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As they say on their website MarkTen “delivers a familiar vaping experience and features our widest variety of flavor blends, which are designed to satisfy smokers.” It’s ironical that a company that made a fortune on tobacco selling now designs a product for helping smokers to quit or at least surf to a safer mode of nicotine use.

Well, tastes change and if there is no sense in looking back, business sharks start breaking new grounds. Their steps are yet quite unsure since the device has much room for improvement. Still, reviews recommend it as a newbie starting kit.

MARKTEN Product Characteristics

So far, MarkTen has produced only two vapor devices, informally called mark10s or mark10 vapor cigarettes. Being quite successful in tobacco producing business worth billions of dollars, the company started paying attention to e-cig market not so long ago, and their first branded product is straightforward in construction and is quite good and affordable for e-cig starters.

Its advantage is the size and design. It comfortably fits into your pocket and doesn’t weigh much. The device looks similar to regular tobacco cigarettes and is excellent for tobacco quitters in a transition period. Another advantage is that you can find these vapes in every gas station.

As a conventional electronic cigarette, a mark ten e-cig consists of the cartridge and the battery. Creators put much effort to make it resemble a real cig as much as possible: it lights when you take a draw, the two halves are screwed together and have a silver ring at the joining. Doesn’t it look so familiar?

MarkTen originalMarkTen Flavors

Like other branded companies MarkTen insists on using their e-liquids and although some users do try to refill cartridges with other e-liquids to prolong the life of a device the company still recommends sticking to the branded stuff.

For now, there are only two MarkTen flavors which are too little for experienced users pampered by the whole varieties of juices and flavors, but in your first week of use, you can smoothly go with two.

The uniqueness of this device is that the manufacturer provided it with four holes instead of one and they even patented the so-called “four-draw” technology. Still, vapers with background say it doesn’t matter much.

Technical Qualities

Let us remind you once again: MarkTen vapes are aimed at people who don’t want to be tethered to cigarette smoking for the rest of their lives. Their devices are perfect for trying because right decisions come from experience, which in its turn often consists of bad choices. If vaping is not your thing, have you got the right to learn this without spending more than $10 per e-cig?

Due to the low cost, the technical characteristics are a bit behindhand compared to other brands. The battery power is only 90mAh, and it lasts from 30 m to 1 h of continuous vaping. Vapor production is weaker as well, in fact, a long draw brings half the vapor volume of a usual vape draw.

The device charges with the USB that connects to a laptop. The standard flavor cartridges come with Classic Tobacco and Menthol flavors, each offering one of two nicotine levels – less than 2.5% and 2.5% by weight.

As they say, the taste begins when appetite is satisfied, and if the MarkTen item has curbed your nicotine need, but you still want to try something else than these two – why not go experimenting with e-liquids from other producers. Research compatibility first.

The battery is of a rechargeable, not a disposable type. But since many users admit the short battery life – it gets off after ten recharges-, some advice buying an extra battery. It’s not a drawback, as after all the price of the unit is lower as of disposable ones.

So, what comes in a kit? A buyer gets a battery (Apollo Superior 900mah eGo), clearomizer (Apollo CE4), a USB charger and an e-liquid pod containing 10ml of substance.

The xl mark here refers to everything: a MarkTen XL e-vapor has a larger size, more significant cartridge capacity, and a longer lasting battery. The design remains the same, so does the built quality. In general, it’s like a bigger version of a usual Mark Ten e-vapor. This jewel comes at 14.99 $ each.

The markten xl nicotine level ranges from 2.4% nicotine by weight to 3.5%, depending on the flavors. The choice of the latter is better as well. The Makt10 XL unit comes with four cartridges to choose from Classic, Menthol, Fusion, and Winter Mint. The vapor draw is not strong, rather mediocre and cartridges won’t last longer than 4 hours of continuous use. Again, the designers aimed at the entry-level users or experienced ones, who would use a device as a short-term replacement when their vapes are not at hand.

They are good to go with at a gas station or a shopping mall to curb your instant cravings, but they are far from user-satisfaction level provided by more experienced brands.

The MarkTen XL kit comes with a USB to recharge the battery. To start, just attach the cartridge to the battery and continue vaping until it runs out. Keep in mind, that in case you had a regular MarkTen, and now you have an xl-version, you can’t switch the same vape chargers since they are of different sizes, neither you can use the batteries. So make sure you don’t mix them up.

The Advantages of MarkTen E-cigs

Stylish and ergonomic in design and cheap in price, mark-10s are a catch of the eye, for ones who go crazy about trying something new. But, they are better for beginners with a limited offer of flavors and mediocre vapor quality. An additional benefit for beginners: MarkTen offers an excellent online customer service with all the kind of advice you might need.

Still, due to its novelty, the product hasn’t got much customer reviews, and here we have to wait how the device will show itself further on.

Anyways the company has been new to the market, and its aiming at achieving user satisfaction at an affordable price is quite encouraging. No doubt, some new and more elaborate versions are to follow and for now, take a try on a MarkTen tool and decide yourself how it feels for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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