What Is Live Resin?

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The cannabis community is expanding at a much faster pace than we realize, and live resin is one of the most recent additions to it. It’s a distinct yellow or amber-colored concentrate that’s high in terpenes and adds a kick to your smoking experience.

The growing popularity of cannabis concentrates has prompted many cannabis plant enthusiasts to switch from flowers or use them in their dabs. Find out why live resin is the best concentrate available, and what sets it apart from other cannabis concentrates.

What is Live resin and how is it made?

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Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made from a fresh flower of fresh cannabis plants. These cannabis extracts are a dark yellow, sticky substance that may have a runny to solid or waxy consistency. It traces its origin back to 2011-2013 when small growers and extractors of cannabis plants based in Colorado started producing it. 

The live resin extraction process was developed by William Fenger aka “Kind Bill” and EmoTek Labs founder, Jason “Giddy Up” Emo.

At first, the freshly harvested cannabis is frozen at subcritical temperatures before being processed. It is flash-frozen by either dipping it in a liquid nitrogen-filled insulated cylinder or placing it in a dry ice cooler. 

The fresh-frozen cannabis is packed into a tank inside a closed-loop system. It is then passed through a solvent which is later purged out of the final product. 

As a result, the terpene concentration of the cannabis plant is preserved that is otherwise lost in the typical drying and curing process. Terpenes are responsible for the flavors and aromas that offer an exceptional smoking experience.

The drying and curing process reduces the monoterpenes in the concentrates and boosts the sesquiterpenes. As live resin production skips this process, it retains the monoterpenes, creating a fresh and light aroma. This makes it more flavorsome than traditional dabs and other concentrates like shatter, rosin, and wax. 

Live resin vs. Distillates

Live resin is often compared with distillates, but the experiences produced by each are distinct, and it is ultimately up to the user. Distillates are made of isolated cannabinoids and contain the highest THC content to get you extremely high. It uses heat to extract the THC cannabinoids. On the other hand, the live resin contains flavors and aromas from the cannabis plant and will make you feel as if you are smoking an actual cannabis flower. It is extracted through the flash-freezing process. 

How to store live resin cannabis concentrate

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To maintain the potency of the live resin, keep it away from heat, light, air, and moisture. Resin can degrade due to exposure to light and temperature. You can keep it in the fridge or a cold cabinet.

Store it in airtight and light-proof containers, preferably silicone or glass. Storing live resin process will help maintain the texture and consistency of the live resin extracts. It also keeps the terpenes from evaporating and cannabinoids from degrading. Make sure you close the lid tightly after use, as it can dry out quickly. If the color or consistency of the live resin changes, it could be due to exposure or aging.

How to consume live resin cannabis concentrates?

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It is wise to start with the smallest amount while using cannabis products. You can consume live resin in the following ways:

1. Dabbing: To consume the live resin sauce through dabbing, you’ll need a dab rig and a flat bowl known as a nail. A nail can withstand high temperatures and keep the terpenes in live resin extract from being scorched. Using a dab tool, you can take out the live resin extract depending upon its consistency and put it on the nail.

Next, heat the nail with a lighter and keep the temperature around 315 to 400 Fahrenheit. Once done, inhale it from the mouthpiece of your dab rig. 

2. Vaping: You can smoke live resin sauce by putting the resin into a dab pen, which is similar to a vape pen. Add it to the oven of this dab pen with the dabber tool, then press the button to begin vaping.

3. Topping off: You can use the live resin to top off a packed flower bowl or on a joint or a blunt. This can enhance your smoking experience and provide an extra kick.

Know how to detox from dabs quickly before you consume live resin

Cannabis concentrates are the most potent form of THC and live resin is one of them. Live resin contains around 60 to 99 percent THC, considerably higher than that of cannabis flower. Therefore, once consumed, it may take longer to detox from live resin dabs as compared to other forms of marijuana.

It isn’t a problem if you have time in hand before appearing for a drug screening. You can let the body get rid of THC naturally which could take up a month or two. However, if you are in a tight spot and require THC detox in a day or two, you’ll have to resort to another detox method.

Luckily, for the consumers like you, there are a few products available to help you detox from dabs immediately. You can use detox pills and synthetic urine to pass a blood and urine test respectively.

Nowadays, drug labs also prefer to check you for hair follicles, which accumulate traces of THC for the longest duration i.e. upto 3 months as per the Forensic Sci Int. Journal. In such situations, it is not possible to cleanse your hair completely using everyday shampoo. Hence, to detox your hair from THC effectively you can use a hair detox shampoo that is specifically formulated for hair detoxification.

Make sure that you purchase such products only from licensed suppliers.

Live resin vs. Live rosin

Live resin is extracted through a solvent-based process. It uses solvents like hydrocarbons like butane (BHO) or propane (PHO). Also, it contains more THC than rosin, which makes it more potent.

Whereas live rosin doesn’t use any solvents. It is dried/cured, and the concentrate is prepared using heat and pressure. This is why it is considered a natural concentrate. As rosin isn’t passed through any chemical-based solvents, it is known for its purity. It is more expensive than the former concentrate as the extraction process is labor-intensive. 


Ever since its inception in 2011, live resin has become the most sought-after cannabis product. All thanks to its flavor profile and the smoking experience it has to offer. If you are a novice user, we recommend starting with small doses and purchasing them from a reputable manufacturer. This will ensure a pleasant and safe cannabis experience.