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If you have never been vaping before and want to give it a try now, the wide choice of the devices, flavors, and e-liquids can confuse you a lot.

Vape market has been developing rapidly over the recent years, and now it has a product to meet every taste and vaping style. The most difficult choice a new user needs to make is the one between an atomizer, a cartomizer, and a clearomizer.

All of them have one primary function: they atomize e-juice so that the vapor is released. However, despite the fact that their purpose is the same, the choice of a device would differ based on the way you are going to use it.

No matter what e-cigarette you go for, it needs an atomizer to operate by all means. Cartomizers and clearomizers differ in their delivery system, but they all have atomizers that vaporize the e-liquids. In this post, we are going to tell you everything you need to know to choose the best atomizer for your electronic cigarette.

vape tank atomizers in vapor imageWhat Is an Atomizer?

Every atomizer has minimum two pods inside of it, a positive and a negative one. These pods connect to the two posts inside the coil. The coil is wrapped around a heat-resistant wick, usually made of silica or other heat-resistant material. The wick absorbs the e juice and holds it till the moment the e-cig runs out of spare e-liquid. In the meanwhile, the coil heats up and creates the vapor.

Thus, the wick guarantees a steady flow of e-juice that would not flood the atomizer coil. In case you start to hear gurgling noises coming out of your vaporizer and notice that the vapor is weak, your atomizer is flooded. In case it happens, blow through the opposite end of your atomizer to flush it out. Alternatively, you can shake it till it’s dry. Basically, an atomizer should hold the e-liquid and vaporize it.

vape tank atomizer on a box mod imageHow Does an Atomizer Work?

What is an atomizer on a vape? It is any device that creates vapor out of e-liquid. Let’s figure out how it manages to do it. The choice of atomizers is enormous on the market, though most of them are usually cartomizers (cartridges) where an atomizer is built-in. It’s the choice most people go for. Such cartomizers can be very different, including top, dual or bottom, horizontal or vertical-coil.

Any atomizer, whether it is built into a cartomizer or not, has a heating element inside of it. This heating element vaporizes the e-juice.

If the tech is your thing, you might be interested in the construction of an atomizer. If you look at it, you will see a wire that connects to a power supply and a circuit board. When you push the button on your atomizer vape, the circuit board transfers power to the wire heating element and the atomizer micro-pump.

When the pump is activated, it pushes the e-liquid through the atomizer. Inside of it, the heating element vaporizes the e-liquid. As the user releases the button or stops sucking at the mouthpiece, the process stops. There could be functional differences in different models of atomizers, but the principle of operation remains the same.

different vapes with atomizers collageHow Is an Atomizer Used?

As a rule, an atomizer is a fundamental part of two and three-piece electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette cannot function without an atomizer whatsoever.

Dripping is a vaping method that gained popularity more recently. With dripping, you drip your e-liquid directly into your atomizer. This way, no cartridge or tank is needed. Dripping preserves the taste and the flavor of your e-liquid perfectly. Of course, both the taste and the flavor will be ruined in your atomizer is dirty or you mix the old liquid with the new one.

Many vapers claim that dripping is the best possible method of vaping because all the dripped liquid burns up during one session and you don’t have to worry about any leakage after it.

However, there are some drawbacks to dripping as well. First of all, with dripping, you won’t be able to simply take your e-cigarette out of your pocket and take a hit. Before you can enjoy a vaping session, you need to set up things.

Provided there is no stable and comfortable place to do it, things can get really inconvenient and even messy, with your e-juice spilling on your hands, clothes and nearby surfaces. It could be dangerous in case you use the high-nicotine e-liquid because it can soak through your skin.

However, despite some drawbacks, dripping remains very popular nowadays, especially with users who care a lot about the quality and the taste of their e-juice. For such users, dripping is the only way to go. Such users like to mix flavors to create their unique tastes. Currently, the market offers several models of atomizers, built exclusively for dripping.

If compactness of an e-cig matters a lot to you, you should know that an e-cig atomizer is the shortest device. To fill a 510 or a 305 atomizer, you will need only three to four drops of e-liquid. It will be enough for about ten good drags. There are also rebuildable atomizers where users can drip ten to fifteen drops of e-liquid, and the device won’t be overflooded.

Even though an atomizer provides less drags than a clearomizer or a cartomizer, the clear and intense flavor of the vapor makes carrying around a bottle of e-liquid worth it. You will know it’s time to refill your vape atomizer when the taste of your e-juice weakens.

If you don’t drip more liquid right away and continue vaping, you will most likely get an unpleasant burnt taste with your next drag. It’s not a problem if you occasionally dry burn your wick. Add several fresh drops, and enjoy vaping again!

Final Thoughts

It was all you needed to know about atomizers and how they work. As you can see, a vape pen atomizer has both advantages and disadvantages. To choose the type of device that meets your needs perfectly, read about cartomizers and clearomizers as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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