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Pax 3 is a smart dry herb vaporizer that fits for vapers with every level of experience, from beginner to expert. It works with THC extracts well. It is equipped with haptic feedback, and you can control its granular temperature from a custom mobile app.

Moreover, the sleek design of this vaporizer will surely add even more pleasure to the satisfying vaping experience the device brings.

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In this article, we will provide a detailed Pax 3 review that will reveal why the 2017 update of the model makes it the smartest compact vaporizer currently available in the market.

Pax 3, however, is not a cheap vaporizer, and the best Pax 3 price you can find for it is $249.99, provided that you purchase it from PAX Vapor directly.

Facts behind Pax 3

Pax 3 is a vaporizer known for its compatibility both with dry herb and extract materials. It is also popular because of its haptic feedback and smart draw activation. Lately, the cost of Pax 3 dropped significantly, which made the device affordable for a wider audience of vapers.

Released back in 2016, this vaporizer has become a global phenomenon due to its excellent vapor and sleek design. In 2017, the vaporizer was updated, but even without an update, it would still be able to keep its position of one of the top dry herb vapes in the market.

How Was Pax 3 Updated?

Recently, Pax released their vaporizers in new matte colors that are finger proof. There is an original artist series that has laser engraved artwork. And the last, but not least, there is an app update that offers a wide range of customization options. Further, we will discuss the capabilities and limitations of Pax 3 and explain why it is considered to be one of the best dry herb vapes on the market.

Below is a brief overview of Pax 3 vaporizer updates that arrived in 2017. A detailed analysis of the features of this vaporizer will follow.

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Cost update (11/02/2019)

Since the above-mentioned date, Pax 3 has been available in two variations of the kit, namely vaporizer only at $199 (the Pax 3, two mouthpieces, one vape charger and one maintenance kit), and complete kit at $249.99 (the Pax 3, two mouthpieces, two replacement screens, oven tool, half oven insert, one charger, one maintenance kit, one carrying case).

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Pax 3 in Matte Colors

Many users complained about the fact that the glossy Pax 3 collected fingerprints and it simply didn’t look good. Pax addressed this issue and released the vape in four new colors, now matte: silver, teal, black, and rose gold.

The vapes look amazingly cool in the new colors, and one doesn’t have to worry how to clean Pax 3 from the collected fingerprints all the time. The new color design of the vaporizer looks very sleek and modern.

Pax 3 Artist Series

Three amazing artists worked on the three engraved designs of the matte black Pax 3 vape. The original designs are so cool they would look great on a living-room floor, but they decorate the Pax 3 vaporizer instead.

However, if you are fascinated by the artistically decorated vaporizer and would like to get one for yourself, you will need to pay $269.99 when purchasing it from the PAX Vapor website. The Artist Series is more expensive than the regular models, so if you want a vaporizer with exclusive design, you will need to pay more than average for it.

New Designs of Pax

The Pax 3 Artist Series designs were created by Jayde Fish, Casey Gray, and Ricardo Richey, known as APEXER.

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Most Recent Update of the Pax 3 App

The updated Pax 3 mobile app is now better than it has ever been before. It still has the dynamic modes users love, but the new version of the application allows you to monitor and change those modes.

In this app, you can also find an upgraded menu of options, live temperature display, and helpful video tutorials that will be of great use to beginners. When you get your Pax 3, its official app has pretty good chances to become your favorite application.

Efficiency Mode of Pax 3

The most recent update of Pax 3 boasts of a significant enhancement of its efficiency mode. The app allows you to control the temperature better and more precisely.

Pax 3 Kit
Compared to all of its modern competitors, Pax 3 has the most exhaustive kit of all. All of the accessories it includes allow you to start vaping in next to no time. The kit includes:

– Pax 3 Vaporizer unit
– Screens
– 3 Oven Lids
– 2 Mouth Pieces
– Packing Tool
– Pax Cleaning Kit
– Custom Charging Dock
– Micro USB Cable

Besides the mentioned accessories, the SLX grinder would be a good additional accessory for the Pax 3 vaporizer. With its help, you will be able to grind the dry herb material to the needed consistency. It will allow your Pax 3 to operate at its maximum and deliver you the best vaping experience.

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Key Features of Pax 3 Vaporizer

This vaporizer boasts of an impressive list of cool features that leave the rest of the vaporizers envious. Here is a short overview of the key characteristics of Pax 3 vape you should know about:
– Works both with dry herb and concentrates
– Equipped with haptic feedback (the vaporizer vibrates when it is ready for use)
– A technology of lip sensing (no buttons are needed here, you just take a hit when the vape is ready, and that’s it)
– Availability of a half-oven chamber (allows you to enjoy the same amount of excellent vapor while using half the amount of dry herb for it)
– Complete heating within fifteen seconds (you don’t have to wait for a long time before you can finally hit, which makes this vape a great choice for vaping on the go)
– Retail Pax 3 price from the PAX 3 Vapor is $249.99

The Interface of Pax 3

This vaporizer comes in different stylish colors and designs, but the best things about this vaporizer are inside of it. The smart app of this vape will definitely become the best friend of your smartphone once you install it. The app allows you to set up a name your user profile, customize and lock your interface.

