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XEO Void vape pen
Build Quality - 8 / 10
Vapor - 8 / 10
Value - 8/10
Design - 9/10
Ease of use - 8/10
Joyetech eGo AIO vape
Build Quality - 9 / 10
Vapor - 8 / 10
Value - 7/10
Design - 8/10
Ease of use - 8/10

Best Vape Pens in 2018

If you are a long-time smoker looking for a cheaper and healthier alternative to tobacco, or just an enthusiast who enjoys trying new things, you must have heard about vaping. There are many people on the streets with mysterious vaping devices, and before we get down to the reasons why the things like vape pens are worth trying, let’s dig into the topic a little deeper.


  • Excellent flavor
  • Decent vapor production
  • 3 in 1 vape pen
  • Magnetic charger system
  • Upgraded battery life
  • Magnetic cartridges
  • Quick-charge technology
  • Pass-through vaping support
  • Three voltage settings options
  • Control of airflow


  • Patented charging system (does not comply with most chargers)
  • 0.9-ohm coils work better with high PG vape e juice
  • Tight draw
  • Wax and herb cartridges not included

Series 3X by V2 stands on a list of best vape pens of 2018 for many reasons. First of all, it is the most versatile and wholesome product currently available. Moreover, it has top-notch design and performance. All this makes Series 3X a perfect choice for beginner vapers.

Series 3X is a 3 in 1 vape pen. You will be able to use dry herbs, concentrates and e-juice with this device. If you need wax or oil cartridges, you need to purchase them separately. The e-juice cartridges are disposable and refillable; they use a ceramic coil system. You can choose 0.9. 1.2, and 1.5-ohm coils that guarantee the best sub-ohm vaping experience.

Series 3X comes with three voltage settings that can be easily adjusted. To do it, you need to press the fire button twice quickly. The pen also has three different settings for airflow adjustment. All this makes Series 3X one of the best choices for beginners who are looking for awesome vaping experience at an affordable cost.


  • Functional e-liquid vape pen that is suitable for sub-ohm and standard vaping
  • Leakage protection
  • Magnetic connections
  • Enduring and strong
  • Fast-charging durable battery
  • Handy
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Smooth vaping with excellent flavor


  • A built-in tank that is impossible to exchange

Need a leak-proof vape pen? The Void from XEO is the right product for many reasons. Firstly, this device with a 1,500 mAh battery has a built-in 2ml vape tank. Also, it is an all-in-one vaping pen with a convenient, handy design.

With the XEO Void, you can vape PG e-liquids as well as VG ones (sub-ohm).

XEO Void is perfect for beginners who would like to give sub ohm vaping a try but do not want to buy another device. The best about this vape pen is that it’s incredibly easy to use. And, this AIO pen is protected against leaking, so you don’t have to worry about things getting messy.

The primary disadvantage of this vape pen is that its tank is pre-installed on the vape pen and there is no chance to replace it with another one. However, this fact doesn’t make XEO Void less fantastic. This easy-to-use vape pen does not leak, and it produces very smooth vapor.


  • Featherweight
  • Compact
  • Good value
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Compatible with nic salts
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Handles up to 70 VG
  • Adjustable LED lights


  • Somewhat messy refilling
  • Not specified coil material
  • No MTL mouthpiece

Joyetech has gained its popularity by creating classic vape pens that last long.
The eGo AIO ECO is a new model that embraces cutting-edge technology. This mouth-to-lung vape pen is equipped with a 650 mAh battery. The battery life extends double due to its special feature.

The vape tank of this pen holds 1.2 mL of e-liquid that vaporize on 0.5-ohm coil heads. This vape pen is beginner-friendly, but it doesn’t make this device less effective for expert vapers. The eGo AIO ECO is compatible with nic salts and high-strength juice. The device also features a handy top-fill system and adjustable LED lights.

One of the most popular questions related to vape and vaping pens is the construction of the devices. Thus, the basic vape pen has the following structure.

