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The first thing to catch your eye when holding the Smok Vape Pen 22 is its incredible simplicity, which is good quality beginners search for. Still, the build and construction will be a welcoming signal for an experienced user either, as it has a complete sub-ohm set of features.

The product is designed for e-liquid, though the name Vape Pen suggests no usage of dry herbs and wax.

What is Smok Vape Pen 22

To be in line with the current trends of producing ultra-simple and functional starter kits the SMOK aimed at creating a product providing a general solution for every user, both for newbies as well as for vaping adepts. So is the SMOK Vape Pen 22 with its eGo style battery and 165 mAh capacity.

To switch the device on or off you should press the button. Another press lets you start vaping. To eliminate the risk of dry heat, the Pen is supplied with a controlling chip. Everything is intuitive and straightforward – buy and try it!

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The Vape-Pen 22 Starter Kit Introduction

As they say, to start vaping you need to have three vapers: one to unpack the device, one to vape it, and a third one to make a video. We shall help you with the contents or so to say; we`ll unpack the device for you, so you don`t buy a pig in a poke. So, buying a vape pen starter kit you get:

– The vape itself (0.30-ohm coil pre-installed)
– 0.30-ohm extra coil head
– A USB vape battery charger
– A vape band

Smok Vape Pen 22 structure imageWhat we’ve noticed is that the pack also needs an extra glass tank in case the user drops one. The only protection tool is the elastic band, but it might not suffice. Anyways, be careful, and your device will serve long.

– Compact size: diameter – 22mm, height – 110mm.
– Pass-through charge supported.
– Leak protective constitution.
– Easy clean and user-friendly maintenance.
– Modern design.


The device is perfect for ones who like to have their head in the clouds, both literally and figuratively. Newbies have to be careful; otherwise, they can get blown away.

As for its look, we may speak about another type of an i-vape device, designed never to let its owner down. Looking for a tube mod, Vape 22 has an atomizer tank set as a part of the mod, with the airflow and the base for screwing coil heads placed at the top of the device.

That helped to shorten its length even further. The vape comes in a couple of different color variants with a durable finish. Moreover, thanks to the finished texture the device is comfortable to hold in hands.

The Smok vape 22 has an excellent build. Being made of stainless still, the device can withstand high temperatures without any harm to the varnished surface. The battery is tightly fit, and the whole thing feels solid in hands, without giving any signs of rattling when being shaken. The hit button is quite big and comfortable to press on, easily handled when you are new to this item.

The tank is built-in. As they say in their ads, the Pen will never leak, even if you leave the device on its side for the whole night. Moreover, on the official site, the producer states that the redesigned tank will provide excellent taste.

Smok Vape Pen 22 colors imageSMOK Vape Pen 22 Coils

The Smok Vape Pen is designed for only premade coils, as it doesn’t come with an RBA base. You also cannot use other coil heads. There are two variants of coils depending on the Smok Vape Pen 22 wattage: the 0.3 –ohm dual-core and the 0.4-ohm quad-core. They both are rated from 20 to 50 watts and perform well.

Still, as usual, the power depends on the battery charge and gets down with more prolonged use. For the device of this size, the SMOK does a great job when it comes to vapor production and offers a balanced flavor output.

Smok Vape Pen 22 features image

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SMOK Vape Pen 22 Performance

As we already mentioned the vape is quite reliable in performance which suits better for experienced users. The company has developed the product significantly since the times of the 2.3-volt eGo battery. The previous version also has a 510 tube atomizer like this one, but the newer version battery LIPo in the SMOK Vape Pen has a higher level of efficiency.

Anyways – everyone wants to have a battery that lasts ten times longer, so Vape 22 is on the right way there. Having it fully charged, you may enjoy rich clouds of flavor all day long without recharging, and due to the more powerful engine, the little devil produces a decent vapor stream.

Flavor Characteristics

The quality of vapor produced by Vape 22 is above the average. Honestly, trying this you’ll animate the same moment when you finally find your new favorite e-juice. The high quality of the taste can be the very same point to persuade a doubter into buying the 22 e-cig, just to try it.

The durability of flavor tanks is the only stain in all the glory of the product. They do run out quite fast, which is already a trait of Smok e-cigs, but, actually, it’s not the high price to pay for the amount of vapor, taste, and user-friendly ergonomic design. Once you fill the e-liquid up, let it absorb into the coil for a couple of minutes.


The Vape-Pen 22 is quite smooth for maintenance. To start with, just attach one of the coil heads, screw in the glass tank, fill it with juice and close the container by screwing the cap. As the e-liquid runs out, just open the lid and pour the liquid once again.

After a week of use, you have to replace the coil since it gets burnt quite soon. Therefore, you have a backup coil in the starter set. Once, it is not applicable anymore, and you can easily buy additional coils anywhere.

They are widely affordable online. The atomizer coil change is as smooth and straightforward as a tanks refill, just unscrew the top and replace the unit you need.

As the hardware is ready, just press the button and start vaping. The bright LED lamp shows you the battery level. Recharges with a USB device are fast and straightforward. A comfortable clean is another pro in this product. It is effortless to take the product apart and reassemble it without a hassle.

Vape Pen 22Battery

The improved battery is one of the leading benefits of the product. It lasts a whole day of vaping while the recharge takes only two hours. When the power drains out to 3.3V, the LED splashes, alerting for the need for reloading.

The battery has a built-in tank and is not removable. The Smok Vape Pen 22 wattage is from 4.56 watts to 5.88 watts, that’s due to the capacity of 1650 mAh.

Smok Vape Pen 22 how to fill in vape juiceEasy to Use

The Smok’s Vape Pen 22 is entirely portable and not readily detectable around people. Enjoy carrying this little one everywhere you go. The only negative thing is that the battery gets out quite fast.

Well, every electrical tool or invention would be superb if the batteries didn’t suck, so we can excuse this small imperfection, especially taking into account the minimalistic design in the style of i-device giving the owner quite a trendy look.

The Overview of the SMOK Vape Pen 22 In Short Facts


– It has a compact size: diameter – 22mm, height – 110mm
– The Smok Pen 22 is leak proof. You’ll escape that annoying experience when you desperately look around for something to clean your hands with, at the same time hoping that none of your friends saw it.
– They offer a high quality of flavors and production.
– Comfortable in use and ergonomic in design.


– The coil is built in a way, that it detaches with the top cap, and e-juice spills over.
– Also, the battery is not removable, so you can’t buy a new one, once the current ones get out of order. Still, with high technical quality, it’s not a real disadvantage.

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The Final Point

The product is straightforward in use and maintenance, easy to clean, and cute in design. Suffice it to say; the product is provided with a long-lasting and fast to charge powerful battery supplying the full-day joy of flavor, on the condition of the complete charge.

The device can make experienced vapers happy due to addictive flavors and powerful airflow. Still, it can also win experimenting with newbies searching for fresh tastes. The simplicity in use is also a pro here. We shall recommend it for those who think of immediate transfer from smoking to vaping.


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