Your Guide to Vape Pod Systems

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When it comes to vaping, and vape pod systems, in particular, there is much to learn. What are the differences between e-liquids? How big should a chamber be? Are mod systems (that allow customization) a superior choice or not? Who are the best manufacturers, and what are the best features to look for in these devices?

Answering all these questions can be difficult, and they may actually create a barrier to entry for some users. Still, with the help of Foggy Gorilla Vape Shop, you can learn more about vape pod systems and how to choose the one that’s right for you. Join us as we break down your guide to these systems.

Your Guide to Pod Systems

What Features to Look For

With vape pod systems, several features can be selected, including battery life, tank size, portability and aesthetics. We describe these features in detail down below and provide information about what to look for when choosing based on any one of them.

Battery Life

The battery life of a pod system is an important consideration because it dictates how long you can use the device before needing to recharge it. Devices with short battery life present a significant challenge to usability and portability alike unless you choose to carry around a power bank at all times. Typically, you should aim for multi-day battery life in simple devices.

Tank Size

The size of your vape pod system’s tank is also an important consideration, as the bigger the tank, the less often the refill process. Refilling can be a real headache without the right setup, and spilling your e-liquid is always an exercise in frustration. This makes larger tanks the obvious choice, but you may want to balance volume with portability, depending on the circumstances.


Speaking of portability, portability is a serious concern when it comes to these devices. Your device should be portable and easy to carry in a pocket or handbag. This is one of the main benefits of pod systems over mod systems, as the latter is often bulky and unwieldy. Small, sleek designs are common with these, making selecting for portability fairly straightforward.


The final consideration (or the first, depending on your preferences) is aesthetics. The aesthetics of your vape pod system can be an important consideration for some. You may wish to choose a brand or product that offers multiple colours or purchase after-market cases to augment the look of your device.

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What’s the Difference Between Pods and Mods?

Pods and mods are both vaping systems, but they do refer to different systems. The chief difference between the two is that mods often feature replaceable parts, giving them a further level of customization. They are a great choice for hobbyists and tinkerers alike. Possible improvements to the device include more smoke, larger tanks, hotter or more durable heating coils and aesthetic improvements, as just a few examples.

On the other hand, pods provide a significant amount of convenience over mods. They are sleek, easy to use and are built to be user-friendly from the outset. They are also often easier to repair, as they feature universal components and owner support is more readily available. This makes them an ideal choice for new and casual users.