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Best E Cigars in 2021

Everyone knows what a real cigar is, right? But what is an electronic cigar and does it have anything in common with a real one? An electronic cigar is a handheld battery-powered vaping device that resembles the look, touch, and feel of an actual cigar.

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  • The device has no flame, no tobacco and no harmful carcinogenic ingredients
  • The cigar is disposable, so once the battery has run down you will need to buy another one
  • The tip of the cigar lights up as you inhale
  • Simulated smoke is emitted as you exhale. This is only vapor and evaporates in seconds
  • Size: Ø = 16-18mm, Length: 151mm, Weight: 35g, Ring gauge: 48

The ePuffer Disposable Electronic Cigar features premium Cuban Cigar taste and lasts for approximately 1800 puffs, which is equivalent to around 10-12 cigars. The ePuffer disposable electronic cigar comes fully charged and ready to use out of the box.

  • Signature Cuban flavor
  • 1,800 puff capacity
  • 2+ year shelf life
  • Ring size 46-48
  • ZERO Nicotine
  • Authentic hand rolled look and feel
  • Realistic LED flame tip
  • 100% disposable / No battery to charge
  • Use almost anywhere!

The original disposable e-cigar, enjoyed by people all over the world! With the look, feel, and sensation of your favorite cigar, you will have a hard time telling the difference. The CUVANA is the most technologically advanced, simple and easy to use disposable NICOTINE-FREE e-cigar available. With a 2+ year shelf life and 1,800 puff capacity, this truly is a must-have for any cigar lover.

The CUVANA e-cigar produces a smoke-like water vapor and has NO nicotine, no tar, tobacco, ash, odor, fire, carcinogens, or second hand smoke! Each CUVANA comes with a fully charged premium state of the art battery and patented smart chip technology. Use your CUVANA disposable e-cigar in the car, boat, home, office, clubhouse, restaurants, and just about anywhere you want!

  • 2 High Capacity 900mAh Rechargeable Batteries – ( Ø=14.5mm, length: 85mm )
  • 3 Premium Cuban Tobacco flavor cartridges ( ~ 45 tobacco cigars )
  • Intelligent USB charger with overcharge protection
  • Universal AC/USB adapter 110/240V
  • Instruction Manual
  • Fully assembled eCigar: length – 5.5″ | 14cm, weight – 45g

E900 Cigar is an upgraded and enhanced version of our bestselling E600 eCigar model. E900 eCigar is now better than ever, offering ultimately thick and flavorful vapor and a Cuban Cigar flavor. Its increased capacity cartridge now allows for up to 900 puffs and its texture feels and looks like a hand-rolled cigar, making it stand out from all other electronic cigars available.

A cigar is a treat, so don’t compromise the smoking experience and make sure you feel like you’re indulging the closest to the real thing.

ePuffer electronic cigars have been endorsed by many celebrities in the USA, as they create that touch of glamour while delivering on taste. ePuffer understands the decadence of cigars and being relentless about product development, our designers put their heart and soul in creating a vaporizer that creates that true and indulgent cigar smoking experience.

E900 Cigar uses real textured paper, rolled to give the look and feel of a real Cuban cigar. The eCigar 900 also makes a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a cigar daily or on special occasions.

You can enjoy a Cuban cigar taste called Musketeer in the pre-filled E900 cartridges or refill E900 Blank cartridges with your own eliquid flavor. Recommended eliquid PG/VG ratio: 60/40 or 70/30.

  • 1300mah battery
  • Up to 1500 puffs
  • Cuban cigar flavor
  • 18mg strength

Apollo electronic cigars are the size of a classic Toro size cigar. Just a tad over 6” long and 0.75 inches in diameter. It is a larger unit to accommodate a larger battery than most e-cigarettes and to give it that cigar-like feel when using it. Incredibly long-lasting. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to branch out! Especially for cigar lovers!

What Is an Electronic Cigar?

A vapor cigar is more powerful than an electronic cigarette, it lasts longer and delivers more vapor compared to the latter. This device vaporizes flavored nicotine e-liquid and delivers a satisfying experience to the users, without releasing any tobacco, carbon monoxide, tar, or any other chemicals into the environment.

This way, an electronic cigar is a much more convenient and peer-friendly product compared to an actual cigar. Since the electronic cigar does not expose any flame or smoke, you can use it in a limitless number of places where smoking is not allowed. However, always check whether vaping is allowed in a given location to avoid misunderstanding and stay out of trouble.

cuvana real photoElectronic cigars have been around for a much lesser period than actual cigars, but they have already managed to conquer an army of followers. Without any doubt, the best thing about e-cigars is that they do not produce any smell that contaminates the air around a smoker as regular cigars do.

E-cigars deliver the most of the flavor without any smoke or ash, letting you enjoy your smoking experience without any fuss and mess included. The best models look exactly like actual Cubans and can deliver you an ultimately enjoyable authentic experience.

What Does an E-Cigar Consist of?

An e-cigar is a quite simple device that has two main parts, a battery, and a cartridge also referred to as a cartomizer. The latter usually includes an atomizer, which is a heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid.

How Does an Electronic Cigar Work?

An electronic cigarette is typically powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. It has a replaceable cartridge for the e-liquid as well. It works thanks to the current microelectronic technology. When the device is activated, the e-liquid is heated and converted to vapor which a user inhales.

