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Best Coffee E-Juices in 2020

The taste of coffee and cigarettes associates with a pleasant start of the day. When coupled, caffeine and nicotine feed your brain with different types of stimulants, and the brain says “Oh yeah!”

If the time to quit smoking has come, you need a substitute. And here where the coffee e juice comes into play. Latte, espresso, mocha or cappuccino, all the impressive variety of tastes are waiting to pamper your taste buds in the shape of vapor.

And something for the latte fans! This coffee e-juice is an interplay of four flavors. You start your journey with the strong espresso taste followed by milky bubbles. When you are fully satisfied with it, the crushed hazelnut hit distracts your attention from the coffee.

In the end, you feel the silky caramel hint, that adds the vaping process some sweetness and playfulness of candy joy. All this joy is perfect for quitting vaping! It comes in five nicotine strengths from 0 to 18 mg.

The coffee vape juice comes in the 70% VG ratio and works fine for sub-ohm vaping. Users reported the award-winning combination of taste and flavor, producing powerful vapor clouds without sacrificing on the taste.

Also, it is quite sweet with the pronounced caramel taste which places it somewhere in the middle between the dessert and coffee flavors, but that doesn’t affect its position in the digest of the best coffee e-liquids.

This one is an excellent option if you tend to change the taste quite often, but want to stick to the highest quality. It is not only the Brew’s Brothers E-liquid by Motley Brew, that converts you in the fans of coffee vape juices, but also Paradise City with its exotic and tender fruit hints and the Grateful Red with the taste of apples and brown sugar, that won’t let you feel bored after all.

All of these tastes are top rated, and the espresso, vanilla and caramel e-liquid is on the top of sales, which gives it a title of the best coffee e-juice on the market.

All three flavor options offer the three strengths of nicotine – 0, 3, and 6 mg, called No Nicotine, Drippin’ Level and Ultra Light. “Excellent juice at a great price” – this is the main message from the loyal customers.

Raspberry mocha is the best coffee e-liquid for vape savvies and coffee fans. At the inhale you bump into the rich flavor of raspberry mocha and when exhaling, you can fully enjoy the top-class freshly-brewed espresso. At the end of the story, you feel the delicate hints of milk bubbles and dark chocolate.

This coffee flavored e-juice comes in the 30 mL bottle couples with a top-notch collector cup. A true homage to the barista and raspberry mocha lovers! As for the contents the juice features maximum VG ratio, which should be taken into account when you are going to chase clouds.

Another thing about this coffee e-juice is the pleasant smell you continue to feel as you finish vaping. It’s excellent, thick and sweet. No wonder reviewers give it five stars!

For espresso lovers! In a search for the best coffee vape juice you are looking for one that will make your day and if you are an espresso fan search no more. But it’s not the only espresso, your taste buds will feel the light shades of vanilla, but the first taste to meet the tip of your tongue will be thick-layered caramel.

On top of that, you’ll find the light hint of tobacco flavor. The perfect set of for a morning routine! What do others say? People describe it as “thick,” “someone sweet” and we’ve found “good” 8 times in the first six reviews on the dedicated website! The coffee-flavored e-juice from Brew Brother is a hit, and loyal customers prove it.

It is often included in the Brew’s Brothers sample pack, so hey – they use it to hook the new customers. They do know what they are doing. This coffee vape juice comes in the 60 ml bottle and features 70% VG ratio. It is light in color, almost transparent, and has nearly no flaws.

We say “almost” as some of the reviewers mentioned the loose top cap. But this flaw refers rather to packaging than the vape juice itself, and we hope makers have already fixed it, so you won’t spill any drop of your treasure!

Of course, you don’t get that amped up effect the coffee provides, or you do? Let’s have a closer look. Is it a dose of caffeine that makes you chomping at the bit, or is it the satisfaction of the routine? We drink coffee to give ourselves a bit of reward and relax, and it’s pleasant by itself. All about coffee tastes speaks of pleasant emotions, and the question comes out: can the taste of coffee be stimulating by itself?

The doctors say: “Yes!” All is about the placebo effect. We know about placebo pills, placebo surgeries, placebo influence on hamsters and placebo drinking. Yeah, if you give some non-alcohol beer to college students, they will turn into a faced crowd, with all the outcomes. Well, you know.

And what about placebo coffee taste? That works as well. Although you have not much caffeine and sometimes even no nicotine, there is a loooot of pleasure in every draw of nicotine e-liquids. Well, if you choose the right ones, the lousy choice can make your blood run cold. That is why we’ve decided to give you five tips on things to avoid when choosing the best coffee vape juice.

5 Things to Attend with Coffee Flavored E-Juice

PG/VG ratio – as with any other e-liquid the wrong combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can wreck the ball. What you need is to make sure that the PG ratio plays fine with your coil option, otherwise, you’ll never forget the nasty burnt taste, even if you bought the best coffee e juice. High PG is not good for sub-ohm vaping.

Sweeteners – in the pursuit of individualism, the makers can sometimes use excess in sugary additions. This is a way to make the taste different, but it rocks the taste of real coffee.

Strong espresso taste – this is a thing for connoisseurs. If you don’t like that coffee in the morning, espresso flavors will be too harsh for you.

Color – coffee is associated with dark brown and e-liquids can follow the same color palette. For you to know the dark color is not associated with the coffee taste as the flavorings are transparent. So it’s better to choose a clear coffee e-liquid, the dark color is rather a marketing trick than a necessity.

Nicotine level – it’s a matter of taste, but if you are looking for a substitution activity, it’s better to get the brands with different strengths on the menu. They will help you to step down on the amount of nicotine and get accustomed to the new way of life.

Why People Go for Coffee Vape Juice?

To start with – it helps. When smoking quitters try to cut down on the number of cigarettes, they try to find solutions, and some are weird. Like, people drop liquid nicotine in the coffee cup.

Tastes nasty and it is not safe, but you have to curb the craving. Vaping cappuccino or mocha is a better way. Secondly, coffee is naturally associated with smoking, and the best coffee vape juices were among the first ones, like tobacco and menthol.

Does the Coffee Flavored Vape Juice Contain Caffeine?

It does. But the amount of it is barely detectable and is much lower compared with traditional drinks. So, you won’t be able to feel it. Another interesting fact comes from recent NCBI research. They found caffeine in the contents of tea and energy drink flavors. Just like in everyday products.


Searching for the best coffee e-liquid pay attention to the contents, color, and viscosity. With all these indicators in order, the e-liquid won’t be a disappointment. Of course, you should also choose something to your taste. If you a caramel mocha fan, the bitter espresso taste may be too harsh.

But all in all, the coffee taste on the tongue and the flavorful, smooth flavor cloud you exhale may become the fresh and new way to enjoy your favorite drink.

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