  1. Battery – This is the main component as it provides power to the coil that heats the contents, making the pen functional.
  2. Coil – This component is a wire that is wrapped around the cylinder that vaporizes wax or liquids. The barrel itself is covered in the wick.
  3. Wick – This part absorbs the contents and optimizes the vapor. Liquid-based pens use silica and those pens that are made for wax, use quartz.
  4. Atomizer – This is an essential part that generates heat as soon as the power button is pressed.
  5. Power Button – Also named as the heat button, it charges the coil and is responsible for turning off/on the pen.
  6. Mouthpiece – This is the part of the pen you put in your mouth. It does not serve any other purpose but has a lot of names, such as the drip tip.
  7. Fill port – This a convenient port as it allows you to fill the pen with liquids without tearing the whole thing apart.
  8. The charging port – Certain models feature a micro-USB port that is located on the bottom of the pen, allowing you to smoke and charge at the same time.
  9. Airflow control – some pens allow you to control the intensity of the smoke flow. The mechanism can be described as a ring and is called AFC. It has two modes, the Mouth-to-Lung or straight lung vaping.
  10. Threading – This is the heating part that you screw on top of the battery.

The general skeleton of vape pens is similar. The differences lay in the kind of substance from which the device will be creating a vapor.

girl picking between a vape pen and a cigaretteDifferent Types of Vapor Pens

E-liquid based pens

This type of pen utilizes e-liquids that include (or may not include) nicotine, which often leads to them being viewed as e-cigarettes. However, they are not. A lot of vapers go with the pen option as it satisfies their nicotine need, and they are considered to be much healthier than usual cigarettes.

It is a medical fact that tar has a massive negative effect on the organism. Good for us, the vapor is tar-free.

Oil vapor pens

The oil type pen is widely used with cannabis substance that is generalized as “oil.” The oil type pen is used by cannabis patients and those who want to be super cautious. These pens come with atomizers and THC-included liquids.

As of recent, a new type of oil emerged, the Cannabidiol (CBD). This particular oil is made of cannabis and is entirely legal almost in any country due to lack of an active compound, namely, the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The pen is ideal for those who want to harvest the medical advantages of marijuana, but don’t want to get high. If you wish to learn more about oil pens, visit our wax and oil pen guide.

Wax based vape pens

The core characteristic that differentiates this pen from the rest of the competition is that it is used primarily to get high. Wax, as it is, is a highly potent thing that contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The model uses a coil that burns the wax, producing vapor as a result. For further information, please refer to our wax/dab pen guide.

Dry herb vape pens

These are specific vape pens that are capable of vaping dry herbs. However, the very first iteration was ineffective. Nowadays, there are dozens of vapes on the market that come close to a real cannabis vaporizer in terms of performance.

Herbs have been used in the past for all sorts of activities. Dry herbs ware a standard component of meditation, recreation, and medical purposes. There are several herbs and flowers that are dried and used in a vape pen. The chamber inside the pen will heat-up the mixture of flowers and release a vapor that can be easily inhaled. Some herbs and flowers even have aromatherapy attributes.  

Atmos Junior Vaporizer partsVape pens gained popularity over the past years due to them being used for vaping marijuana. The main advantage of pens is that you do not burn the leaves like you would by smoking a joint. The Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics published a study in 2007, where they found that vaping cannabis using a vape pen is much safer than using the traditional joint.

Although the majority of people that participated in the study noted that vaporized marijuana was significantly more concentrated than that of a bong, thus being careful is a must.

3 in 1 vape pens

You might have seen a product that claims to be a three-in-one vape pen and wondered if they really can vaporize oil, wax, and liquids? The short answer is yes; they are capable of doing so. The manufacturing leader V2 is recognized for making best vapor cigarettes, but they do offer real 3-in-1 vape pens that will vaporize virtually anything.

