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To vaporize an e-liquid, dry herbs, wax or any other vaping material, your device needs to heat it in the first place. There are two ways of doing it for dry herbs – conduction and convection. The first one, called conduction, is a process of heating, during which the heating element contacts the vaping material directly.

Convection is the process where the heating element does not contact the material directly. Instead, it heats the air that further heats the material. In the vaping world, the question of convection vs. conduction raises much debate.


Conduction happens the following way: there is a small screen where the material is located. The screen heats up directly and heats the material at the same time. As a result, you get good vapor very quickly. Some vapers argue that conduction method produces more flavorful vapor than convection.

Conduction has a lot of advantages. The major one is that there is no fire, so you will not inhale any products of combustion. It means that dangerous toxins that cause serious diseases like cancer will not get to your system with the vapor.

Arizer Air chamber imageModern conduction vaporizers vaporize the material consistently, unlike the older conduction vapes. Modern conduction vaping devices, similar to Magic Flight Box, are precise and easy to control. However, there is always a certain level of combustion risk because the heat contacts the material directly.

The main disadvantage of conduction vapes is that you need to clean their screens and area around them quite often. The material for vaping melts onto the screen of the vape and does not vaporize completely. A conduction vape owner needs to clean their device on a regular basis to avoid unpleasant vapor smell and nasty vape look.

There is one more thing about conduction vaporizers that will rub some people the wrong way. Sometimes, a conduction vape can get uncomfortably hot.


Convection is the second of the two ways of how vaporizers can work. In convection, the heating element warms up the air that further heats the material. This way, the material, and the heating element are never in direct contact, so there is no risk of combustion. Such vapes get hot very rarely.

Currently, many vaporizers use convection method. This heating method allows users to control the temperature well. One can control the heat level of a convection vape by merely touching a button. The high level of control means that your vaporizer will last long when handled properly.

Atmos Boss chamber imageOne of the most popular and efficient convection vapes is the Volcano. The best convection vaporizers have a lot of advantages. In such vapes, the heating chamber will not get melted or burnt.

The best convection vaporizers please their users with thick flavorful vapor, prevent combustion, they are easy to control and maintain. With convection dry herb vaporizers, you will spare your material.

Conduction Vs. Convection: What’s Better?

What’s a better choice when it comes to convection vs. conduction vapes? The decision will depend on the personal preferences of a given vaper. Thanks to modern technology, both methods work well and prevent material combustion.

However, conduction vapes require more attention, as one needs to clean them on a regular basis. Many vapers don’t mind it as such vapes provide them with stronger and more tasteful vapor compared to convection vapes.

When choosing a vape heating method, bear in mind that conduction and convection work differently. If you get a conduction vape, you will probably need to grind your material every time to get the best vapor possible out of your vape. When it comes to convection, no grinding is needed to vaporize the material well.

Firefly 2 blue imageIf you are a beginner vaper, we recommend you to start with a convection vape. Such a device is easier to handle, as a rule. Convection vapes require less maintenance as well.

If you have been using a convection vaporizer for a while, try switching to a conduction vape to see whether you experience any flavor and taste upgrade. The battle of convection versus conduction still continues.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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