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Best Dab Pens in 2021

  • Dedicated Reverse Airflow Tube
  • Compatible with Various Chambers
  • High-Speed Heat Up Time
  • Fast and Easy Refill​
  • Works as Rig Insert
  • Scratch Resistant Housing
  • Three Preset Temperature Settings
  • Micro USB Charging

The Swiss vaporizer is the culmination of years of effort and product design with one goal in mind – to create one of the most versatile and high-quality multi-purpose vaporizers in the world. The perfect combination of high-quality components, compatibility with a wide variety of heating chambers like the Greedy and soldering-free Studio Rig atomizers, and seemingly endless uses, is finally ready to be enjoyed.

The Swiss is designed to be used primarily as a rig insert, as it is compatible with most standard pipe sizes. This is possible thanks to the unique dedicated airflow tube which provides traditional airflow and reverse airflow during use. This tube can also be removed for cleaning. The Swiss is equipped with a silicon cap and funnel, which allows for quick refills during use.

While the Swiss’ design makes it ideal for use as an insert for glass rigs, it can also be used as a portable vaporizer with the Studio Rig Ceramic Chamber (Not Included) as well. As a portable vaporizer, the Swiss sports a splash-resistant glass mouthpiece, our patented spring-loaded connection, manual operation mode, pre-heat function, and an elegant etched bottom cap that doubles as a container for your dry herbs and wax consistency products.

The Swiss is built-to-last with high-quality engineering and scratch-resistant housing to keep it looking pristine after long periods of use. Take control of your vaping experience with the Swiss, and use a true multi-purpose vaporizer that can satisfy all your needs.

Tyga x Shine and Atmos have come together to create one of the most advanced dry herb vaporizers: The Pillar. The device is equipped with six optimized temperature settings to create pure and potent vapor, while the isolated airflow design ensures smoother, cleaner draws. It’s made with a scratch-resistant hard anodized body, making it both durable and stylish.

The Pillar uses an embedded ceramic heating chamber and includes a titanium waxy cup, giving vapers the option of using dry herbs as well as wax consistency products. The Pillar is a powerful and versatile vaporizer, making it a must-have for any serious vaper.

The Electro Dabber is a multi-function, wax consistency vaporizer. It uses an advanced, uniquely designed atomizer to vaporize wax consistency products without needing to be loaded or packed like other portable vaporizers. This innovative design makes vaping on-the-go quicker and easier than ever before with its unique reverse airflow path.

Just place the heating element into your waxy product and start vaping! Alternatively, if you want to load your Electro Dabber to use it like a traditional vaporizer, you can use the included heating chamber. Just pack your chamber and flip it to use the additional mouthpiece on the bottom of the Electro Dabber.

Both of the atomizers included with this kit use a quartz heating element designed to produce pure, flavorful vapor. Electro Dabber is perfect for anyone interest in fast and easy wax consistency vaping.

Powered by a 900mAh lithium-ion battery, the new and improved R2 has been re-engineered with a durable anodized chamber that utilizes advanced ceramic heating disc technology to produce smoother draws and a cleaner taste than ever before.

Perfect for use with dry herbs and wax consistency products, the R2 combines the convenience of portable pen-style vaporizers with the hard-hitting power of the latest in wax vaping. Its performance is nearly unmatched when compared to similarly-sized vaporizers available today.

The AtmosRx Dry Herb Vaporizer is ideal for those on the go. This portable device is discrete, stylish, and engineered for maximum results. The AtmosRx Dry Herb Vaporizer heats your preferred dry herbs or waxy oils in a wickless ceramic heating chamber and expels the freshest vapor with minimum aroma.

Designed with excellence and optimum durability, your starter kit comes complete and is ready to use within seconds, straight out of the box. Available in a variety of vibrant colors.

Choosing the Best Dab Pen: A Simple Guide

You must have noticed that more and more people praise dabs. It is often referred to as a great alternative to smoking, but is it really so? What equipment does one need for this experience? In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the wax vape pen selection. We’ll also provide you with a quick guide explaining how to choose the best dab pen.

What is Dab Pen?

Before we start, let’s get the knack of what is a dab. The explanations may seem confusing, but in reality, its principle is very simple. Basically, this is a concentrate extracted from the herbal ingredients. All the substances like dabs concentrate and waxes match this definition.

These can be made up of various active ingredients, including CBD extracts and medical marijuana. If we are talking about the top-notch dab pens, it is important to note that they also vaporize CBD vape oils.

cbd crystals featured imageThe typical arrangement of the dab pen is the following. The device consists of a mouthpiece, a heating element, and a battery. The battery powers up a heating element, which in turn melts the wax to turn it into a vapor that the user subsequently inhales through the mouthpiece.

The appearance of dab pens, which are also called wax pens, is similar to that of the electronic vapor cigarettes, but their functions are very different. Namely, the first ones work with concentrates and waxes whereas the latter solely use e-liquids.

