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Best Nicotine Salt E Liquids in 2020

Nicotine salt-based e-juice is currently one of the biggest vaping trends. It is so because MTL vaping and pod systems are typically associated with e-liquids that have high nicotine content. Nicotine salts are most popular among those vapers who crave maximum nicotine and do not care about the size of their clouds much.

Key flavors: menthol, kiwi, pomegranate and strawberry (nicotine salt infused).

Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Salt e-liquid is a high-quality product with a mix of refreshing flavors. With this product, you will be able to enjoy delicious vapor and experience the fantastic blend of fruit and menthol. This liquid is best to be used with low-power devices and pod vapes.

Product includes:
One 30ML Glass Bottle of Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Salt E-liquid

– 60% VG
– 40% PG
– Nicotine content: 35mg or 50mg
– Menthol, kiwi, pomegranate, and strawberry flavored

Note: we do not recommend using nicotine salt based e-liquids with drippers and sub-ohm devices. These products work best with low power devices and pods. Nicotine content per milliliter is much higher in nicotine salt e-liquids compared to regular freebase nicotine e-liquids.

Key flavors: ripe red apple

The flavor of this e-liquid is crisp and sweet, just like a yummy red apple right from the orchard. This product is made of top-quality nic salts. It works best with vape pods and low output devices. Vaping Juicy Apple Salt e-liquid feels like a walk in a sunny apple orchard, and who wouldn’t enjoy a feeling like that?

Product includes:
One 30mL bottle of Juicy Apple Salt E-liquid by Mad Hatter

– 30mL Glass Bottle with a dropper
– 50% VG
– 50% PG
– US-made
– Crisp red apple flavored

Key flavors: creamy milk, vanilla ice cream, and toasted fruit tart.

The Milkman Salt E-Liquid is a remarkable product manufactured in the US. The design of the bottle is very appealing, and it gives potential customers an idea of how rich and yummy the flavor of the e-liquid is. Milkman e-juices are well known on the market, but the new salt e-liquid is the product that brought the brand even more recognition.

The 30mL bottle of fantastic vaping experience might be just the thing you are looking for. The Milkman salt e-liquid works best with ultra-portable devices and vape pod systems. Positive reviews of many satisfied users prove that it is one of the best products on the market of nicotine salts.

Product includes:
One 30mL Bottle of Milkman E-liquid by Milkman SALT

– 60%VG
– 50%PG
– 40mg/30mL bottle
– US-made
– Creamy milk, vanilla ice cream, and toasted fruit tart flavored

Key flavors: milk and honey

The Blu is a brand known to all vapers. Being the leaders of the industry, they set the example for taste and quality. Bee’s Milk E-liquid is an innovative product crafted for vapers who enjoy MTL vape pens and pods.

This product is a representative of Blu’s Salt of The Earth line of e-liquids that all come in 30mL bottles and are available with either 24mg or 48mg nicotine content. Milk and honey flavor of the vapor appeals even to the most sophisticated users. Try it out and see for yourself!

Product includes:
One Bee’s Milk 30ml Vape juice by Salt of the Earth

– Glass dripper on the 30mL bottle
– Nicotine content: 24mg/ml or 48mg/mL
– Milk and honey flavored

Key flavors: strawberry hard candy

CRFT Salt Strawberry Candy E-liquid is an outstanding product for lovers of sweet flavors. This e-liquid will make a sweet tooth happy for sure. It delivers a smooth hit and fills your senses with a taste of a fresh strawberry combined with hard candy. This product is made of premium nicotine salt for the utmost user satisfaction.

Product includes:
One 30mL Bottle of CRFT Salt Strawberry Hard Candy E-liquid

– Nicotine content: 40mg
– Top-quality nicotine salt

Why Choose Nicotine Salt?

Nic salts are very effective in delivering nicotine. Also, they are more smooth than freebase nicotine when it comes to high concentrations. There is one more bonus, salt nic provides a pleasant throat hit and a soft feeling. MTL vapers and cigarette smokers enjoy it a lot.

The JUUL company introduced the nicotine salt juice, but since the day a lot of companies have joined the race for the client’s choice. Tons of companies make nicotine salt e-liquids nowadays, so it might be quite challenging to pick a good product. For this reason, we’ve gathered all the necessary information you need to know about nicotine salt e-juices in this post.

MLV PHIX pod imageWhat Is Nicotine Salt?