The majority of electronic cigars are automatic, but you can still find manual ones. The former has a built-in sensor chip that activates the battery every time you inhale at the mouthpiece. The latter has a button on the side that you have to press before you take a puff. Here you can choose what fits your preferences better.

The process of puffing e-cigars is similar to enjoying an actual cigar, and the only difference is that you need to attach a cartridge with e-liquid to the microelectronic chamber before you activate your device. The tip of the e-cigar is the mouthpiece as well. A user inhales the vapor the way they would smoke a cigarette.

cuvana real photo 2The inhalation process activates the atomizer, and the heated liquid converts to vapor. After an intake of vapor is taken, the nicotine vapor gets to the lungs of the user and circulates into the lungs. The exhaled vapor does not contain any harmful substances and produces next to no smell. The physiological effect of vaping an e-cigar is similar to smoking a real cigar, excluding any adverse health effects.

Reusable or Disposable: How to Choose?

E-cigarettes come in two kinds, namely disposable and reusable. Disposable e-cigars are sold pre-filled with flavored e-liquid. They usually last around a hundred puffs. When the battery dies, or the e-liquid runs out, you throw the device away.

Reusable e-cigars will save you more money in the long run if you are a heavy smoker. You can recharge and refill them every time the battery or the liquid runs out.

Generally speaking, disposable devices are better for light users, while experienced hard smokers will definitely benefit more from a reusable device. We can say that you should go for a disposable device as an experiment to find out whether e-cigars are your thing, and if they are, switch to reusable ones.

cuvana real photo 3Below is the list of benefits that reusable e-cigars have:
– More vapor and flavor due to a larger capacity.
– You can change flavors and nicotine strength as you wish.
– High customization

How Long Does One E-Cigar Charge Last?

Speaking of time you can enjoy your device without having to charge it, there is no single answer for all the products. An average number for top devices would be one thousand puffs with a single charge.

This way, a good rechargeable electronic cigar will last you a long game of poker, a sporting event, or even a weekend away, depending on how often and how much you like to puff. Usually, the battery capacity of different e-cigars ranges between three hundred and a thousand puffs.

How To Make A Good Choice?

If you haven’t ever had any experience with electronic cigars and feel afraid to make a mistake and flush your money down the drain, go for a disposable electronic cigar in the mid to high price range.

You will need to get e-liquid and high-quality components for it, but you will not be disappointed for sure if you avoid the cheap poor-quality products.

How to Find the Best E-Cigar in 2020?

Sure thing, you might be skeptical about electronic cigars, especially if you are an experienced cigar lover. At first, we weren’t quite sure whether an electronic device can replace the real cigar taste and experience to the full. Having tried tens of top-notch electronic products from the top vendors, we can say that technology rocks!

We have tried a lot of products so that you don’t have to, and we have chosen the ones that won’t leave you unsatisfied. You can check our selection of the best electronic cigars here.

If you are a smoker, you don’t need to be told once more how your habit affects your health, lifestyle, and those around you. For this very reason, having any healthy alternative to smoking is already awesome. For a smoker willing to quit, it’s very difficult to adjust to the new behavior, and very often they feel that they are missing something enjoyable and lose some aspects of peer communication as well.

Depending on your smoking style and choices, different electronic products might fit your needs. For heavy smokers, an e-cigarette is a good choice, whereas light smokers are more likely to enjoy a vaporizer. If you enjoy puffing Cubans, switching to e-cigars might be a perfect choice for you.

If you decide to switch to an electronic device, you will keep your habit, try something new, facilitate your experience, and take better care of your health at the same time. As a bonus, you get to enjoy your e-cigar in a wide range of places where an actual cigar is a taboo.

cuvana real photo 1E-cigar flavors duplicate the taste of actual cigars. The e-juices, used for these devices, include nicotine, extracted directly from tobacco leaf. For this reason, the taste you get will be very similar to organic Cubana. The best vendors understand that their success with the customers depends on the authenticity of the look of their devices, as well as on the taste of the flavors, so they take every needed effort to deliver the best authentic experience to their customers. Good products deliver a lot of vapor and even have LED-indicators that look like a real burning edge of a cigar.

Some vendors even make the feel and weight of the devices similar to actual Cubans. In some cases, top-notch vendors put their electronic cigar kits in authentic cigar packaging that looks like a real cigar package.

Sometimes you wouldn’t even be able to tell whether a person in front of you is holding an actual cigar or an electronic one, and the only way to judge would be by the smell or the absence of it. That’s an example of how proper targeting and customer-oriented marketing should work.

Final Thoughts

Switching to an electronic product might not be the easiest thing, but it is definitely something worth considering. Nowadays, cigar smoking is highly popular among men, regardless of their adverse health effects.

It is scientifically proven that cigars have a much worse adverse health effect than cigarettes. One cigar can be compared to a pack of cigarettes. What’s more, it can contain up to ninety times more cancer-causing compounds than a regular cigarette.

To make things worse, a cigar contains such harmful substances as ammonia, carbon monoxide, and tar. CIgars double the risk of cancer because your skin, membranes, mouth, and throat are exposed to the toxic smoke.

We hope that our electronic cigar review helps you get an idea about these products and motivates you to try an alternative to smoking.

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