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Best Vape Pens For E Liquid in 2020

With all their portability and state-of-the-art look, ejuice vape pens became the favorites on the vape market. Their similarity to conventional cigs makes them attractive to the former smokers who are barely likely to address any other vape mediums.

Yet, some demanding users always find flaws, as the clumsy design, thin vapor or short battery life. In the pursuit of perfection, the makers have produced hundreds of improved series and created a new issue: how to choose the best?

The SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit opens our digest of the best vape pens for e-liquid. The device is truly amazing with its 3000 mAh integrated battery that features the smart power output, associated with the current battery state, the intelligent indicator of the battery life, user-friendly top-fill system, and a cosmic tank capacity of 8 mL of e-liquid.

Indeed, this vape has everything for the legendary vaping experience. The mighty clouds of flavor will be supported by 0.17-ohm coils, and airflow construction will provide ample vapor production through all the vape cycles. With all of this, the SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit remains impressively compact and portable.

If sleek vape pens are incriminated short battery life and lack of power, at Smok, they invented a way to solve this problem without sacrificing portability. Together with durable alloy construction, and the state-of-the-art design makes this vape a legend of the vape market.

The fans of Wismec will be happy to meet the Sinuous Solo 40W Starter Kit with its smart perks. This device wins the hearts with 2300 mAh battery with the auto-detect output mode. The Amor NS Sub-Ohm Tank is compatible with the WS Replacement Coil Family.

The power output depends on the resistance of the current coil. This is supported by the different LED light indicating the current power output and resistance. The Wismec vape pen for e-liquid comes with coils of 0.27 ohm and 1.3 ohm and the dual airflow slots of 12 mm by 2 mm.

The tank capacity of 4 mL is a bit smaller compared to 8 ml SMOK stick, but it is enough to be in the list of the best e-liquid vaporizers.

Another fantastic starter kit with a plentiful of smart features. The mechanical style output is paired with the Sibra Mini Sub-Ohm tank and the powerful 3000 mAh battery. The voltage output of 3.3 to 4.2 V depends on the coil option. The coil resistance ranges from 0.15 ohm to 3.0 ohm supports booth sub-ohm powerful cloud tornadoes and power-saving moderate vaping.

The long vaping sessions will be provided with 5 mL tank capacity, and they will be hustling free thanks to the double bottom adjustable airflow. This device has everything to become your favorite vape pen for e-liquids forever!

The Whirl 20 AIO MTL Starter Kit is a stellar device with featuring a whole row of perks, you’ll love. The device is portable and quite sleek, it has a 2 ml tank and feeds from 700 mAh battery with a maximum wattage output of 25 W and the charge rate of 1 A. The atomizer resistance of 0.5 and 0.7 ohm offers perfect mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

The tank is in-built and fills by taking the threaded tank segment off. The five sealable airflow slots let you adjust the vaping mode to MTL or DL vaping. The one-button operation is straightforward and intuitive. The LED indicator changes color to show the output level and blinks when the device needs charging.

The unique feature that makes this vape pen for e-liquid stand out is the combination of flexibility in switching from MTL to DL vaping and the amazing portability which makes it perfect to vape on the go.

The iJoy Wand 100W Starter Kit has everything to become the best vape pen for e-liquid. Firstly, it’s the 2600 mAh battery that utilizes the fixed voltage output and features the measures to protect the device from the short-circuit and low power level. The Wand comes with two tank options.

The iJoy Diamond Sub-Ohm Tanks rooms 5.5 mL juice and comes with the pre-included bubble glass and one more spare 4 mL glass. The coil options allow for different vaping styles featuring the resistance range of 0.05 to 3.0 ohm. The tank is also compatible with X3 coils and the DM coil family. The easy screw cap covers the dual juice fill ports.

The Wand also has the adjustable bottom airflows, which we all love. The simplicity and portability make this device a perfect vape pen for e-liquid to convert new vaping savvies.

SMOK Stick Prince green imageBesides the tons of their merits, we all love vapes for two essential features: design and portability. Being so similar to the conventional cigs, a vape pen for e-liquid is easy to keep in hand, put in a pocket or walk out and about. Now, these two primary features are completed by tens of coil, hundreds of color and dozens of size options.

The battery life is also now prolonged. The only real problem existing is defining the list of desired features. Once you are done with that, the vast array of price options will strike you like a bolt of lightning. The starters, who want to try the taste of vaping will be happy to obtain their first devices for only $10 a piece.

The seasoned vapers would love the ejuice vape pens for $100 a vape. Yet, all the medium-excited and level-minded vaping crowd will feel happy in the price window of $40-50.

Also, the new wave of questions arouses: what is the ideal battery capacity, does tank capacity fit the vape style, or is the in-built tank and coil so fantastic, or it’s better to have a detachable structure for some of the experimentation? This all only leads us to the main question:

two vapes with clearomizers image
What does the best vape pen for e-liquid look like?

If the run for the best e-liquid vaporizer is too exhausting, keep in mind the brief list of essential features:

Battery – the capacity of the battery is the primary indicator people pay attention to. It is counted in milliamperes per hour and ranges from 300 mAh to 2000 mAh. The bigger the number is, the longer the battery lives. Yet, a powerful battery takes more space, so a happy camper should sacrifice the sleek design and the light weight.
Coil resistance and why it matters – the resistance is the factor that influences cloud production and battery life. The demarcation line between the two resistance groups is one ohm. If the resistance is less than one ohm, the size of the coil is bigger, it can take more e-liquid, and the flavor production will be massive.
Atomizer material – the heating element defines the vaping journey, including the taste and flavor of your medium. Titanium atomizers are known to maintain different shades of taste while producing great hits.
E-liquids – some ejuice vape pens are only compatible with branded e-liquids. On the one side it means exceptional quality and protection, while on the other, it limits the possibility of experimentation. You should decide what is really important to you so that you don’t end up spending top dollar for the vape that comes with only six primary flavors.
Tank capacity – although the first impression will be the bigger, the better, you don’t want to sacrifice design and portability for the sake of the tank size which could be excessive. You should take the vape pen for e-liquid depending on whether you are a hard vaper or 200 puffs a day is enough. If you resort to this relaxation way really often, you may need either a 4 ml or 6 ml tank.

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Places to buy

Although there are little wrong places to buy a vape pen for e-liquid, the best option will always be the branded shop. They are not only great because of iron-strong warranties, but are also cherished for customer loyalty systems and seasonal discounts.

Wait until the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales start and you’ll get the device of your dreams at a half price.


Although the vape market grows and blooms like a flowery meadow in the middle of the spring, with some of the preparation, you’ll know what exactly device you need to look for.

To be sure you get your own best vape pens for e-liquid, pay attention to a couple of simple indicators like battery life and coil resistance and decide on what traits you’ll be happy to see inside your device. With all of that, you have all chances to get a device which will grant you long years of flavorful vaping.

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