Halo G6 Review

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Halo G6 is excellent for quality seekers and diversity lovers. The company, mostly specializing on e-flavors of divine quality prepared only a couple of products to let vapers with different tastes experience the most flavorful vapor. G6 e-cig is their flagship product, aimed at beginners, so they did everything to be proud of it.

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Halo G6 Review

All simple is brilliant, so if Halo G6 e-cig. The battery is attached to the central part, designed as a cigarette butt and comes in ten different color variations, starting with that of a real cigarette to Midnight Blue or Electric Lime. You can go traditional or funky: all is in your hands. You can choose a couple of such interchanging them both for a charge and an image change.

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There is even more: cartomizers also come in different looks. You choose between low resistance and pre-filled cartomizers in noble black and empty ones looking like a traditional cigarette butt.

The two parts are screwed together with no fuss. The top the cartridge has four airflow holes. Each time you take a pull the end of the battery lights up.

To summarize with the design part, we should say Halo e cig is sleek, elegant and fantastically customizable. It is great to choose what you want from a considerable variation of spare parts.

Tip: when you screw the parts too tight you may experience issues with vapor production. So pull it until you feel resistance.


We like how Halo presents their packages. They send you an embossed carrying case where you can keep an assembled e-cig, spare cartomizers, and a charger.

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The Halo G6 starter kit includes 5 pre-filled cartridges or 5 black cartomizers depending on your choice, 2 automatic batteries a carry case and a USB charger with a wall adapter.

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In the starter kit, you receive 280 mAh battery, but you can buy a couple of manual batteries in capacities 180 mAh (65 mm), 280 mAh (78 mm), 380 mAh (102 mm).

A heavy smoker shouldn’t go for a 180 mAh otherwise they took up the habit of constant recharges. Anyways having a spare battery at hand is always a great idea.

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The 2 batteries of 280 mAh are enough for a day of moderate vaping. Good news is that Halo G6 is charged fast: it takes only two hours for a full battery.

Flavors and Nicotine Levels

No wonder Halo G6 vaporizer flavors are one of the best in the market. Vapor production is excellent, and all the Halo fans can quickly go for their favorite tastes. These ones will be happy to buy Halo G6 e-cig with empty cartridges.

Blank carts are not for those who hate messing up with e-liquids. These clients will be happy with halo g6 starter kits that include pre-filled cartridges Torque 56, Tribeca, Prime, and Turkish Tobacco.

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E-liquids come in zero (0 mg), low (6 mg), medium (12 mg), high (18mg), x-high (24 mg). A great array for those who aim at smoking cessation.

In general, Halo created superb cartomizers for the different needs of consumers.

Tanks and Cartomizers

Superb mini tanks from Halo e-cigs are great for refilling with your favorite e-liquids. They come for $3.99 each. As we’ve mentioned, you may make use of two cartomizer options.

The noble black low resistance cartomizers (those with a stylish black-and-white “LR” logo) provide vapor at a slightly higher temperature. You get more clouds and deeper flavor, yet it presupposes a faster battery drain. These ones go at $8.99 for a 5-piece pack.

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Blank cartomizers are simple to fill and need just 15 drops of your favorite e-liquid. It is essential to let cotton soak the material. With no overfill. Too much of e-liquid will flood the cartomizer, and you will have to absorb the one that ejects with a paper towel. Blanks come for $ 5.99 for a pack of 5.

These are also available in the XL option able to hold 1.5 ml.


To conclude our Halo e cig review we need to say that this product is aimed to become a great starting point of your vaping journey, yet it has all chances to win your admiration for long. It is not just about its good looks but also exceptional ease of use, durable battery, excellent power production, and divine flavors.


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