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Arizer Solo is a dry herb vaporizer that has been around for quite a while. Since its introduction in 2011, it has been getting more and more positive reviews from the satisfied vapers. Recently, a portable Arizer Solo vaporizer has been introduced to the vaping community.

This compact device is a great opportunity to enjoy a vaping session on the go. According to the Arizer Solo reviews, this vaporizer is one of the best portable dry herb vapes in the price range under $150.

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Arizer Solo kit imageArizer Solo Overview

The Solo vaporizer is a powerful vaporizer that operates with a rechargeable Li-ion battery. A single charge is enough for a two to four hours depending on the intensity of your vaping style. Speaking of style, the vaporizer comes in two colors, stainless steel, and black.

This vaporizer is slightly bigger than the majority of portable vaporizers, which is why you might think that it is a household appliance when you see it for the first time. There is a glass tube that sticks out of the top of the vaporizer and makes the transportation problematic.

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We suggest that you remove the Arizer Solo mouthpiece when transporting the vaporizer and put it back only for a vaping session.

The Arizer Solo has a detachable glass wand attachment and an extra wand as well. It makes the vaporizer applicable for aromatherapy as well as for direct vaping.

Arizer Solo display imageSolo Vaporizer Features

The Arizer Solo vape is quite impressive when it comes to specs. Take a look at what this vaporizer has to offer.

– Manufacturer: Arizer, Canada;
– Dimensions: 1.75 by 4.5 inches;
– Material: ceramics (heating chamber); stainless steel (heater cover); glass (mouthpiece);
– Power: 2200 mAh Li-ion battery (rechargeable; 1 hour to charge);
– Battery life LED indicator;
– Automatic shutoff timer (12 minutes);
– Vaporization method: convection;
– Two to four preset heating settings;
– Arizer Solo Accessories: one battery charger, one potpourri dish, one aromatherapy sample;
– Adjustable heat: 7 settings;
– Controls: two buttons;
– Air to vapor ratio: 1:1;
– Warranty: 2 years for the craftsmanship, battery life and parts; limited lifetime for the ceramic heating element;
– Compact and handy.

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Nobody’s Perfect

Speaking of the best features of the vape, we need to tell you what might be not so great about it as well. In some of the Arizer Solo vaporizer reviews, users claim that the vaporizer is not intuitive for a beginner. An inexperienced vaper is likely to need to refer to the manual to learn how to use the Arizer Solo.

Arizer Solo chamber imageThe absence of pass-through charging in older models is another thing that breaks the deal for some vapers. However, newer models support pass-through Arizer Solo battery charging. You should also be careful with the glass diffusers when emptying the chamber. Those elements can get very hot.

The only real soft spot this vape has is its glass mouthpiece. It’s the first thing that will break in case you drop or smash your mod. The rest of the construction is pretty durable. Of course, it’s possible to find a mouthpiece replacement in under $10 if you occasionally break it.

How to use Arizer Solo

First of all, you need to install some Arizer Solo accessories on the mod. To assemble your Arizer Solo portable vaporizer, you need to insert the glass tube into the O-ring seal of the mod. If it’s too difficult, try preheating the vaporizer in advance for the O-ring seal to loosen.

To activate the device, press down both of the buttons, marked with arrows, simultaneously. The LED indicator will light up and show you the remaining battery life. Next, click on the up arrow and pick the temperature settings that fit your vaping needs.

After that, wait from a minute to two for the unit to heat up. The exact time depends on the Arizer Solo temperature settings you choose. To be honest, it is quite a long time for a vape. However, when you taste the vapor, you will understand that it is worth all the waiting.

The LED indicator will show you when the unit’s ready. After 12 minutes of continuous use, the vaporizer will automatically shut down to save the battery. It’s a cool feature if you forget to shut down your mods sometimes.

There is a removable cap in this vape, which makes cleaning and maintenance effortless. You don’t need to replace any parts of this mod, but you need to keep it clean at all times to ensure best vapor quality and keep the mouthpiece germfree. Run a little alcohol through the mouthpiece to clean it, and that’s all you need to do.

Arizer Solo flower blend imageTo get the best vaping experience with this mod, try taking slow and deep draws, about fifteen seconds long. Pack the chamber lightly for the sake of good airflow. The draw might seem tight in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it quickly. Remember that the slower you draw, the thicker will be the vapor you get.

It’s quite easy to control the vape as well. The Arizer Solo temperature control range is 122- 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

The vaporizer has a Li-ion battery that is quite durable. Its life depends on the temperature settings you choose, as higher temperatures drain the battery faster.

Some users claim that they needed the Arizer solo battery replacement after two years of continuous use because the battery stopped holding the charge. To make the battery last longer, do not leave your vape in extremely cold places (like in your car in winter).

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Final Thoughts

The Arizer Solo is the right product for those who appreciate thick clouds of flavorful vapor. Its ceramic heating chamber and a glass mouthpiece deliver the best taste and flavor possible. This vaporizer has a rather tight airflow, which makes it not a product for everyone.

However, this mod’s ease of use, adjustment, and maintenance make it suitable even for beginners. While it might be not the most portable vaporizer, it is for sure an excellent device for use at home.


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