Twelve Monkeys Or The Milkman? E-Juice Showdown

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For many people, vaping is a viable alternative to cigarette smoking. In recent times, two of the more popular vaping products include 12 monkeys and The Milkman. This brief provides an overview of vaping and examines these two brands in greater detail.

Vaping Overview

People who vape utilize products known as E-cigs or electronic cigarettes.

The Vaping Process

Individuals who vape use e-cigarettes, which are shaped like pens or even real cigarettes and equipped with containers that store the liquid needed to initiate the process. These devices also are typically fitted with a battery.

After the user fills the container with vaping juice, said individual plugs the battery into an electrical source. As electricity powers the battery, the contained liquid turns into vapour. The user then places the contraption to their mouth and inhales the smoke.

Vaping juices come in countless different flavours and styles. Moreover, there are numerous different e-cigarette brands available for public consumption.

How Does Vaping Differ From Traditional Cigarette Smoking?

Vaping products have been on the market for the better part of a decade, and proponents of the activity opine that endeavour is a safer and less messy alternative to cigarette smoking.

In certain ways, the process is similar to smoking. A user places the device in their mouths and inhales a vapour-like substance in a fashion similar to how a traditional smoker puts a cigarette filter in the mouth, lights said product up and inhales the smoke.

Moreover, many vaping products are said to contain nicotine, which is a primary ingredient in most traditional cigarette products.

That said, there is one major difference between the two activities. Vaping does not involve the burning of potentially noxious chemicals. Smokers must kindle cigarettes using a primary heat-generating source, such as a match or lighter.

Once a cigarette is lit and gradually smoked to completion, said item continually burns and emits potentially harmful chemicals into the air. Vaping products do not burn. Therefore, the emissions exhaled by individuals who vape are far less hazardous than those given off by traditional smokers.

Two of the more popular suppliers of vaping products are 12 monkeys and The Milkman. The following briefly explores each.

The 12 Monkeys Brand

Over the past several years, this company has evolved into one of the premier vaping product providers. Said entity prides itself on putting its creations through the strictest possible laboratory testing and offering consumers a variety of choices regarding e-juice flavours and styles.

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The establishment’s efforts have paid off. Between 2016 and 2018, the entity received numerous prestigious awards, including Best E-Liquid, Best Fruit, and Best Menthol.

Fans of this company applaud its efforts in creating unique, exotic and appealing flavours. Moreover, enthusiasts opine that the establishment’s tireless efforts to develop engaging marketing campaigns have significantly improved its brand. Currently, these Canadian-based products have users throughout the United States and Europe.

The Milkman Brand

This company’s products are also unique. Executives decided to mix fruit flavours commonly used in e-juice liquid preparations with milk and vanilla ice cream.

Company founders obtained the inspiration to create these exciting concoctions from classic desserts that many people grew up eating and still enjoy to this day.

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These simple products are carefully blended to provide a variety of items, for which many users offer high praise. Adding to the uniqueness of these products is that said items are available for purchase in containers resembling milk cartons.

Moreover, users also praise this establishment for employing only high-quality materials and subjecting all e-liquids to the strictest industry safety standards.