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Best Dry Herb Atomizer Tanks in 2021

The Atmos Greedy M2 is one of the most versatile heating attachments available. Compatible with the Studio Rig, the original Greedy heating chambers, and numerous other chamber options thanks to the Atmos Female to 510 Male Adapter, the Greedy M2 brings all of these amazing innovations together to give users an almost infinite number of potential options for wax consistency and dry herb vaping.

Similar to the original version of the Greedy heating attachment, the M2 is protected by a durable stainless steel housing and is equipped with dual adjustable airflow, a splash prevention waxy filter, a dry herb filter that can be swapped out as needed, and an easy access mouthpiece for quick refills.

The Greedy M2 comes with the Dual Titanium/Quartz Rod Atomizer, making it the perfect heating chamber for anyone interested in the powerful performance of Atmos’ heating chambers.

Designed by Atmos, the Atmos Complete Heating Chamber uses an advanced heating coil to heat dry herbs and vape waxy oils. The Atmos Complete Heating Chamber is a true ceramic chamber, providing better absorption than imitation mixed-ceramic chambers. You will be amazed by the capacity, performance, and durability of the Atmos Complete Heating Chamber.

Designed by Atmos, the Boss Heating Chamber utilizes a durable stainless steel heating chamber to evenly vaporize your dry herbs. Its silicon mouthpiece, high-quality ceramic filter, and easy airflow system provide full rich flavor and smooth draws during use. Take charge of your vaping experience with the Boss Heating Chamber.

The Atmos R2 Cartridge is used to heat dry herbs & vape waxy oils. It’s made with an anodized chamber and advanced ceramic heating disc technology providing smooth draw and clean taste. It’s durable and built to last!

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Dry herb atomizer is a great solution for those who want to vape dry herb without having to buy a separately dedicated vaporizer. Simply attach the dry herb vaporizer tank to your device and enjoy your experience since a herb atomizer is specifically designed for using dry herbs rather than e-liquid.

The biggest problem in this regard is finding the best dry herb atomizer that works well with the plants because the majority of the devices that you’ll find on the market are made to be used for vaping the concentrated oils.

guy smoking weed jointHowever, don’t be discouraged just yet. There are still many great variants from which you could choose. In this post, we’ll discuss our five dry herb atomizer options for you to explore. Keep reading!

Dry Herb Atomizer: What is it and How it Works

Buying a herb atomizer sound like a good idea, but how do you pick the right one if you’re new to this piece of technology? Indeed, there are a couple of things that you should know about these products before you get down to making a final choice.

Below, we’ll try to answer some of the most common questions, such as what it is exactly, how it works, and what maintenance does it require.

Herb Extension for a Vaporizer

A dry herb atomizer is a separate detail that is attached to an electronic cigarette so that it would be appropriate for smoking weed. Basically, this name is a synonym for a dry herb tank. Such atomizers are slightly different from the traditional tanks or atomizers for e-cigarettes as they do not use wicks.

Also, they don’t typically hold liquid, and even if they do, they normally have a separate cup in the tank designed for this particular purpose. Just to compare, the regular e-cigarette tanks hold the liquid directly in the tank.

medical weed imageThe majority of such devices have a ceramic cup for concentrate or dry herb, and typically, the coil is not exposed. This construction is explained by the fact that such atomizers are not designed to work with personal vaporizers for marijuana that functions very similar to a mini-oven. Instead, they are great for regular e-cigarettes.

Thanks to such construction, there is no direct contact of the material with the source of heat. The ceramic gets warmed up by the coil thus creating an effect very similar to the purpose-built vaporizer for weed.

Although it’s still not the same as any purpose-built device, this is the best dry herb atomizer 510 solutions, especially if you don’t feel like buying a whole new device specifically for this kind of vaping.

E-Liquid Atomizer vs. Dry Herb Atomizer

As you can see, the main difference between the two types of atomizers lays in the design. Namely, a dry herb atomizer is made to hold dry material, such as tobacco, marijuana, or something else. The temperature inside of it raises without direct contact of the material with the coil.

weed and money imageAt the same time, e-liquid atomizer holds the liquid which is channeled to the coil through an absorbent wick. You can connect them both to the e-cigarette mods. However, the dry herb tank for mods will work is a different way.

Herb Vape Tank in Use

There is also a couple of important things to know about how to use the dry herb vape tank, especially if you already have some experience with the traditional tank. The tank for weed is quite different from the regular tank, so it should be filled up and then used in a different way.

Consistency of performance from an atomizer for herb depends upon the way you grind up the material. You have to do it more finely than you would for regular smoking.

Therefore, you should consider investing not only in the best dry herb tank atomizer but also in a weed grinder of the top quality. After you grind up the herb, open the tank and put it directly into the cup. Some atomizers have a special plate that you need to press down so that the dry plant would remain down as you’re vaping.

best weed grinders featured imageAnother useful thing to know is that you have to keep the mod to relatively low settings in a dry herb atomizer for vape mods. Usually, it has to be somewhere between 10 and 25W. Such settings are necessary for preventing combustion. They are also good for making your puffs shorter.

Temperature control is a great feature to have because otherwise, you’ll have to take care of it manually, which can be quite a headache. Basically, these are all the peculiarities that you need to remember. With such atomizers, you can inhale and vape in the usual way. Though, you don’t need to hold the fire button as you vape.

Dry Herb Vape Tank: Maintenance

You have to clean up your dry herb cartridge after you’ve done vaping every time before you can vape again. There is nothing complicated about this procedure. However, you should remember that there will be some residue left in the chamber almost always.

Other details that get dirty very often are the mesh screens. They filter the vape before it gets to your lungs. If you won’t clean it, the throttled path will impact the performance of your atomizer no matter how expensive it is.

In most cases, the cleaning brush is included in the kit, and this is all you need for basic cleaning. However, for those looking for more efficient washing, a good piece of advice is to use regular acetone or rubbing alcohol and some cotton swabs.

Just soak the mouthpiece and mesh filter in any of that liquids and carefully clean the parts using a brush.

Hold them there for about 5 min, take them out, and let them air-dry for some time. In the end, wipe the hard-to-reach places with the cotton swab to make sure that all the parts are completely dry. Finally, you have to be careful with the coil: you don’t want to damage its shape as this could impact the performance.

DIY Dry Herb Atomizer

Some vapers are ambitious enough to try and make the dry herb atomizer on their own. However, this is a very difficult task to accomplish. Even if you use a rebuildable atomizer as a basis for a mini-oven style coil, you’ll need to find a truly top-notch chamber material because the ceramic chambers are the exact parts that make herb atomizers work so well.

PuffIt Inhaler insideThey have a very peculiar design that isolates the material from the coil and hence prevents the combustion from happening.

This is not the “mission impossible” kind of task, and there are many people who did manage to create working dry herb atomizers on their own. However, the time and efforts spent on that process cannot compare to the simplicity of picking the best dry herb atomizer from the list and making a purchase.

There are many different atomizers out there, and it may feel a bit confusing to evaluate them critically. Now that you know more about the basics of dry herb atomizer design and functions, it will be much easier for you to choose the most convenient option.

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