V2 Series 3X imageThe company offers Series 3 starter kit that comes with different cartridges. Each cartridge is utilized in its respective field, one for the e-liquids, the other one is for wax, and the last one for oils. These cartridges can be detached and attached in a matter of seconds and they are very convenient due to their small size. Also, the company offers a more powerful version of this particular model named the Series 7.

Considering that this is a three-in-one device, the performance is rock solid. It’s an excellent product for those who do not know where to start. With one pen, you can try anything, be it dabs, weed or e-liquids.

Why the Vape Pen in the Best Choice?  

A relatively cheap way to try vaping is, of course, vapor pens. They might not be the all-in-one devices, but they are a great way to try things out. You can invest in a cheap model for $20 and after you get to know it, grab an expensive one that goes for more than $100.

As we have admitted, the vape pens are the most frequent choice among vapers. Here are the 4 major reasons for that:

  • Handiness  – Vapers that have sturdy boxes and modifications oftentimes find themselves using vape pens due to convenience.
  • Infinite Flavors – Vape pens can use E-liquids. Thus, you can choose anything you like, unlike E-cigs that rely on a limited number of flavors. Many E-liquids work hand-to-hand, and you can combine them to your heart’s content. You can mix different flavors. The possibilities are endless.
  • Rechargeable – Cig-a-likes are disposable, while vape pens can be refreshed, which in turn will save you a penny in the long run.
  • Stealthy – Some people don’t like to blow enormous clouds in public places.  Despite that they can be direct-lungers, they will carry a separate MTL vape pen starter kit. Therefore, if you are a dry herb vapor pen user, the majority will think that it is an e-cigarette.

In order to ensure a smooth experience, you need to choose a proper device that would fulfill all your needs and wouldn’t bring any unexpected surprises you won’t be able to handle. Before you purchase the vape pen, make sure to have the answers to most common concerns.

Vape Pen FAQs

Do mAh matter?

Every pen comes with a battery that powers the unit. The power is used to heat the substance (wax, cannabis or e-liquids) and transmit it to the vaping tube. Every battery comes with a milliamp rate (mAh), and the higher the number, the longer a vape pen will last. Modern vape pens have evolved and feature a box mod that comes with superior battery life.

So what’s a 510 connection?

When you buy a vape, the connection type will be written on the battery. If you see a 510 connection, you need to understand that it is compatible with eGo-Style atomizers. However, not every eGo works with a 510 link, thus having an adapter might solve your issue.

The 808 and 601 connections

Despite that the 510 and the eGo connection are industry standard, you might come across a pen that utilizes a different socket. The majority of vapers, use parts made by different manufacturers. Thus companies often employ unique proprietary connections to prevent this mixing. Therefore, if this stuff is confusing for you, keep in mind to get a 510 or eGo model. It is also vital to state that there are the pens that use a magnetic connection, which in turn eliminates the problem.

Picking the Best Vape Pen for You: Useful Tips

Prior purchasing a pen, it is critical to understand what will you vape and what kind of build-quality you need. Set up your priorities before making a final choice and decide what you prefer:

  • a big vape pen with a lasting battery, or smaller and more convenient device?
  • an abundant airflow, or a tight draw that is usually found in mouth-to-lung models?
  • a top-quality and hence expensive pen, or a cheaper alternative (bear in mind that cheap vape pens don’t offer any customizability)?

happy guys at vape shopIn addition, bear in mind the following pieces of advice:

  • make sure that your vape pen uses a micro-USB port that you won’t have to carry a proprietary charging device;
  • always check the capacity of the pen. If it’s small, you’ll be carrying around a lot of wax, liquids, and herbs which is not very convenient;
  • always check what people say about the vape pen. This applies to everything and is not limited to the pen itself. Review what people say about parts, performance, etc.  

Final Thought

To wrap it up, check what you want to do with the vape pen, and then you’ll pick the one that is designed to do so.

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