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Are you looking for a beginner vape kit looking like a cigarette? Then it would be best if you had Vuse Solo, one of two cigalike kits from Vuse famous among former smokers. 

The Vuse Solo comes with prefilled cartridges that contain about 5% nicotine. The overall design and operation tightly resemble that of a cigarette, with even a glowing light at the end. 

Who would love it? First of all, it is perfect for beginner vapers, with a price of $20.24 for the kit and $8.99 for cartridges (a pack of cartridges has two of them).  

What’s in the box? 

Solo comes in a branded pack with a company’s logo and product specifications. Inside, you’ll find a plastic case that also makes a great e-cig holder for taking it along when going out. Inside a box, you’ll find the Vuse battery, two Vuse Solo cartridges, and a charger. 

Solo Build and Design

Ex cigarette smokers will adore the Vuse electronic cig because of the form factor. It is a bit longer than a traditional cig (120 mm) but features approximately the same diameter (10 mm).

The weight is 15 grams, which is a bit more compared to a conventional cigarette but is extremely lightweight compared to other vapes.

Generally, Vuse Solo is not the only cigalike option from Vuse. Another popular vape is Vuse Ciro. But in comparison Vuse Ciro vs. Solo, the first one is more evolved.

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The build is simple as well, as the vape consists of a battery and a cartridge connected with a screw-on connection. All the cartridges are color-coded, depending on the flavor coding. When buying a kit, you can select the flavors to your taste. 

To assemble the Vuse, you have to push the cartridge down the battery and screw it on. 

Note: to assemble the vape correctly; you first have to push the cartridge and then give it a quarter turn. Otherwise, it won’t get properly attached, and you’ll have issues with operating, as some Vuse Solo reviews reported. 

Getting Started

Once you’ve assembled your Vuse kit, you have to take a drug, and that’s all. It gives vapor on the draw, and the light at the top of the e-cig will light up with every puff.  

Vuse Solo goes into a sleep mode as you stop taking draws, and you’ll only need to take another draw to start it over. 

Vapor Production

To put it short: it performs well if you don’t torture it with long inhales. In such a case, it will give you dry hits because of slow wicking.

If you disassemble the cartridge to check the coil, you’ll be surprised by quite a high-quality build, with a cotton wick, popular among modern vapes. The only drawback is that there is too much cotton that requires special treating. Otherwise, it will produce the dry hits, as we mentioned above.

Generally, you like the tight draw perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping. It shines in the full glory if you take short draws, preferably, shorter than two seconds each. 

Yet, Solo is not the best option from Vuse in terms of vaping sessions. It loses the Vuse Solo vs. Vibe comparison to the latter since Vibe contains four times more e-liquid, although it features only seven flavor options.

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Vuse Solo Flavors

As you buy the kit, you can choose among four Vuse Solo flavors to be included in the starter kit. They all come in the prefilled cartridges included in the box. But if these flavors are not enough, we have good news.

In total, Vuse produces 11 flavors; you can buy to refill. These are the branded flavors from Vuse, that also come with other products from the brand.  

They are classic tobacco, berry (classical fruit flavor), crema, menthol, nectar (sweet dessert flavor), melon, mint (also includes a light hint of tobacco), chai (exquisite tea aroma), tropical, fusion (a mix of fruit and cream flavors).  

The significant problem for most of the cigalikes was low flavor quality. The Solo from Vuse is not the exception, but we can say it represents the better fraction of the class. The flavors are well, although not brilliant. We may describe them as light. 

If we refer to flavor strength, the best flavor from the series is menthol. Flavors like Fusion, Tropical, Mint, and Nectar are great for an e-cig.

Vuse Solo Battery

Due to the ergonomic design, the Solo has the size and weight limitations that shape the choice if battery as well. Therefore, this vape cannot show off with long battery life. 

If you are a heavy or even a moderate user, you’ll have to charge your vape minimum once a day. In case you don’t often vape, a charge can last a day.
Charging Vuse Solo is a bit of a fuss.

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To do that, you must unscrew the cartridge and attach the special charger, that is also connected to a USB wire. It’s not convenient, mainly because the battery and the charger are not firmly connected.  

Like Juul, Vuse utilizes a proprietary charger. It’s rather a con since you cannot just use a regular USB in case you lose the original cartridge.

Summing up

Summing up our Vuse Solo review, we have to mention that it is a great low-price option for ex-smokers or beginner vapers. It features a lightweight, ergonomic design that strongly resembles a traditional cig in shape and operation.

The flavor line offers 11 nice options to fit the majority of tastes. The build and operation are straightforward and perfect for a beginner or an experienced vaper who wants to include this minimalistic and simplistic option to their vape collection.


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