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Just two years after introduction to the global market Juul device got extremely popular. Designed to help with quitting tobacco dependence, this device is so cool that causes addiction itself.

Users call it “the iPhone of e-cigs” and its progress is so fast that a start of an own market with a unique user culture seems to be close.

So What Is a Juul?

It is a closed vaping system meaning that you can’t buy any spare parts from other trademarks. It may seem to be a bit restricting first, but in fact, the quality of the add-ons is so high that eventually, you won’t want to substitute it with anything else. We offer you to have a closer look at the Juul vape starter kit in case you haven’t yet made up your mind as to whether this thing is right for you.

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Juul Review

juul in a woman's handThe Juul vape comes in a simple design consisting of two main parts: the bottom part with a battery and temperature control and the top part with the Juul pod, attached to the device. The package also contains the magnetic USB charger and four standard Juul flavor pods: Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Crème Brulee, and Virginia Tobacco.

Some More Facts

– The size of a usual USB driver makes it easy to carry.
– Closest to tobacco smoking as compared to other e-cigs.
– In-built temperature control system, protecting from burns and dry hit.
– A 1-hour charge gives you 24 hours of operation.
– Filling consists of non-tobacco “nicotine salts.”

What Does Juul Look Like?

Juul starter kit box contentsThe Juul vape looks like some state-of-the-art connection device or a tool from the acclaimed spy-movies. Being almost the same size as a typical cigarette, it weighs only a couple of grams and has been recognized as the most comfortable e-cig type to use.

Juul e-cig is highly ergonomic in design and feels pretty much like a standard cigarette when used. The vaping process reminds that of tobacco smoking, and you even can keep the Juul in your mouth when you have a drag, making the same mimic moves and activating the same group of muscles.

Thanks to this similarity the Juul is a perfect option for heavy smokers who are on the quitting path, not to mention that it produces the dose of nicotine contained in a regular cigarette.

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The device is provided with a LED indicator of the battery state. It gets on as the Juul pod gets connected to a battery and reminds the street-lights colors.

It goes green when the battery is fully charged, yellow when the power level is getting down, and red when it’s time to use a charger. To activate the indicator, tap the area below the LED lamp twice, and it will flash in one of the colors mentioned above.

Juul Construction

The construction of the Juul vape device is quite simple, yet spectacular. The battery is connected to the device so evenly that you won’t feel any joinings under your fingertips. Unlike typical e-cigs that feels hollow and plasticky, this one is solid. The time and effort put into the development of this device speak from every detail.

The charging process is very comfortable as well. You just put the device into the slot to start charging whereas with an ordinary e-cig you have to unscrew the flavor pods in advance.

Juul User Experience

juul with 4 podsJuul e cig items are incredibly user-friendly. The reviewers mention appreciable tight pull and nicotine buzz. Moreover, they have a particular temperature regulating technology that prevents the tool from overheating, so you’ll have zero chances to get burned, and the throat hit is perfect.

By the way, one Juul pod is quite economical – it lasts two or three days which is quite handy, especially when you take into consideration that you cannot refill e-liquid.

As for the individual settings, you don’t need any. The sensory system lights the device the very same moment you take a pull.

Now, let’s regard some filling characteristics. One Juul pod contains as much of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes, that is 0.7 ml or 59 mg/L, and it lasts 200 usual puffs.

Except for nicotine, it contains substances like glycerol and propylene glycol, nicotine, benzoic acid, and flavorings. Thanks to the fact that this mix comes only with the Juul-pod, the company guarantees the quality control of e-liquid ingredients.

The newbies should be especially careful as two-three draws give you more nicotine than the e-cig you might have already tried so you can easily get carried away or even feel bad from the amount of nicotine you’ve inhaled. It is recommended to count the puffs you take until you get used to the device. You’d better put it aside for the next time after every 4-5 pulls.

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Some Juul Pricing Facts

Usually, Juul price ranges between $35-$50. The set of four pods comes at the cost of $15.99. That’s quite expensive as it takes you about $100 a month. But you can go cheaper when you have a monthly subscription from Pax Labs, which enables you to grab discounted pods and enjoy home delivery.

As we mentioned, the manufacturer aimed at making every moment of Juul device usage extremely handy, and charging a battery is not an exception in our case. First of all, the battery life is quite long – it lasts all day long on the condition of constant usage, but even if it gets low, charging is entirely fun.

You can keep the USB plugged in the laptop during work and as you notice that the power is low. You pull it to the vape pen charger, and it gets simultaneously attached thanks to the magnets. The same thing is to pull it out – you can do it any moment to take a drag and then stick the device back to the charger. Can you imagine something simpler?

All these characteristics make Juuls extremely popular, and they even live their own lives on socials. This device has more than 139K professional and user-generated videos on YouTube, reaching up from 100K to 4.2M views per film.

The growing number of adult users trying to quit traditional smoking is good, but alongside with this popularity there arises wholly a negative social phenomenon of Juul addiction among youngsters, who never even took up tobacco smoking. Cool design, pocket size, and tasty flavors make Juuling a real hit in high school, especially, when it’s entirely painless to hide it from parents.

Doctors alarm a growing number of the Juul pen users below 21. Thanks to the high concentration of nicotine kids get easily hooked. The numbers are shocking: in the US around 2 million teenagers use electronic cigarettes daily. Due to this, adult users and parents are concerned in two fundamental questions: is Juul bad for you and how old do you have to be to buy it?

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Is Juul bad for you?

How much nicotine is in a Juul?

