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Best RDA Vapes in 2021

Unique postless 45° build deck
28 micro air holes for delicate flavor
Easy top filling and deep juice wells for effective leakage-proof
Unique luxury painting finish processed by CNC technique
The aluminum package could be used as 510 stand basement

Here comes the THC Tauren RDA. Designed by ThunderHead Creations, the Tauren RDA is a well made rebuildable drip atomizer with deep juice well and ergonomic design. With a dual independent postless 45°building deck, it will be very convenient to make coil installation.

The THC Tauren RDA also features 28 micro air holes on two sides of the build deck, which brings you delicate flavor and strong throat hit. Plus the easy top filling and the unique luxury painting finish processed by the CNC technique, the THC Tauren RDA is definitely an ideal vaping device. Perfectly compatible with the THC Tauren Mech MOD.

Diameter: 24mm(D) x 36mm(H)
Drip tip: 810 drip tip/510 drip tip with adapter
Thread: 510 thread

In collaboration with DukunVape
Attractive 24mm RDA made of advanced full 316SS
Face to face dual clamps posts build deck
Single or dual coil configuration
Adjustable bottom diagonal restricted airflow
Gold plated positive and bottom feeder pin for Squonk
Once piece dome-shaped top cap for top-notch flavor
810 PEI tip with tapered SS frame for warm-vape cloud production

In collaboration with DukunVape, the Hellvape Anglo RDA is an innovative 24mm rebuildable tank made of advanced full 316SS material to make it so elegant and attractive.

With the face to face dual clamps posts build deck, the Anglo RDA supports easy single or dual coil building with 7.8mm deep juice well. Moreover, the Hellvape Anglo 24mm RDA comes with a cool 29mm bottom decorative ring which makes it fit for larger MODs.

The Anglo RDA also features an adjustable bottom diagonal restricted airflow control to bring precise airflow. Together with an 810 PEI tip with tapered SS frame for warm-vape cloud production and a bottom feeder pin for Squonk MOD, the Hellvape Anglo RDA is definitely a great flavor-chasing RDA.

Diameter: 24mm
Drip Tip: 810 Ultem drip tip
Thread: 510 thread
Color: Black, Brass, Copper, Rainbow, Silver

Advanced RDA with optimal flavor and a huge cloud
Convenient stepped build deck with 5mm deep juice well
Gold plated 2 posts to aid conductivity
The dual adjustable bottom airflow system
Included BF pin for Squonker lovers
810 Drip tip and 510 drip tip with adaptor

The Banshee RDA is a 24mm dual coils rebuildable tank from Boru Vape (an advanced vaping manufacturer from the UK). This RDA is designed to produce maximum flavor without sacrificing cloud production via the dual adjustable bottom airflow control.

It also features a convenient stepped build deck with 5mm deep juice well for large juice capacity and 2 posts which are 100% gold plated to aid conductivity. Together with a BF pin, Banshee RDA also can be used with Squonk MODs. Best choice for DIY chasers. 5 colors available.

Diameter: 24mm
Thread: 510

Yeti RDA by Envii is a 24mm rebuildable drip atomizer with simple two posts build deck. It features large post holes for thick wire and supports single & dual coil to meet different vaping needs. With thick outer sleeve for heat dispersion and adjustable airflow, Envii Yeti RDA will bring you a great vaping experience.

Size: 24(D) x 40mm (H) (with 510 thread)
WAFER Material: SST aluminum nitride
WAFER Heater Resistance: 0.4-0.5ohm
Thread: 510 thread
Color: White

Coil-free Design, No Wire Building
600,000 Times Cycle-use WAFER Heater(0.4-0.5ohm resistance)
Visible Outer Cover with Venting Holes
Strengthened Nicotine Effect
Easy self-cleaning

Are you tired of the wires, coils, and time-consuming building? Then the NCR New Concept RDA is right here for you! It features a food-grade PC outer cover with venting holes, providing a safe vaping experience.

The 600,000 times cycle-uses a WAFER heater that holds up the resistance of 0.4-0.5ohm and is capable of self-cleaning within a short-time dry burning in 30-40W. This pack also comes with a heat-isolation gasket. Available in White.

  • 24m Diameter
  • Deep Juice Well
  • A Vapin’ Heathen Project
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • PEEK Insulated Block
  • Single/ Dual Coil
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Gold-Plated 510 Contact Pin
  • Squonk-Ready Bottom-Feeding 510 Pin
  • Available in Full Black Out, Stainless Steel, Gold, Red, Purple, Blue, Gunmetal, Rainbow

The Dead Rabbit RDA is here to provide the massive clouds and a killer flavor directly into your lungs. This is an absolutely gorgeous atomizer. It has an awesome usability and a bunch of appealing features, which makes it great for both regular and casual vapers. The diameter of this RDA is 24mm, and we must admit that the built of this atomizer has the best quality among all the manufacturers in the industry.