The vape pens can be filled with plenty of substances: concentrates, e-liquids, or herbs. However, each vaping style will require a different procedure to get started.

The regular dab pens are usually designed for one particular style, but there are some more expensive alternatives with a unique chamber. This is the option that you should go for if you’re looking for the best dab pen.

Rookie tip #1

The concentrate is really strong, so if this is the first time you’re doing it, remember to take things slow. Given that the substance condenses plenty of active components, the person gets a higher dose of it with the vapor. Indeed, this experience is a lot more potent than regular smoking.

Using a Dab Pen

The devices are very simple to use. Here are a few basic steps that you should take to get started. They apply to most pieces of equipment, including wax pens:

  • open the gear so that you could have access to the coil and heating chamber;
  • scrape off some wax with the dab tool;
  • put it on the chamber’s side for the substance to fall onto the coil;
  • put the wax pen back together;
  • click the “fire” button 5 times to turn the device on;
  • press “fire” and start vaping. Three to five seconds will be enough to create vapor.

Variations of Dab Pens

The market offers a few different variants of dab pens. You can encounter hybrid options like V2 Series 3X, which is a five-star one (highly recommended). Such items can produce vapor not only from waxy concentrates but also from dry herbs and oils.

You need to figure out how exactly you are going to vape because if you’re planning to use solely wax, there’s no need to splurge on the hybrid piece. A regular wax vape pen can also be a very satisfying and affordable choice.

Another important thing to remember is that the multifunctional dabbing vaporizers require proper cartridges and heating chambers, so you can’t utilize some random detail and expect fantastic experience at the same time.

Namely, the cartridges and chambers that are specifically designed for vape juice or dry herbs are not supposed to have any concentrated materials put in them.

There are a few things to consider while purchasing a wax pen: a quality of built and overall size of an item, the size of a heating chamber, and of course, a price range. A perfect situation is when the company gives warranty protection on every purchase.

Rookie tip #2

Never buy vaping gear and dab pens from dodgy companies and try to do business with the proven brands only. Think about your health and remember that cheaper doesn’t mean better, which is especially true with such peculiar products.

An average price for a good-quality wax pen is around $100, although the cost may range between $20-$200. Similar advice applies if you’re looking to buy the best vape pen for oil.

Before buying the Best Vape Pen for Wax…

There is plenty of vape pens on the market, which can be very confusing. In order to make the right choice, ask yourself the following questions:

What concentrate am I going to use?

Hybrid devices are usually more expensive, so if you’re going to use wax only, this is a great opportunity to save some money. In case you’re a new vaper and don’t know which substance appeals to you most, purchasing all-in-one gear makes total sense.

Will I carry the pen around with me?

You need to select a more compact option if you’re planning to vape on-the-go. Many brands sell very small dab pens that can literally fit in your fist. However, you won’t be able to take long vape sessions with such gears because they have a tiny heating chamber and much smaller batteries.

In case you’ll be vaping at home, think about the device with heating temperatures and power outputs. You can easily find bigger and more powerful variants among E-Nails and E-Rigs.

Vivant Incendio e-nailHow often am I planning to vape?

Try to estimate how often you’ll vape, and based on the frequency, choose the variant with optimal battery life. The pens can hold the charge for hours or even days. A smaller battery life presumes a more affordable price and vice versa.

In addition, the charging devices for the pens are also different. Some include a micro USB charger, while the others require a custom charger.

What is my budget?

One thing that is not related to the quality of vaping experience whatsoever is the design. Most dab pens look very delicate and stylish, but some brands put a lot of effort to make their devices look extra sophisticated and thus produce absolutely gorgeous pieces (check out Series 3X Dab Pen, for example). Naturally, their price is much higher.

Another thing affecting the price is the materials used to produce the dab pen. The plastic devices are cheaper than the metallic ones, but their lifespan is much shorter. Although the performance and the look aren’t mutually excluding characteristics, the first doesn’t suffer without the latter.

All in all, sticking to a budget is important. However, you need to approach this question wisely and evaluate critically whether saving a few bucks worth it in the long run. Whereas you can compromise exquisite design, you shouldn’t economize on product quality.

Once you have all those answers figured out, it will be much easier for you to choose the best dab pen.

Choosing a Perfect Wax Vape Pen

As we have determined, the whole process of selecting a vape pen with the necessary characteristics and optimum price can be very simple if you know what you want. It is a matter of individual choice whether the device is right for you.

Namely, some vapers need a higher throat hit and don’t really care about the thickness of vapor, whereas others specifically look for thick vapor and rich flavor.

CBDistillery – Broad Spectrum CBD Wax imageTo Conclude…

Choosing the best dab pen can be overwhelming but with a precise understanding of your needs and a little research, it’ll be plain sailing. You should outline the expectation and estimate a reasonable price range.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter whether you are an experienced vaper or a new kid on the block. Hopefully, this simple guide will be helpful and you’ll manage to find a perfect wax vape pen that won’t disappoint you.

Check out other posts on our website to find out more about vaping gears.

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