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Best Tobacco E juices in 2020

The popularity of tobacco e-juices is a bit of a mystery because an average non-smoker will find it disgusting. Also, most smokers state that the taste of tobacco seemed disgusting in the beginning, many felt even sick after the first cigarette, but in years the same people report they love tobacco taste. Why is it so?

The Menthol Madness E-liquid Bundle contains 180 ml of goodies of the highest quality, but what is more important, one of the best tobacco flavored e-juices on the market is in there. This set is an excellent present for an average vaper for three reasons.

To start with, you’ll never be bored with the same taste so that you can enjoy them longer. Secondly, they come in different nicotine levels, and you can customize every piece of the bundle. What’s even more important is their quality: all three e-liquids are clean and transparent, free from unnecessary additives and come for a very reasonable price.

Did you know that this set is hand-picked from customers’ reviews? Right, the makers did their best to create a super hit, and they are ahead of the curve! As for the tobacco e-juice, the 60 mL bottle of the goody offers the medium tobacco leaf flavor, mixed with some of the peppermint and menthol.

The code name for this tobacco e-juice can be “authentic.” It’s hard to find anything that tastes closer to the high-quality Virginia tobacco leaves your grandpa used to smoke back in the ’70s. You get into a powerful flow with a thick, nutty flavor. It whirls, taking you up, and you start smelling the earthy smoky notes, and as you rise higher, the thick cloud of sweetness closes the composition.

Perhaps, it is the best natural tobacco e-juice we could find on the market. The perfect PG/VG ratio blows a strong throat hit, the thing to delight any ex-smoker. Different nicotine levels also cater to successful quitting. Don’t miss your chance to touch the classics!

We chose this one as a tip for the fans of elegant luxury taste combinations. Tobacco and dark chocolate, nothing more. But, do you need anything else? Straightforward in its name and taste, the Chocolate Tobacco e-liquid has earned a place in the digest of the best tobacco flavored e-juices. It features 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol, so it is perfect for cloud chasers and sub-ohmers.

As you start vaping, the thick tobacco note appears somewhere in the middle of the vaping journey after the light entr’acte in shades of chocolate. Chocolate starts and rounds the circle up, like the elegant partner of the lush ballet dancer. We consider this tobacco vape juice a must have for the fans of traditional tobacco tastes and ex-smokers.

Ready to take a try on something new? We are usually careful about mixed tastes, but this one is an exclusion. It bounds things, that not usually come hand in hand: nutty taste, smoky shades, sweet and earthy notes, all they dance around the main velvety tobacco line. The vapor is smooth, rich and even sophisticated.

You’ll be satisfied with the feeling of luxury that touches your taste buds. If there were a royal board among tobacco e-juices, this one would be in there. The PG/VG blend is right to produce flavor, yet not to lose the taste. The goody comes in four different nicotine levels, so you can choose it to step down on the amount of nicotine as you like it.

The Quiet Owl has done a great job in synthesizing a bold tobacco taste for the fans of traditional. The classic Virginia tobacco leaves come with the deep shades of hazelnut, which is not too keen to interfere with the satisfaction of traditional tobacco. If you want to quit smoking, it’s hard to find a tobacco flavored e-juice which is better: no lousy aftertaste, no smell or damage.

The highest nicotine level is 6 mg/mL, which may be not enough to start with, but great to take on and level it down to zero. You can hardly find many tobacco e-juices better, and whether a savvy or a starter, you’ll like it.

Why Do People Love Tobacco Taste?

You won’t believe it, but it is all about the brain! According to Pavlov, a biologist and a scientist who learned how our body reacts to stimuli, our stomach is getting ready to digest only as we look at food, without actually eating it. So is when we smoke: for the first time, the unpleasant taste of tobacco signals of poisonous substance and that is a healthy reaction.

But as we overcome it, we feel the pleasant effect of nicotine, that hooks and the body learns to tolerate that nasty smell. In time the pleasure of nicotine gets so strongly associated with tobacco, that even the mere smell, without nicotine, gives a signal for pleasure. That’s why the tobacco flavored e-juice works!

Why Tobacco Flavored Vape Juice?

Understanding that the whole life we are conducted by stimuli, like an orchestra band is ruled by a conductor, vape makers relied hard on tobacco taste in smoking cessation promotion. Because the primary aim of vaping is helping to quit that horrible habit that ruins the body from inside.

A body of a smoker is usually such a ruin, that surgeons sometimes refuse to make bone procedures, as bones of smokers don’t heal so any surgery could be useless. To help people stop killing themselves was a top task of the year back in 2012. The first vape companies advertised actively on the similarity of vaping and smoking, so tobacco vape juices were the basis of their flavor palette.

Since that time, the number of vape companies increased exponentially (we have 460 presently) and the number of flavors jumped up to 8000. In these six years, the stress points of adds shifted from smoking cessation to the discovery of new shades of taste. 84% of the brands offer fruity e-liquids, 80% include dessert tastes, 77% advertise on alcohol drinks tastes, but what is standard for all 100% is that they include tobacco-flavored e-juices in their palette.

With that majority of tastes and flavors finding the best tobacco e-juice is a real challenge. We have questions to constituents, nicotine levels and the quality of taste.

How to Choose the Best Tobacco Flavored E-Juice?

Contents: many of the tobacco vape juice makers don’t usually state the number of chemicals they use in the production. So it is always essential to stick to honest providers, with clear badges. Luckily or not, most the e-liquid companies use the naturally-derived tobacco nicotine which is excellent for tobacco vape juices, as they don’t need too many flavorings. The best natural tobacco e-juice is usually free from too much of additional flavors.

Flavor: tobacco flavored e juices follow the only tobacco approach aiming for the most natural replication of tobacco taste. They are free from sweeteners and most recommended for the transition period. There are the sweetened options created from the endless customization possibilities. Those are the fandom area and should be approached with special care. Vape starters should better avoid those in the beginning.

Color: the critical thing about naturally-derived nicotine and tobacco flavors is that they get brownish over time. It’s a natural process, and it doesn’t imply any loss of quality. The fact is that the tobacco flavored e-juice gets darker even in the vacuum sealed bottle, so that is not a problem.

PG/VG ratio: propylene glycol or PG is a thin substance, and you won’t get great clouds when using it. But, for the vape starters, it is perfect, as it produces a bigger throat hit and preserves flavor better. It resembles the real-life tobacco flavor closer.

The Best Tobacco Flavored E-Juices

If you haven’t tried a tobacco vape juice yet, beware – the wrong choice can make you have the whole process as the first impression is the lasting one. To help avoid unpleasant situations, we have prepared a short brief on the best tobacco e-juices.

To sum up…

The tobacco flavored e-juices were created to help former smokers to quit. Since that time there appeared 8000 more different flavors, and the whole industry exploded in various options, but the basic tobacco taste is still present in the primary palette of every vape brand. Choosing the right high-quality tobacco taste is a hearty welcome to every tobacco quitter who enters the world of vaping.

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