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With the rise of the internet and social media networks, sharing interests, beliefs, and other things has become easier than ever. In just a few clicks, we can tell stories, show pictures, post videos instantly. Lots of users post their content and reach millions of people effortlessly, and this is, perhaps, the most exciting part of living in a modern era.

Vaping, just like any other culture, has developed a number of its own social media influencers. Each of them brings something worthwhile to table, and thanks to their activities, a plethora of brands we all know and love have gained popularity.

We decided that it’s our duty to show you 10 hot vape models who also happened to be excellent social media influencers. Join us as we explore what these girls post, how their content influences many followers, and what makes each of them special.

What do social media vape girls actually do?

As the name suggests, vape girls take advantage of social media to promote both vaping culture and vaping products. These vape beauties are young entrepreneurs and freelance models. Each of them promotes vaping products for various reasons.

Be it for the likes, or to push their own brand, they put a lot of effort into what they post. Thus, without further ado, here are 10 hot girls who vape and promote in style.

#1 justpeachyy

Sporting an impressive 120k follower base, this tattooed and pierced vape queen has made the name for herself on the vaping scene as of late. Known as _justpeachyy, or simply Hannah, she promotes the “bad girls vaping” attitude. On her account, one can expect content sponsored by different brands of vape juices and mods.

All products she advocates for are presented in a stunning photographic disposition. But her main catch is that she never misses a chance to say “thank you” to her followers. She always tries to answer questions and reads every comment.


#2 alliembers_

Alli is a huge proponent of combining food, outdoor environment, and vaping. With each composition posted, Alli attracts hundreds of thousands of followers daily. Her account mainly promotes various industry companies, but occasionally she drops some photos that aren’t related to any product.

After looking at her portfolio, one can easily feel a real sense of fashion and personality in each publication. Without a doubt, all content is unique and recognizable from a distance. Alli also posts some humorous content where she tries to perform some vape tricks. As evident in her follower base, people love this kind of content, and frankly, we too.


#3 dose.of.farrah

Judging by the looks of her Instagram page, Farrah is a “girl next door” type of gal. Yet, as misleading as this vape girl might look, she isn’t that far from being the hottest vape model on the scene.

Farrah’s Instagram page accumulates 230k followers for a reason, and that reason is sponsored content, a daily dose of vaping pics, and giveaways. Unlike others, Farrah employs social media strategies that help her maintain her audience. By visiting her page, one can expect:

– A beautiful model
– Free stuff
– Amazing looking photos in both indoor and outdoor environments.



This vape model from Orlando, Florida is exactly what the vaping scene needed. Just like other successful gals, has appealing environments in her photos, a lot of vape juice promotions, and, of course, bright curvy shapes.

With more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram, has become one of the top promoters on Instagram. Give her page a visit, we promise you won’t be disappointed.


#5 ohmmywattsup

When you Google “hot girl vaping”, you will most likely stumble on well-known models. Yet, what many fail to realize is that a new generation of vape girls is on its way. Enter Chrystianna (aka ohmmywgattsup), a freshly baked model who is more than a talented influencer.

When it comes to promoting vape products, she often demonstrates amazing vape trick skills, charming photos, and a lot of love for the scene.

Her follower base likes what she does, which allows her to experiment with different photo styles. By having a unique mix of youth, talent, and beauty, no wonder she has a whopping 33k followers account.


#6 misaliaa

When you are dubbed as the official vape queen, you know things can’t possibly get any better. However, that is not the case for misaliaa – a young, talented vape trick performer with 190k followers on Instagram.

Unlike other girls, she does not rely on aesthetics. Her main draw is the quality of tricks. Yes, she is an expert when it comes to tricks and due to her skills, her account continues to grow tremendously.

The audience enjoys her content and appreciates the effort she puts into every video. She doesn’t do any kind of video editing and relies exclusively on her own skills. She is a living proof that with a lot of dedication, love, and passion, no mountain is too tall. Or as we like to say “when girl vaping goes right”.


#7 wannatashaa

We don’t want to brag, but if there’s one thing sure in this world, it is that Natasha, or as people know her wannatashaa, is a pretty great stuntman. That’s right, she is a high-profile trick performer and her shows are so cool that regular people might think it’s some kind of CGI effect.

She is different from the competition and doesn’t like the standard hot girl vaping aesthetics. That’s why you won’t see the usual stuff on her profile. Natasha wants to keep her page as less provocative as possible.

While her follower base isn’t big, she gets a lot of respect from fellow influencers due to her focus on performance.


#8 vaping.rose

Born in the Philippines, Elyssa Rose, or as vapers know her, vaping.rose is a model that loves spending her time vaping. There are many hot girls vaping, taking pictures and all that jazz, yet few do it with a twist. She has a way of taking pictures that aren’t provocative, yet are really well composed and versatile.

But why people actually love her content is due to relevant information. She often posts info on where to get discounted products, what events are worth visiting and reviews of vape products. Thus, if you are tired of traditional models, give her page a like.


#9 valerie.w33

Joining the ranks of Natasha, Valerie is a skilled trickster girl with hundreds of people enjoying her videos daily. Just like other new faces, she treats her fans to video reviews, nice giveaways, and awesome pictures.

Aside from promotions, she often explains how to do certain tricks. These videos aren’t tutorials but can be viewed as expert tips, so if you’re stuck on that one move, give her page a visit, you might find the answer.



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