What is a Wax Pen?

dab wax pen image

The popularity of vaporizers has drastically risen since their induction into the market.

While the terms used for a wax pen are often interchangeable with other devices, wax pens are used for a specific purpose – to vape wax concentrates.

These compact and portable devices are easy to use and a great option for both new and seasoned users. To understand more about these popular devices, we have broken down a few of the most common questions about wax pens.

What Is a Wax Pen?

Wax pens are also known as dab pens, vape pens, and wax vaporizer pens. The device uses a battery-operated design to heat the concentrate until it becomes airborne in the form of a fine mist or vapor. Wax vape pens come in a wide range of sizes and styles, with each having slightly different functionality options (for example, some offer temperature settings, while others do not).

While models can have slight variations, the overall design is very similar and consists of a battery, mouthpiece, and some form of a heating chamber. However, because wax pens typically require more power for melting the wax concentrate, wax pens are often sheathed in steel or another layer of protection to help protect vapers from the higher internal temperatures.

How Do You Use a Wax Pen?

While the specific way to vape can vary depending upon the specific wax pen model you use, they all generally have the same process to function. This consists of 4 easy to follow steps to follow to get you from start to finish. These include:

  1. Turn on and Test Your Wax Pen. Many devices require a little bit of time to warm up before you start your hit. In most cases, this requires you to push the power button five times in quick succession. You will know it has worked if you see the initial blinking light to indicate the power is on. While it is on you need to check to ensure both the device has enough battery power for your vaping session, and to see if your coil is working properly. Otherwise, you could be left having to scoop the wax concentrate back out of your pen.
  2. Load the Chamber. After your device is powered, use a dab tool to place a small scoop of wax concentrate into the chamber that you will need for your hit. If you do not have a tool, use something easy to place the wax onto the coil (like a paper clip or toothpick).
  3. Select Your Power and or Temperature Setting. This step is optional, as not all wax pens have the ability to select a different power or temperature setting. However, if your pen does offer this ability, you need to select the appropriate temperature or power setting that will work for the type of wax concentrate you are using.
  4. Start Your Hit. Once you have loaded your device, simply hold the power button wait a few seconds, and then (while still holding the power button) start to inhale the vapor. Once the power button is pressed, the wax should immediately begin to vaporize. The longer you burn the wax the stronger the hit will be.

Can You Use a Wax Pen for Dry Herbs?

Whether a wax pen can be used for dry herbs depends upon the device. Wax pens traditionally use a 510 thread connection chamber, and since the majority of vape pens tend to use the same 510 threading connection, you can typically switch the chamber out for one that can be used with another substance.

However, if your wax pen is made specifically for dabs, then you generally cannot use them for dry herbs. This is because of how the device structures the coils for a specific purpose. For example, if the coil wraps around a wick, it will not be useful for vaping any material but oil.

How Do You Clean a Wax Pen?

Wax concentrate is a sticky and messy substance, so it comes as no surprise you will need to clean and maintain your device at some point. First off, you need to remember a wax pen is an electronic device. Therefore, you should avoid using any kind of liquid to clean it, as this can damage your device.

The exterior of your device can become dirty from concentrate, as well as from your hands. Thankfully, it is very easy to clean the exterior of your device, and you simply need to use a dry cloth to wipe the exterior down.

Similar to a pipe, wax pens can have concentrate splatter onto the walls of the device as it is heated up. This residue can build-up when left in your device over time.

To clean your device of this residue, you will want to gently scrape the wax concentrate with a dab tool in a downward motion towards your coil (making sure you do not poke or hit the actual coil). The wax concentrate that is scraped to the coil will then vaporize during the next session you use your wax pen.

Remember, the best form of maintenance for your device is dependent on you and your vaping sessions. While it can be easy to do, you need to avoid over-packing the chamber. This will not only save you from extra messes, but it will also help prolong the overall life of your coil.

Wax pens are a popular method to electrically generate heat to melt wax concentrate for vaping sessions. While the exact process can slightly vary, the overall steps for using a wax pen are generally very straightforward. That along with both easy maintenance and cleaning, wax pens are a common choice for both seasoned and beginner vapers.