As mentioned above the concentration of nicotine in the Juul pod is higher than with a typical e-cig, nicotine portion of which ranges from 0 to 18 mg/L. With a Juul device, you’ll get 5% of pure nicotine in every pod, and that is 59 mg/mL or three times higher. Although the use of e-cig is considered healthier than regular tobacco smoking, it’s never been acknowledged as safe.

The Juul website warns its users, saying “no tobacco or e-liquid product should ever be considered ‘safe’ [and] we encourage consumers to do their research regarding vapor products and what is right for them.”

Plus, the nicotine itself is not less harmful when contained in vapor, not to mention toxic additions in the aerosol. It’s important to keep in mind that you are using Juuls at your very own risk and doctors still insist on clinical studies.

Let’s highlight here the results of some recent research on nicotine influence on human body. A lethal dose is 30-60 mg. Using a Juul, the concentration of nicotine in your blood gets 20 nanograms per milliliter in one puff. It is sufficient to take two puffs for a dose of nicotine while going over five will make you buzzy, and as you continue, you’ll get nicotine intoxication.

It’s proven, that Juul pods contain benzoic acid, which is also present in the air around a vaper. Together with the other irritants, flavors and toxins benzene leads to asthma or poor lung conditions.

FDA Examination of Juul

By August 2018 all e-cig and e-liquid providers are subject to submit their product for FDA approval. It is possible that many companies and devices will get banned. Though nicotine safety won’t ever be acknowledged, the damage of vaping can be substantially reduced with firm control of e-liquid components.

Here PAX Labs are at an advantage since you cannot fill their devices with substances provided by other companies. Also, each Juul pod contains a precise dose of nicotine which makes it easy to get accustomed to a certain number of puffs a day.

Since it is not likely that vaping will ever be approved as something good for health it comes down to how accurately and how often you use it. Some vapers believe that the temperature of vaping is more critical than nicotine itself. A few puffs at a low-power device is a recipe for getting less damage and curbing your cravings at the same time.

An Overview of Juul Pods

The company offers only five variations of flavors, and it may be taken as a counteractive factor, primarily by those used to an infinite variety of e-liquid tastes. Still, PAX Labs stress on quality of their five flavors which is outstanding. So why looking for different when you have the best?

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You can also use other pods with your Juul, like Ziip Pods

Why Use the Juul Starter Kit

Before thinking about all the pros and cons of Juuling, take into account that it was initially aimed at combustion cigarette smokers, not at vapers.

The Benefits of Juul

– The high portion of nicotine equals to higher satisfaction.
– Great throat hit provided.
– With the design of a USB-drive, it’s easy to keep and carry.
– Simple in maintenance.
– Handy and fast to charge.
– Impossible to get burnt owing to temperature control.


With all the perfection there are some things to be improved:
– When often pulled in and out the pods get loose.
– To check the juice level, you have to pull the pod out.
– You cannot lower or regulate the nicotine level

By the way, there is a British version of nicotine salt pod mod, known as SMPO which allows adjusting a nicotine level.

The Juul vs. PHIX Comparison

The Design Distinctions

Both devices have a minimalist design and come in modern plain colors. They are ergonomic in size and simple in use. Both have the same length and are easy to stick in the pocket. No wonder vapers make it fun to find a difference between the two.

Being slim, solid and similar to an i-device or another top gadget these two are most likely to be confused from afar.

The Prices Compared

As compared with the Juul pen, the PHIX vape is $14 cheaper. The difference is explained by the number of extra pods included in the purchase: it’s four in the Juul set, while only one supplied by its rival.

When buying e-juice pods you pay $7 less for Juul than for PHIX, but the latter has 1.5 ml pods lasting 400 puffs. Let us remind that a usual Juul pod lasts 200 puffs which are twice less, so in financial perspective, it’s cheaper to stick to PHIX.

The percentage of nicotine is equal and perfect reviews go for both trademarks, and overall they seem pretty similar. To find the difference one has to pay attention to the flavor. PHIX offers more tobacco-based array while a set of Juul pod flavors provides a little bit wider variety.

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College Juuling Crash

College campuses now revive a Juuling craze, having more and more students hooked on this lovely and straightforward device. The discreet, stylish design makes Juuls easy to carry. Moreover, students manage to charge them from laptops right during their classes, thanks to the similarity with flash drivers. Juuls come with pod flavors reminding those of bubble gums which invite teenagers to experiment with tastes.

Some Stats about Popularity

Invented by Stanford grads in 2007, this type of e-cig has conquered the market, becoming the best-selling trademark with 32 % of the market share. It’s been called “campus epidemic” since Juuls flooded dorms all over the country.

You can effortlessly buy Juuls both online and offline. Still, you have to prove you are more than 21 and your data will be checked in public records, which is not an obstacle for teenagers managing to buy e-cigs with prepaid debit cards or lying about their age.

Final Key Facts on Juul Compared to Other Brands

Here we shall sum up the main points that make Juul different from other devices:
– Juul was created for the tobacco smokers willing to quit, and it shaped all the psychology of product, from nicotine level to the mode of use and size.
– It’s faster and comfortable to charge since the attachment to the USB device is instant and requires one move.
– It has reliable quality control, with e-liquid provided by one manufacturer only.
– And finally, Juul is more likely to get FDA approval than other e-cig brands. Moreover, it will undoubtedly gain the upper hand over devices like mods which may be banned starting from August this year.

We hope that considering all the pros and cons will help you make a right choice, but it’s important to remember that no substance, except fresh air, is useful to inhale continuously.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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