vaper’s tongue.” This means your taste buds have become so familiar with your vape juice that they can’t taste it again. This also means it might be time to try a new flavor.

You don’t have to give up vaping e-juice in general; be rest assured that there are several other flavors in the market that you can find just as satisfying. You can always make a switch back to your initial flavor after a while.

Clean Your Mouth

E-cigarettes are, of course, better than normal cigarettes when talking about their constituents. While your e-juice might even be one with a sweet flavor, cigarettes generally tend to contain unhealthful combinations.

However, the fact that your e-cigarettes are on a better side doesn’t mean you neglect your mouth health. It would be best if you cleaned it. And just brushing is never enough; you will need to get a mouth wash too. Focus on washing your tongue very well and be consistent with the cleaning.

Get Your Coils Primed

Remember to get your coils primed, especially if you are getting a new vape. You get to have one or two coils with most new vapes, and these could either be made from cotton or metal. They can persist for one to two weeks, all based on how you use it, your vaping manner, or the kind of juice you vape. To prevent the coil from being ruined or burnt, you must prime it.

All you have to do is get some drops of the juice on the cotton and allow it to spread in for at least five minutes. You should get that done before getting your tank filled.

It’s Not Supposed To Leak: When Refilling, Shut The Airflow

It’s typical for most new users to have issues with leakage from their vape tanks. The juice ends up getting in your bags, pockets, and even on your hands. Yes, it’s common, but that doesn’t make it okay; it gets frustrating sometimes.

You should know that airflows are quite flexible; thus, you can regulate your vaping adventure. When refilling, try to shut the airflow. Take proper care to see how you place your vapes and keep them upright. In a situation where the leaking persists, you can change your vape to one having an upper airflow tank.

Drink Water

Vaping is drier than smoking. Of course, it has a lot of likeness to the common cigarette, but the hit is a bit drier. If you’ve been a cigarettes smoker in the past, this might seem odd at first, but it’s easy to adjust to, given one or two weeks. It’s suggested you take water to help with the initial change.

You Shouldn’t Chain Vape

It’s common for people trying to stop smoking and have recently switched to vapes to have a habit of wanting to chain vapes. It would be best if you were careful not to result in this. Don’t take too many multiple drags without a break. This is bad for your coils as it burns them quickly and can make your hits even drier. If you feel the nicotine you are vaping is too low for your taste, you can always get a juice that has a greater nicotine grade.

Charge Your Vape, But Not Over The Night.

If you believe that getting your vape to charge overnight will give it a greater boost, then you are walking the wrong path. Charging your vape overnight not only destroys the battery but also damages your vape as well. Hence, proper care should also be taken in this regard.

There Are A Lot Of Flavors, So Try Them Out.

If you find a particular flavor off, you should give it a chance to try another. Many persons tend to give up vaping after their first few trials because they do not like its taste. There are many flavors you can try out; hence, don’t be shy to sample them out.

We agree that vaping can be rather private. Therefore, choosing which e-juice you want is totally up to you or your physician to find the one that soothes you best.

Don’t Give It Up.

Give yourself a chance to settle into your vaping experience. Don’t be quick to reach out for a cigarette when idle; always be reminded of why you started in the first place. When uncertain about anything, reach out to people who have better knowledge in the area.

It’s okay not to like the change immediately. Give yourself time. If you are having any discomfort with your vape or it doesn’t meet your fancy, you can always opt for another. Vaping can be one good experience once you find your ground in it, do not be apt to cross it off.


Vaping over time has become a hobby for some enthusiasts, and to others, a good way to get over their smoking habits. In this article, we’ve been able to cover several tips and tricks that will be sure to set you up for the adventure as a newbie as well. Feel free to go over them again, and be sure to reach out in case of any misgivings.

We wish you a happy vaping time!