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A device to delight or repulse! Prepared by Smok, an established brand on the vaping market that has used to pamper our sensations by providing new experiences and options. No wonder, they have issued a product with a hundred new features.

Based on overall presentation and customer reviews we can say the Smok X Cube II deserves our attention as a powerful box mod fresh out of a workshop!

 Smok X Cube 2 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent Smok vape mod, use the button below. 

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Build and Design

We would like to start our XCube 2 review with the general impression. The metallic looks and elegant design of XCube 2 are great, but a little too big and clumsy. Although portability and lightness aren’t its greatest merits, the Smok XCube 2 looks elegant and sleek.

The firing button is a unique feature regarding design and functionality. It runs down the side of the device so to activate it you have to squeeze the mod in your palm. Perhaps not the significant improvement, yet it breezes fresh air into the world of mods.

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Smok XCube 2 looks even more stylish thanks to the LED lining on the firing bar. The OLED screen discretely situated on top of the device doesn’t interfere with the holistic impression of a firm and sturdy metallic toy. Being made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, it doesn’t only feel strong, it is strong.

Right now it is available in two colors, i.e., gunmetal and black. We don’t know if any other options are planned into release.

Smok X Cube 2 kit

Smok X Cube II comes with a Smok XCube 2 manual, a micro USB cable, a pouch, a warranty card. All this travels in a neat box. The XCube 2 firmware isn’t included in the price of the mod but is additionally available for only $3.


Our Smok XCube 2 review wouldn’t be full without a description of tech specs. It has plenty of assets to surprise you. The Smok Cube 2 connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth (applicable to Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0 operating systems).

OLED screen houses five different menus including modes menu, Bluetooth menu, puff count and LED control. You can also use Bluetooth to download XCube 2 updates to keep your toy tuned.

 Smok X Cube 2 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent Smok vape mod, use the button below. 

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You should use the firing bar to get to menus and use the “+/-“ buttons for settings. Note, you should use the “up” button to move down and vice versa. We hope Smok has removed this drawback.

Battery and Power

The Cube 2 vape feeds on two 18650 cells, meaning more power, but also the big size and weight. The wattage range meets your expectations. It works well at 160 W, and you can flawlessly change the wattage level by application of “+/-“ buttons. You have enough of energy to supply any type of sub-ohm tanks.

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User Experience

Regarding user experience, the X Cube 2 is not a candy, and the Smok XCube 2 problems are likely to have more reviews than the device itself.

One of the first things people don’t like about Smok X Cube 2is the size of the OLED screen which is too small for the hundreds of options it is supposed to support. It ended up in the crowded read-ons and a lot of hustle in finding your feature.

Additionally, it is only ok if you use 22 mm tank. With any bigger tank, the screen will be overlapped and fogged up.
Secondly, the battery lid is already the concerning number one of most of the buyers. Attached through the usual magnets, the cover smoothly goes on and off and feels shabby when you keep the device in hands during usage.

Size. The fact that Smoktech XCube 2 isn’t the smallest device on the market is obvious, but still, it is considerably more massive than other devices utilizing dual high-drain batteries and providing for the same power and options.

X Cube 2 app was designed to be a pro, but it can turn useless if you don’t at least Android 4.3 or iOS 7.0. It’s a fuss because you can only change the temperature quotient via the app. It is also needed for Smok XCube 2 updates.

Temperature Options

The temperature control was reported to work lousy, yet now Smok has improved this. XCube 2 has soft and hard modes. With the soft mode, you will have 10% less power the first two seconds of the draw and 10% more power in the same time frame with the hard mode.

 Smok X Cube 2 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent Smok vape mod, use the button below. 

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Temperature Coefficient

Note, to have a proper heating level and even to have your temperature control working you need to set the temperature coefficient according to the coil material you are currently using. Smok XCube ii has it 0 by default. You should fix it 0.006 for nickel and 0.0038 for titanium.


To end our Smok X Cube 2 review, we should say that’s quite an interesting device with a lot of power at an affordable price. The concept of the fire button, strength and longevity are among its strong sides. Yet the majority of functions and shortcomings are the points of improvement.


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