The diameter of the deep juice well is 5mm, which ensures a very quick vape cotton saturation. In the end, you’ll get an easy and pleasurable experience.

Dead Rabbit is equally good for a mouth-to-lung and direct-to lung vaping as it supports both a single or dual coil build.

Due to the side mounted hex screws, it contacts perfectly, and hence the clouds of vape get really big. Moreover, there is a very little need for excessive tinkering. But most importantly, this RDA has a side adjustable airflow, which reduces the leaking to a minimum and makes the Dear Rabbit an absolute leader in terms of the flavor intensity.

There is no doubt that you’ll love this RDA.

RDA 101: Introduction to Rebuildable Atomizers

A typical RDA consists of (top-to-bottom order):
– a drip tip
– RDA cap
– adjustable airflow
– post
– build deck
– juice well
– airflow, and
– 510 connector

RDA Styles

There is also one more category of such devices that came out recently – RTDA, which is a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. This one has the design of an RDA type deck, but there’s also an extra tank that functions as a large well or drips e-liquids.

How to Build the Coils?

The vapers wrap a wire around a 2-4 mm in diameter rod to make a coil, with the help of which the atomizer works. The most frequently used types of wire are titanium (Ti Gr1), Kanthal (FeCrAl), stainless steel (SS), and nickel (Ni200).

Kanthal has a very stable resistance when heated, so it can be used on all variable wattage (VW) modes, whereas nickel and titanium have a varying resistance.

With this in mind, they must be used in a TC mode (temperature control). Stainless Steel has a subtle resistance variation, so it is appropriate for both TC and VW modes. The wicks for RDA coils are typically made of rayon or cotton.

RDA: Common Types

The devices are available in a variety of styles and sizes. They can be as small as 14mm and as large as 46mm in diameter. Most of the atomizers are designed for a single or dual coil, but there are some that allow having up to eight coils. A lot of devices support both horizontal and vertical coils.

As to the airflow, it also has a couple of variations. Namely, the device can be suitable either for mouth-to-lung, or direct-to-lung vaping. The RDAs come in various metal types, including brass, copper, and stainless steel. Finally, there are many different color options from which you can pick.

Some RDAs have an optional hollow positive pin. Its function is to enable the use of the device on the special bottom-feeding modes. They are called squonk mods or squonkers. To make it work, the user would need to have a plastic e-liquid bottle that one later would have to squeeze to deliver the juice to the atomizer.

This is a popular method among vapers as it alleviates the need to drip the juice. However, the market has quite a few names so far that provide such devices.

RDAs for Flavor of RDAs for Clouds?

There’s another typical categorization of rebuildable atomizers. Most vapers single out the RDAs that are designed primarily for flavor or for clouds. The flavor RDAs usually have less airflow.

They are good for mouth-to-lung vaping. Such devices are designed either for single or for a dual coil, and they are no bigger than 22 mm in diameter.

These peculiarities allow the device to provide an excellent flavor. Some of them can also create pretty thick clouds, but those who are really into massive amounts of vape usually go for other designs. Hence, the atomizers for clouds are much bigger in diameter since they need a space to store more coils.

They also have a massive airflow which is necessary to generate large thick clouds of vape. Many users actually enhance their devices to produce more vapor, so the competition is real.

The Benefits of RDAs

Many vapers really appreciate RDA atomizer over the other devices. They feel that such atomizers produce a much better flavor. Indeed, they require very little maintenance efforts because RDAs don’t have wick channels, so unlike in RTAs, the user doesn’t need to balance between dry hits and flooding.

For the same reason, RDAs are the best when it comes to trying new e-liquids because only a few drops of liquid will be enough for the vaper to know whether he’ll ship this bottle or sink it for good.

If you don’t want to buy a squonking mod but want a better juice capacity anyway, you can go for the RDTA. Such devices basically have an RDA vape tank. With these products, you can have a building and vaping experience similar to RDAs.

RDTAs have a dripper style build deck as well as the top cap but there’s also a large RDA tank shaped well beneath the deck. In the end, you get a similar wicking but much longer tails.

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  1. what do you recommend for a vape that will hold 4-5 g of thick oil/distillate. currently use ccell carts and a sub-ohm Palm. Optimum would be a tank that can hold 5-6 g’s/ml’s.