Apart from nicotine and tar, tobacco leaves have a component called benzoic acid. This element is a core part of nic salt juices as well. In contrast to ordinary nicotine used in e-juices, nic salt has organic components in it. These components form stable molecules together with nicotine.

How Does Nicotine Salt Work?

The competitive advantage of nicotine salt over freebase nicotine liquid is rather confusing. Nic salt producing companies argue that vaping salt e-liquids is more enjoyable and effective compared to freebase nicotine e-juices. At the same time, manufacturers of the latter product claim the opposite. Naturally, there is a conflict of interests and competition for customers to be found in this case.

However, there are some research results that can dot the i’s. The JUUL labs performed some experiments and proved that certain nicotine salts do work better than freebase nicotine liquids. Blood samples of users who consumed nicotine salts had higher nicotine level than the blood samples of freebase nicotine e-juice consumers.

vape box mod and five bottle of e-juiceAs already briefly mentioned above, the core ingredient of salt nic juice is benzoic acid. Its function is to control the nicotine salt during the vaping process and to deliver a high amount of nicotine to the vaper. Thanks to this acid and the chemical reactions that happen during salt heating, the vapor you get is smoother and has a lower pH.

This way, you can enjoy vaping salt nicotine juices with high nicotine content much more comfortably than any typical high-nicotine e-liquids.

What Are the Advantages of Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt releases nicotine into the vapor faster. As a result, nicotine from the salt is absorbed faster compared to the freebase nicotine. The high-nicotine salt delivers a smooth hit and an enjoyable vaping experience compared to the freebase nicotine. It makes salts very attractive for MTL vapers and smokers.

However, there are certain aspects of nic salts that can be a dealbreaker for some users. First of all, nic salts are more expensive than freebase nicotine. Also, even the best nicotine salt e-liquid will produce less vapor compared to freebase nicotine e-liquid. And the last, but not least, the complexity of flavor is lower in nic salts.

In simple words, the major benefit of salts for a user is that it delivers more nicotine to your body faster. This way, you will not need to vape away full tanks of your e-juice daily to satisfy your nicotine craving. With salt nicotine liquid, you can enjoy more when consuming less.

Another thing vapers love about salt compared to nicotine juice is that it can be stored longer without losing its properties. And that’s not all. To vape nicotine salts, you don’t need a highly powerful device. The salt e-liquids are more efficient at transferring nicotine, so you can get the most of them with a simple pod vape. Isn’t that great?

lavander vape juice bottlesWhat Devices Are Compatible With Nicotine Salts?

The best device to use with nicotine salts is a pod vape. This type of vape is compact and has a low power output; it’s easy and comfortable to use. In case you already own a high-power device, there is no need to put it away; you can use it with nic salts as well. However, you will need to get nic salts with lower nicotine levels for it.

How Safe Are Nic Salts?

The influence of nicotine salt on the human body is not different from the impact of freebase nicotine. All forms of nicotine act as a stimulant when consumed. Still, since benzoic acid is added to the nic salt, you might wonder how safe this element is.

The truth is that the long-term effect of this element on the human body has not been studied yet. Studies express some concerns about benzoic acid ingestion, but there is no information about its harm when inhaled. More research in this area is needed for sure.

Even though it is impossible to say that nic salts and freebase nicotine are ultimately safe, any of the products is for sure a lot safer compared to traditional smoking. One more point in favor of e-salts is that to get the same amount of nicotine, you will need to consume less e-liquid. It makes nic salts safer than regular e-liquids.

Are Nicotine Salts Addictive?

Speaking of nicotine addiction, we should specify that it is psychologically addictive regardless of its form, be it salt, e-liquid or a regular cigarette. Other elements consumed during smoking tobacco increase the addictivity of nicotine. However, nicotine salt is not more addictive than a regular freebase nicotine e-liquid.

Data provided by Pax suggests that it causes sharper blood spikes compared to regular e-juice, but we cannot test this claim. If it does, it means that nic salt is a bit more addictive than regular e-juice.


While nicotine salt is not a product that is fit for all, it is an invention that makes many vapers happier and more satisfied. In case your nicotine consumption is high, you will appreciate nic salts for quick nicotine transition and smooth throat hit.

This product is also much enjoyed by smokers who are trying to make a change and are looking for a healthier alternative. If you enjoy enormous clouds, nic salt is not for you. Nicotine salts are still quite new on the market, so we will definitely hear more about them in the nearest future.

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