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Best CBD Creams & Lotions in 2018

Year after year we receive new proofs that CBD is good for health. With the new means you can absorb all the CBD directly into your skin.

The CBDol Topical Salve has proven to remove pain in joints and muscles quickly. It is said to help within 5 minutes and last long. It has great pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and relaxing qualities. Having used it ones, you’ll be likely to love this product forever, or at least by your complete healing, thus proving its fame as one of the best CBD cream for pain.

How to use:
Apply on your skin and use every 5-6 hours. Reported to work fast.

Specs and features:
– Natural CBD oil
– Lavender tree oil
– Tea tree oil
– 0.3% THC
– Good smelling
– Fast active

Fantastic means against stiffness, joint pain and muscle pains that hold you back from the every-day achievements. The US produced CBD pain relief cream is formulated by pharmacists with 20 years+ experience to make your life better. It does a great job of relieving pain occurring at multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, traumas and other health conditions.

It is more useful as previous means from the same line, the Green Roads cream is likely to win a lot of fans looking for a fast and effective way to make their lives pain-free.

How to use:
Rub the ointment on the sore areas on your body and repeat every 4-6 hours, Note, that this means the higher content of CBD and thus is more likely to act faster.

Specs and features:
– Pharma-grade CBD – 350 mg
– Pharmaceutical grade base
– 0.3% THC
– Fast active

Natural ingredients mixed together to refresh your skin, sooth pain and relax tension. Health Pharma has developed a new formula to create the means of higher intensity so the users may expect a faster, more profound and long-lasting effect.

Proved to be effective in soothing professional pains, like muscle or joint discomfort caused by physical effort or post-traumatic syndrome. This CBD cream for pain is no-greasy and fast in the application, and the premium quality ingredients will cater to 100% effectivity.

How to use:
Apply to the sore areas on the skin when you have a need. Repeat as required.

Specs and features:

– Contains CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBDA
– Based on organic constituents like coconut oil and bee wax
– Lab tested
– SCL certified

This is a magical CBD cream for pain, which consists of the medical grade ingredients and shows excellent effectivity in all kinds of disorders like back pain, joint pain, knee pain and others. Sportsmen use this cream for the physical rehabilitation during training and post-traumatic periods.

One of the most beneficial qualities is the period between cream application. The cream offers the prolonged relief without the need to use it repetitively for a lengthy period. Famous for effectiveness in dealing with post-surgery pains.

How to use:
Apply the cream on the sore areas, rub into your skin. You can use it until you feel the positive effect. Due to the high effectivity, the product can be used with a lower intensity as compared to other means like this.

Specs and features:
– 250 mg CBD in a pack
– 0.3% THC
– Natural hemp oil
– Mostly organic constituents

Have you known that hemp oil is remarkably similar in structure to human skin lipids? This means that it’s a perfect all-natural means to regenerate flexibility, freshness skin youth of your skin. The CBD lotion from Hempmetics was crafted with nature in mind.

Thus it contains no artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalate or gluten, making it perfectly suitable for those inclined to allergies. Have a try on all the positive effects to get from coconut oil, organic aloe leaf juice and hemp oil of course. You may expect softening, healing and hydrating influence and fast effectivity!

How to use:
Apply it on your skin, paying particular attention to hands, feet, elbows and other places with dry skin. You may repeat the session as soon as you feel the need in it.

Specs and features:
– 6 FL OZ per jar
– 0.3% THC
– Natural constituents
– Includes natural omega 3 and omega 6 acids

What do we know about CBD creams?

We are speaking about a relatively new trend, which is still being tested. Yet some proof of the positive effect of hemp lotion for pain or the CBD cream for arthritis is already available. CBD ointments are rather medical than recreational goodies, since they have no TCH and correspondingly are free from any psychedelic offshoots.

The first rank consumers are people having the medical need in CBD, still refusing taking CBD edibles, oils or vaping for some reason. This way of CBD consumption is not the most traditional one, but entirely practical, as you receive both your daily dosage and a positive impact on skin.

The resent research proves that cannabidiol shows promise in healing skin and joint issues, usually cured by different types of creams and ointment. Why not? Cannabidiol is known for antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pain-releasing effect, so applying it to the sore places is more than merely medically reasonable.

The CBD pain relief cream is proven as an effective way to release or diminish muscle and joint spasms at traumas and arthritis. A user takes benefit of a double effect since the neuro-relaxant power of CBD influences pain centers in the brain, while the anti-inflammatory properties reduce the local sources.

The additional positive value of your CBD cream for pain reveals itself in the ability to protect your skin from active radicals, which are known to cause cancer. Moreover, the best CBD cream for pain always consists of the medical grade ingredients that moisture and nurture your skin making it soft and shiny.

The pain-relaxant force of the CBD lotions, creams and salves can be regulated thanks to the different contents of an active element. For example, the CBD salve for pain is thicker and contains a very high concentration of CBD, which means it can only be used for the medical purpose.

When it comes to the mere skincare and fighting conditions like acne, dryness, psoriasis, and eczema, CBD lotions, creams and slaves show good prospects to win the market. CBD oils for eczema are already the popular means among the chiropractors around the world, and their further popularity is explained by the combination of skin healing, pain soothing and relaxant qualities provided by one natural constituent. For comparison, other medications include a combination of natural and synthetic elements to achieve the same effect.

How to use the CBD creams and ointments?

Depending on the purpose of treatment, the mode and frequency of cream applications may differ. Using CBD means for muscle, and joint pain requires frequent applications every 4-5 hours. For healing slight skin disorders, you will use the cream every evening and morning. If your skin needs a prolonged contact of cannabidiol with sensitive areas, the CBD patches is exactly what you need.

The patches work about 12 hours providing for a prolonged effect. They are discreet, easy to use and often latex-free, which makes them perfect for allergic people. Their main benefit is a precise localization of action, never to be achieved with the use of other CBD edibles.

Downsides and Benefits

The use of CBD pain relief cream, salve or CBD lotions for medical reasons is somewhat optional, and despite their positive qualities, the CBD ointments can be substituted. To decide on the choice of your medical means, you can take into considerations the main benefits and downsides you receive consuming CBD through the skin.

The advantages of the discussed means comprise discreteness, portability localization and a significant amount of symptoms to be treated. Besides creams and ointments can be used regardless of age and mostly consist of natural ingredients. The downsides are sometimes the smell, lack of fun, people, have with vaping, and the high price. Also, the dosage is hard to regulate, unlike with edibles or oils.


CBD creams are a relatively new means of treatment, yet promising considerable growth thanks to the almost unprecedented combination of positive effects. They are able to release pain, soothe and heal skin issues and diminish stress at one time, thus being an all-in-one means of the medical and cosmetic grade.

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