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This time we are presenting AirVape X, a new portable convection vaporizer compatible with dry herbs and concentrates. It strikes with portability and profound features, like water bubbler to cool the vapor down.

Further benefits include high-grade materials, a fast heating system, and the lifetime warranty that backs up all the vape glory. 

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The AirVape X is a SUPERB vaporizer, that means the following:

S – state of the art design U – usability P – portability E – ever-lasting warranty R – resistance to water B – break-neck heating speed

That’s the core features that fall into the eye when you first meet the Air Vape X handheld vaporizer. Yet, the full list of its benefits is more comprehensive.

Design, Build and Usability

As a handheld vaporizer, the X cannot be huge. But you didn’t expect it would be not much bigger than a regular e-cig. With four inches in height and one inch in width in the narrowest point, it is easy to take around and light in weight.

AirVape X display

It is a bit wider at the top where you have a heating chamber, but it doesn’t destroy the overall impression of the slim design.

Not many marijuana vaporizers are as easy to carry around. AirVape X stands out from the crowd thanks to this particular feature. Yet, you may enhance portability thanks to the AirVape X Shell case that is made of silicon, is easy to slip on the vaporizer and protects it from scratches. Due to the ultra-thin material of the case, you don’t sacrifice any of your pocket space. 

The screen and operational buttons sit right under the heating chamber. As you take a vape in a palm, you hide a part of the screen and touch buttons, which not that comfortable, but a small price to pay for usability and lightweight. Moreover, the haptic feedback protects you from occasional miss clicks.

AirVape X side

The high-grade stainless-steel construction makes AirVape X very durable, which is backed up by the lifetime warranty we’ve mentioned earlier.

Note: AirVape X dry herb vaporizer is a medium-priced vape so that you may expect all the features of this price category.

An average vaper won’t be disappointed by a feature-set packed into the X vape. A LED screen informs you about the battery life, temperature level and gives access to the temperature control.

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Fill, Cleaning and Maintenance

The chamber is ceramic, and that caters to vapor quality and gives the original clean flavor taste, all vapers love. A magnetic lead that covers the chamber is securely attached to the device and is easy to open and close. 

The oval chamber makes it easy to fill herbs, without sacrificing portability. The volume of a chamber is quite significant for a decent amount of herbs.

AirVape X chamber

The mouthpiece is wide, slim and ceramic, and therefore quite comfortable to use. You may also include a water bubbler to make the vaping process even smoother.

The most common issue to spoil the lives of cannabis vaporizers owners is cleaning. With AirVape X cleaning is more comfortable thanks to the pre-included cleaning brush.  

Vapor Production and Performance

You only need to spend 20 seconds to heat the vape up, and after this time, the vapor won’t be too hot to create any uncomfortable feelings. Compared to similar weed vaporizers, Air Vape X triumphs thanks to this combination of features. 

AirVape X top

Note: X is the portable vaporizer, meaning the makers sacrificed much of the space to make it pocket-fit. Therefore, the airpath is quite short, and that could mean hot vapor. But, thanks to the material, that is ceramics, this never happens. That is an interesting point to consider when considering AirVape X benefits. 

The flavor reveals itself at its best at the medium temperature settings. When it comes to vaping vax concentrates, it’s better to use the higher temperatures. 

Battery Life

The battery life is the weak point. With the capacity of 1300 mAh, which is not much for a dry herb vaporizer, the battery lasts only 1 hour and takes 80 minutes to charge. The only redemption of this sin is the pass-through feature.

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Bottom line

Despite the short battery life, AirVape X vaporizer is excellent for beginners as it combines portability, excellent quality of vapor, and ease of use. Being the vape of the average price the X vaporizer has the best set of features, some of which are common only among expensive devices.

Therefore it can be recommended to everyone wishing to take quick vaping sessions on the go, without sacrificing high cost and effort. 


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