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The Vapor Genie is a device that cannot go unnoticed. This pipe marijuana vaporizer looks like a regular old-school wooden pipe, but it is so much better. The most stunning thing about the Vapor Genie is that it operates with a regular lighter, not with an electronic heating system.

To start vaping, you need to put your dry herb material into the Vapor Genie vaporizer pipe bowl and then place your flame above the heating chamber. This way, the heat will reach your herb. The better you grind your dry herb, the better the vapor you will get, which is valid for all the dry herb vaporizers.

vapor genie colors imageNext, the chamber will mix the heat with some cold air to vaporize your dry herb. The temperature range is from 225 to 375 degrees.

One of the best things about this electronic pipe vaporizer is its simplicity. You just put your material in, add some heat and enjoy a vaping session with a stylish device. This pipe is perfect for beginners, as there are no problematic adjustments and settings to master.

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We recommend you to use the Vapor Genie with an electronic lighter for the sake of your health. Old school lighters produce toxins you don’t want to inhale.

First Impression

The Vapor Genie design is quite unusual for a vaporizer. Simply put, it looks exactly like a tobacco pipe. The choice of materials is traditional for the latter, as there are metal and wood. If the glamorous vape pens and e-cigs are not your things, take a look at this traditional-looking vape. Such old-school designs always make a stylish statement.

Vaporizer Genie Review: Benefits or Losses?

Without further due, let’s take a look at the list of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of the Vapor Genie I.


– Compactness (the size of the device allows you to carry it with you anywhere in your pocket);
– Stealthiness (the design resembles an ordinary tobacco pipe);
– Durability (this pipe is made of metal and solid wood, which makes it very durable);
– No battery – no cry (with this pipe, all you need is lighter, so there is no need to worry about a dying battery and a charging cable);
– An unlimited lifetime warranty (the manufacturer backs up its product and believes in it).
– Easy to clean;
– Affordable and reasonable price.

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– Shallow bowl (this pipe is not a good option for a large group of friends due to the small bowl. However, it’s enough for you and several friends for sure);
– No temperature control (the temperature of the vapor depends on the lighter you use, and there is no way to measure or regulate it).

Now that you know all the pros and cons of this portable vaporizer pipe let’s get to the price tag and product availability.

Where to Buy the Vapor Genie?

If you decide that the vaporizer pipe Vapor Genie is precisely the vaporizing pipe you are looking for, you will probably want to know where and at what cost you can get it. Having spent a few minutes googling and comparing prices, we can say that the Vapor Nation website has the best price for this product and offers free shipping for it as well.

Final Thoughts

We hope that having read this Vapor Genie review you made up your mind whether this device is for you or not. In any case, the Vapor Genie is a compact, durable and simple vaporizer that does its job perfectly.

This vaporizer comes at a very reasonable price of $55 and is backed up by an unlimited lifetime warranty, which makes the product even more attractive. However, this vape is not for everyone. If you like are looking for a lot of customization, the Vapor Genie is not a thing for you.


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