What are the Components of a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

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A dry herb vaporizer is an electrical device that heats up herbs to produce vapours. There are many shapes and sizes of dry herb vaporizers and they can be categorized by how they heat up the herb: Conduction, convection, or hybrid. Conduction heating involves touching and heating the elements with the herbs. With convection heating, hot air is circulated around the herb before passing them through the heated chamber. Hybrid models combine both of these heating methods for maximum efficiency.

Dry herb vaporizers heat up marijuana or tobacco to release the active ingredients and the heat source can be either electric or from a combustion engine. This is a process called pyrolysis and it releases a smell and flavour known as “terpenes”. There is much more to know about dry herb vaporizers, and choosing the right one depends on your personal preferences. Different vaporizers are available in online headshops, such as Grasscity, where you can read all about them and their features. But if you want to know more about how vaporizers work, continue reading.


A mouthpiece is an essential piece of your vaping kit because the mouthpiece acts as a corridor that the vapour passes through from the heating chamber directly to the user. There are different types of mouthpieces available including:

  • Glass mouthpiece: this gives you more flavour and is smoother.
  • Wide mouthpiece: this is for a bigger hit that allows more vapour at a time.
  • Cartridge: this is a plastic mouthpiece

Mouthpieces for vaporizers also typically come in 3 different sizes including short, tall and extra-long. The different types and sizes of mouthpieces provide portable vaporizers with a new and different look and a different experience. If you cannot decide which type of mouthpiece to get, don’t worry. Mouthpieces have to be changed frequently so you will have the opportunity to try different styles.


A vaporizer battery is the main part of the vaporizer that provides the power that is needed to heat the coil. The battery supplies the power to the coil that heats the herb, wax, liquid and other vapour forms. There are many different types of vape batteries including:

  • Automatic vape batteries: these are easy to use and require a shorter charging time.
  • Manual vape charger: these have more power and offer more vapour and also produce a better hit. These also have a longer life than automatic batteries.

The type of battery you have affects the experience you have for example automatic batteries might make you experience a delay between puffing and inhaling your vapour while manual batteries offer the user more control and usually a longer cut-off period. When choosing a battery you need to consider your vaping needs. Batteries with a higher battery life have a lower discharge rate.


A heating chamber is a part of the vaporizer’s atomizer. The atomizer consists of a coil and a juice well for your e-liquid. The chamber is where you place your dried herb. There are different types of chambers, you get different sizes from smaller ones to bigger ones. You have to choose the right one depending on your needs and the type of vaporizer you want to purchase. You get stainless steel or aluminum chambers.

Tips for use

Here are a few tips so ensure you have a better vaping experience:

  1. Grind your herbs: this helps! Never under grind. Always grind your herbs finely for the best vaping experience.
  2. Redistribute your herb: this ensures that all the herbs are exposed to the heat. You can stir the herb with a small, thin tool.
  3. Try different temperatures: different types of herbs require different temperatures. You want to experiment with different temperatures to make sure you get the most out of your experience.
  4. Clean your device regularly: you have to take care of your vaporizer so make sure you clean your device regularly because if you don’t it can impact the quality of your vaping and extend its lifespan. Also, replace and check for broken or clogged filters.

Dry herb vaporizers are rising in popularity and it is no secret why. They are healthier than smoking, they are discreet and they are portable. With this information, you now know the basics of what makes up a vaporizer and all that’s left is for you to enjoy.