The updated version of the app lets you see temperature display in the live mode, watch awesome video tutorials, control the dynamic modes more. The number of dynamic modes increased compared to the earlier version. A greater level of customization the new app provides definitely adds to the pleasure of using this top vaporizer.

Modes you can utilize

– Standard mode. It is the best option for beginner vapers. Generally, it is a very balanced mode.
– Boost mode. In this mode, temperature increases rapidly, and the device cools slower. Works best for quick vaping sessions.
– Flavor mode. In this mode temperature increase and decrease are quick, which helps the vapor to preserve its flavor. If you like to vape and feel the rich aroma of your material, this mode is for you.
Stealth mode. In this mode, the cooling time is super quick, and the LED lights are dim. Also, there is less vapor and very little odor. This mode works best for low-profile vapers.
– Efficiency mode. This mode is amazing for saving the life of your vape battery. It increases temperature by 1° along the vaping session.

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Thoughts on Pax 3 Vaporizer Design

If you are looking for the best portable vaporizer, Pax 3 is definitely a device you will appreciate. The dimensions of the device are 3.87” by 1.21” by 0.85”, so the vaporizer will fit into your pocket perhaps even better than the keys to your car. You can take it with you anywhere, and you will only remember it when you feel like vaping.

Pax 3 design is both minimalist and ergonomic. Its interface is intuitive and very simple. This device looks like something the smartest guys from Silicon Valley would make. It is especially true for the model that comes in rose gold. It is so glossy and beautiful!

The material of the device is anodized aluminum. The lids and the mouthpiece of the vaporizer are attached magnetically. The Pax 3 also has very secure connections, and the overall body of this vape is both luxe and sturdy. The only drawback a glossy device has is that it collects fingerprints. However, as we already discussed before, the company already came up with a solution for this issue and introduced the vaporizer in matte colors.

How to Use Pax 3 Vaporizer?

This vaporizer is extremely easy to use, clean and maintain. The first thing you need to do is remove the lid you chose from the vape oven, fill the chamber with well-ground material and replace the lid. Now, you need to press down the mouthpiece with your lips, and the Pax 3 will turn on within seconds. Wait till the LEDs switch to green from purple.

Now, you need to press on the mouthpiece for two seconds to go to the temperature section. Next, you can cycle through the temperatures by pressing down on the mouthpiece rapidly. When you chose the needed temperature section, shake your Pax 3 to exit the temperature selection or press down in the middle of the mouthpiece.

When the Pax 3 reaches the temperature you selected, you can inhale vapor from the mouthpiece and enjoy it. If you load the material into the half-oven chamber, you will get even heating and good vapor. This won’t normally happen if you load half a chamber of material in any other vaporizer.

The Pax 3 is a great vaporizer in this aspect too – you can enjoy excellent vaping sessions even with half a chamber of dry herb material. The Pax 3 is very helpful when you do not want to share your vaporizer with anyone else or when you are running out of your supplies of material.


Pax 3 works great with dry herb, provided that you grind it well before filling in the oven chamber. Pax 3 performance is as great as the quality of vapor you get with this device. The resistance of the draw is low, that’s why you will not ever struggle while trying to get the flavor out of your herb or wax.

You will not also need to inhale for a very long time to get a nice cloud of vapor, a moderate draw will be enough to produce it. The Pax 3 vape makes every draw smooth and satisfying when it works with dry herb. The overall experience is very satisfying, and the preserved flavor of the material adds to the pleasure of vaping for sure.

The amount of flavor will vary based on the mode you choose, but the quality of vapor will remain the same in any case. Another great thing about this vape is the high level of temperature customization that allows you to choose what works best for you based on your individual preferences.

The performance of this vaporizer with THC concentrates is not as impressive as with dry herb, but it is very satisfying as well. The maximum temperature of Pax 3 is not enough for wax, so the vaping sessions will last more than you probably expect when you use wax. If wax is your primary material, we recommend having a look at Great Vape Pen rather than at Pax 3.

Battery Life and Charging of Pax 3

To see how much battery is left, shake the vaporizer, and the LED lights will illuminate from one to four lights. Their number corresponds to the amount of battery power left. The Pax 3 charger is a dedicated unit that attaches itself magnetically.

The average battery life is five to six vaping sessions. The power of the battery is 3500 mAh Li-ion. Average charging time is two and a half hours. The charging dock of the vaporizer is very comfortable and convenient to use.

Final Thoughts on Pax 3

The Pax 3 vaporizer is one of the best devices on the market for many reasons. First of all, it is modern, sleek, stylish and smart. Secondly, the recent price drop made it more affordable, and now more people can buy Pax 3.


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