Why is Ontario Popular for Cannabis?

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Canada’s Ontario Province is world-famous for an array of unique factors. Remarkable facts about Ontario include; that it is home to 250,000 lakes and constitutes 20% of the world’s freshwater reserves. Ontario also shares the longest provincial-international border in the world with the USA.

Many people visit Ontario drawn by its stunning natural scenery and other attractions. However, the latest sensation in Ontario has little to do with nature. Cannabis is the main thing putting Ontario on everyone’s radar at the moment.

Everyone wants a taste of that cannabis Ontario experience. Keep reading to discover why.

Strategic Location

Ontario province shares a border with North America from East to west, the longest international border in the world. The border stretches across multiple USA states including, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, and Ohio.

Marijuana is illegal for both medicinal and recreational use in Idaho State. Recreational use of marijuana is unlawful in Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, while the age limit for recreational use of cannabis in New York is 21.

Ontario is, therefore, a haven for marijuana enthusiasts in the three states and New Yorkers aged 19-20 who want it for recreational use. Its proximity to these states makes travel between the province and the states easy and cheap. You can fly, take a train or even drive from any of these states to Ontario.

Note that from 2017 to 2018, 24.4 million USA citizens made same-day and overnight visits to Ontario. Therefore, Ontario is popular for cannabis because of the liberal legislation on cannabis and easy access to the province.

Online Shopping for Cannabis

Another reason Ontario is popular as a pot destination is the availability of cannabis products and accessories online. Even foreigners aged 19 and above can easily purchase cannabis products from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) e-commerce platform.

OCS takes one to three days to deliver cannabis products by mail order. They can even deliver the goodies to hotel rooms and BnBs for both local and foreign tourists.

Avid cannabis tourists to Ontario know to order cannabis getting to Ontario so that the goodies arrive on time. Most hotels and BnBs in Ontario accept mail order packages on behalf of visitors yet to check in. If the hotel you booked does not receive packages for guests in absentia, OCS can deliver your package to the nearest post office.

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Product Variety and Quality Control

The provincially run OCS is the sole cannabis wholesale distributor in Ontario. They are, therefore, gatekeepers for all cannabis products that make it into Ontario’s legal cannabis market.

The coordinated effort between licensed cannabis farmers, producers, and the OCS ensures that only top-quality and safe products sell in Ontario’s cannabis dispensaries. The safety factor is especially appealing for new cannabis enthusiasts who are yet to gauge their tolerance for various strains and products.

Quality control, however, does not translate to limited product variety. Cannabis dispensaries in Ontario sell everything from cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, oils, pre-rolled joints, and beverages. They also sell different weed strains and craft cannabis products. The array of products makes Ontario an ideal pot destination for veteran cannabis enthusiasts looking for something new.

Plenty of Designated Vaping and Smoking Areas

As stipulated in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act 2017, Ontario’s smoking and vaping policies are more accommodating than in Canadian regions like Quebec and British Columbia.

According to Ontario’s smoking and vaping guidelines, one can smoke or vape in the following areas.

· Private residences (including Outdoors)

· Outdoor public spaces like parks and sidewalks

· Guest rooms and designated smoking areas in hotels and motels

· Stationary residential vehicles that have sleeping areas and kitchens (RVs and Campers).

The same applies to stationary boats.

· Special facilities like retirement homes.

However, all the places above should be at least 20 meters from schools and 9 meters from designated public entrances. Even with the above restrictions, weed smokers and vaping enthusiasts can still enjoy an exhilarating experience in Ontario without judgment or punishment. Note that events like The Vape Olympics and the Canadian Cloud Chasing Circuit were born in Ontario.

Legal Movement with Cannabis

While in Ontario, one can move freely in public places with their stash of cannabis or other cannabis products. The only restriction is that you cannot carry more than 30g of cannabis at a time.

Note that carrying 30g of marijuana will earn you misdemeanor charges and either 30days in jail or a 5500USD fine in Pennsylvania.

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Cannabis Curated Experiences

A cannabis destination is unworthy of the title if it offers no curated cannabis-related experiences. Part of why Ontario is popular as a pot destination is the array of activities it offers both local and foreign visitors.

Some tourism companies in Ontario specialize in curating cannabis experiences for tourists. The experiences include; cannabis spa treatment with cannabis products and cannabis-infused gourmet meals.

Some create artistic experiences like puff and paint and ganja yoga, while others include learning activities like pot-growing and joint-rolling classes. Craft cannabis factory tours are the trend in cannabis tourism.

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Ontario is popular for cannabis because it delivers a unique experience. Whether you are an avid cannabis taker or a novice, there is something for you to take and worthwhile activities to enjoy.