Vapers Are More Likely To Quit Smoking – A Study

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Recently, the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital published a study where they confirmed that cigarette smokers that do vape on a regular basis, are likely to stop smoking cigarettes.

The study noted that people who vape have a higher smoke cessation rate, roughly 77% more than those who don’t. 

The article first appeared in the Journal of Nicotine and Tobacco Research online publication and was written by Sara Kalkhoran.

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The author is no stranger to such analyses as she was the one who co-wrote the 2016 meta-analysis by Stanton Glantz, which, interestingly, claimed that vaping can reduce nicotine draw by a large margin. 

This new study, however, took the first three years of data provided by the FDA’s Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) which includes an examination of more than 7,500 smokers.

All subjects were tasked to give data regarding their general health and smoking practices, as well as some personal data. Upon completion, the subjects were checked again after two years passed. 

Key Findings 

After two years have passed, subjects were questioned and examined closely by researchers and the results are fascinating.

Cigarette smokers that vaped daily showed that they are more prone to cease smoking than those who don’t vape.

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The numbers also prove that roughly 11% of vapers were able to cease smoking cigarettes, whereas those who didn’t vape (around 6%) couldn’t handle the issue.

Also, by the end of the study researchers suggested that those who used vape products but not on a daily basis didn’t have a higher chance of quitting cigarette smoking. 

As stated by Kalkhoran herself, “This finding suggests that smokers who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking need to use them regularly—every day—for these products to be most helpful”.

It was also stated that the study promotes the idea of “accidental quitting”, a case where smokers switch to vaping without even thinking of quitting smoking. 

All in all, the research only adds to the proof base that vaping products can indeed aid smokers to stop cigarette consumption.

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And it’s not just this study, earlier this year the New England Journal of Medicine proved that e-cigs were 100% more effective than products that were made to replace nicotine.

This is phenomenal news for all of us. Here’s hoping that even more discoveries like this are made. 

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