Be Leaf Classic Pipe Review

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The Be leaf Classic 510 battery solves a frustration experienced by every e-pipe connoisseur – the battery life. Time and time again, e-pipes have failed to deliver what we wanted: several voltage options and a long-lasting battery. Then we tried this pipe battery with a highly compatible 510 thread.

We’ve been using this sleek battery for over a week, every-single-day, and not once have we had to charge it. What’s more, it still overs three different voltage settings which are simple to click between with the one-touch button.

With five clicks the battery comes to life, and then three clicks switch between 3.0V, 3.7V, and 4.2V. Each voltage has a specific colour, so you always know exactly what you are targeting. This feature was extremely helpful for highlighting the flavours and cannabinoids.

The Classic is a powerful standard 900mAh internal battery, charged via micro USB. That means no replacements needed, and you’ll only need an infrequent charge to keep vaping.

We also found that charging with a micro USB cord, instead of the dock some other e-pipes need is massively more useful. You’ll always have a micro USB laying around, but you might not always be near the product-specific dock.

Finally, this battery is dope. It fits nicely in our hand, yet at only 1.75” tall, it’s compact enough to slip into a pocket. Plus, as a bonus, with the flat bottom, you can just as readily set it down when not in use.

What can we say? This pipe vape pen 510 Battery is steezy. There is something very loveable about it, from the way it feels in the palm of a hand to the seemingly endless battery power.

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David Brown

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