Wax Vs Shatter: What’s the Difference and Which One to Choose?

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With the greater acceptance of cannabis into the mainstream across many countries, industry and technology have sprung tremendously. This evolution serves the shifting consumer tastes. And, that’s the reason people have been longing for concentration.

The categories of concentrates are diverse, and you can find these in numerous products. Yes, they range from edible infusions and tropics to potent formulas with enhanced THC. Though the cannabis concentrates date back to the 12th Century, today’s concentrate industry relies on lab-grade equipment. Yes, whether these are for solvent and not-solvent extractions for crafting concentrates—some of the best shatter, wax, among others.

Are you a newbie to cannabis? If yes, then you might want to dive deep into cannabis concentrates before selecting an ideal one for you. How about starting by reading each one’s characteristics? Sounds good, right? Let’s go:

Characteristics of Shatter:

Shatter is an ultra-potent concentrate in light to dark amber colour, which contains high terpene content. Also, it has an excellent aroma and flavour.

The appearance of shatter resembles cracked and thin glass, which is made by blasting the plant material with solvent in a closed-loop system. Thus, it helps to strip away terpenes and cannabinoids.

Characteristics of Wax:

Like shatter, wax is made up in a closed-loop system. But, one of the most significant differences is that it heats at a much lower temperature than shatter. Also, vigorous whipping takes place until the extract begins to resemble icing and topping. The final product is light to mild amber and is a little crumbly and dry in texture.

The only loophole of wax is that it isn’t as durable as shatter and doesn’t last long enough under the dab torch heat.

What are the Differences between Shatter and Wax?

Cannabis concentrates have few trade-offs. A primary one is that wax is less potent and isn’t as intense as shatter. Know that wax isn’t a good option for novice consumers. However, these are ideal for people who wish to start low and go slow.

Imagine how cotton candy and cotton are formed. Both these products use sugar and food colouring, but these products generate a different consumption experience.

No matter which concentrates you go with, either one swears to deliver a super potent high. However, there are some differences to take into account before making a purchase decision. The exclusive extracts like shatter are pretty hard to produce. These also last longer and are much more stable than wax. Nevertheless, it isn’t easy to handle, measure, and use- all thanks to its fragility.

Shatter is a little sticky during its production process, especially when exposed to heat. On the other hand, wax is much easier to produce, use, and handle due to its forgiving consistency. Also, it is less stable than shatter and degrades quickly.

Which is Better- Shatter or Wax?

What do you think- which concentrate is better? Well, that depends!

Shatter is a little more expensive than wax. Thus, it is pretty safe to say that a bit of increase in concentrate price goes a long way; however, in many places, that price difference is negligible. Given the subtle differences, it all boils down to individual experience and preference. If you’re on the fence, consider studying a complete guide on concentrates to help you choose with utmost confidence.

Now that you know, which one do you prefer? Wax or shatter- comment below!