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Have you ever seen the pomelo fruit? It’s big and a bit clumsy, but sensational inside. So is the IPV4S vape mod, also known as IPV4S 120w from Pioneer4You. To be honest, the company didn’t arrive at excellence at once. The new IPV4S mod is the next generation of IPV4.

Those who met the previous version hated the screws on the battery lid, clumsy design and an ugly 9 Volt port. The newer version is void of all these downsides and has a lot of goodies in stock.

 IPV4S is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent vape mod, use the button below. 

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iPV 4S 120W TC MOD contents imageSpend the next five minutes on our IPV4S review to dive into the best characteristic you may expect from this beautiful device. To start with, we shall brief you through the main improvements compared to the previous version.

5 Main IPV4S Updates

– 9 Volt charge port – Pioneer4You took away the ugly feature;
– Design – they rounded edges to make the device more portable;
– Rubber cover – this makes the vape comfortable to keep in hand;
– Battery lid – made swapping batteries easier, since the battery cover is attached through a plastic snap and magnets;
– App – made controlling wattage and temperature easier.

Star Feature – Price for Quality

Customers asking themselves why this device is so popular should know that it’s the only box mod which works with a high-quality temperature control system that comes with only 100$. Other similar mods come at the price of $200 which makes IPV4S a severe hit!

 IPV4S is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent vape mod, use the button below. 

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Build and Design of the IPV4S

Available in two colors (silver and black), with rounded edges and a rubber area for comfortable holding in a palm, the IPV4S box mod is an excellent device worth trying.

The resistance of the atomizer is 0.10 ohm. You can use coils made of nickel, kanthal, and titanium. These beautiful materials will let you steam at the wattage range starting from 10 to 120 watts.

iPV 4S 120W TC MOD colors imageAnd about customization. The 510 spring loaded connection is excellent for slamming your favorite sub-ohm tanks or RDAs.

IPV4S vape feeds on two 18650 flat-top batteries. Yet to charge them you need an external charger since the USB-port is only good for the IPV4S firmware update. Also, the battery leaking was spotted, as reported by some of the reviewers. That’s possibly the only downside of this mod.

What you get with Pioneer4You IPV4S

Buying IPV 4S, you get a good string of advantages, including boosted safety, different wattage modes, and no dry hits.
Safety – the device is protected against reverse polarity, low resistance, low wattage, temperature overheat, and short circuit.

Duration – you can easily vape a day or two, and although IPV4S charging is a fuss, as you need an external charger, the flat-top 18650 batteries are readily available in any shop around the corner. Having a couple of extra ones will be a good idea.

iPV 4S 120W TC MOD without batteries imageWattage modes – changing the wattage levels from 5 to 100 W is as easy as taking candy from the kid. IPV4S vape gives you 5 different settings to opt from and no firing delays.

No hard hits – thanks to the temperature control mode you are free from the nasty dry hits dangerous for carcinogen contents. One thing to beware is that one should use nickel coils to make use from temperature control settings. The device lets you set heat level either in Celcius or in Fahrenheit.

It will raise the temperature to the maximum chosen by you and will maintain that temperature until the e-liquid vaporizes completely. As it reaches the minimum, the LED display will show a warning: “dry coil, no liquid.”

 IPV4S is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent vape mod, use the button below. 

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How To Use IPV 4S

IPV4S firmware creators took the concept of user-friendliness and technical intelligence and created something smart, yet easy to use. Moreover, the constant IPV4S upgrades, which you may download through a USB promise even more of exciting features in future.

The device is turned on after a 5-times click on the button. On doing this, a user enters a menu consisting of 3 main options, that are System On, Mode Power, and Exit On. You can scroll between these using the power button and select a needed option by hitting plus or minus buttons.

The changes in temperature control mode, also known as joule mode, and wattage are available on the Mode Power menu. To leave the settings, you have to pick up the Menu Exit option and to switch the device off – choose the System Off option.

IPV4S will make you happy to choose from M1 to M5 pre-set options. If you don’t like any of the pre-set wattage modes, select the one and hit the “-“ button and browse the available list of wattages by scrolling up and down. Hit the power button to save what you’ve chosen and proceed with holding “+” and “-“ buttons to lock the screen.


With IPV4S mod you get a handful of great features you could ever expect for such a price. The precise temperature control modes, IPV4S firmware updates, safety features and freedom from dry hits go hand-in-hand with thick, flavorful vapor and longevity.

If it’s not the device to meet the tastes of the most demanding ones from the vape community, but it’s sure a vape mod to make happy the majority with tempered needs.


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