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Vape reviews

Vapehabitat.com does its best to present only true and 100% error-free pieces of content. Though we admit, we also can make mistakes. If found any, please contact us via a special form. You should take any information on the web critically and our site is not an exception.

Vapes we have reviews on our site, have not been tested by the FDA. So it’s up to you to trust it or not. All product and brand reviews are based on our personal experience in vaping and different vape devices out there. Don’t hesitate to compare info found on this site with alternative sources. Most vapor cigs are designed to be a cheaper (in longer perspective) and less harmful alternative to tobacco smoking.

Many tests and studies all over the world stated that vapor generated by a vape consists of few ingredients, most of them are added to food, bakery, and even ice-cream.

Vape juice manufacturers eliminated all harmful components causing cancer (tar, carbon monoxide etc.), bad breath, skin problems etc. The most dreadful thing they left is nicotine, though you can vary its content percentage or even vape nicotine-free liquids. How cool is that?

Everyone knows that these days but we cannot claim and market it as a smoking cessation option. You also should know that vape devices can be used by persons of legal smoking age. That’s very important, please keep it mind. We also do not suggest to vape if you never smoked tobacco before.

You should consult your doctor immediately if you have any nicotine misuse symptoms. This can be vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea or rapid heartbeat. Nicotine is the thing that makes you addictive to both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs. So reducing the percentage of nicotine in your vape is probably the best and easiest way to quit smoking and/or vaping.

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