10 Best Ways to Get Cigarette Smell Out of Your Car

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The cigarette smoke smell is very lasting, and it usually bothers a lot of people. Sometimes, this smell can even bother smokers themselves, not only their surroundings. Sadly, it can be extremely hard to get rid of the cigarette smell entirely. For the house, washing the walls and painting them anew can be an extreme choice that would help you to dissipate the odor completely.

However, most people are at a loss when they try to figure out how to remove smoke smell from a car. Tobacco smoke absorbs into the seats of the vehicle quickly and strongly, and it could be really tough to get rid of it.

There are some DIY air-conditioners you can easily make to freshen things up in your car quickly and on a budget. The duration of their effectiveness depends on how much you smoke in your car and the rest of the conditions, including air conditioning, windows up, windows down, and so on. Below you will find a list of ten easiest ways to get rid of cigarette smell in your car and make your car smell nice and fresh.

1. Cup of Vinegar

One of the oldest and time-proven tricks to get cigarette smoke out of a car is to put an open cup of vinegar into the car cabin and leave it there overnight. This trick will help you to get rid of the worst smells in your car within hours. If your car has a cup-holder, it’s the safest way to put vinegar in a cup there to avoid any spilling.

Cup of Vinegar image2. Coffee Grounds

If you place a bowl of coffee grounds into your car and keep the windows closed, the coffee aroma will overpower the smell of the cigarettes. This way, you will be able to enjoy the aroma of your favorite coffee drink instead of the unpleasant residues of the tobacco smell. If you use this tip, cigarette smell will be gone from your cars in hours.

Coffee Grounds in spoon3. Citrus Peels

If you wonder how to get cigarette smell out of the car, you should know about this recipe. You can recycle the peels from lemons, oranges, and other citruses. You can put them in a cup in your car and they will absorb the tobacco smell quickly and produce a pleasant Christmas aroma.

Citrus Peels of orange4. Dryer Sheets

In case your vehicle has cloth seats, you can easily deodorize them simply by wiping them with dryer sheets. The scent will be light and deep, and it will not fill your whole cabin.

If your seats are not cloth, you can simply put some sheets under them and they will keep your car fresh. As a bonus, dryer sheets will protect your car from mosquitos.

Dryer Sheet in a hand5. Charcoal

When trying to figure out how to get smoke smell out of the car, you might not be happy with the tips provided above, because all of them do one thing: substitute one kind of odor with another.

If you want to get off any smell in your car, including tobacco, try leaving a bag of charcoal overnight in the bag of your car. The charcoal will absorb all the odors, and you will also be able to use it later for the grill as usual.

Charcoal pieces6. Newspapers

Using old newspapers might be one of the most surprising DIY ways of removing the tobacco smell from your car. How to get rid of the smoke smell in a car with newspapers? Simply crumble them in pieces and leave in your car with windows up overnight, and they will absorb all the smell.

Newspapers pack7. Cat Litter

How to get rid of cigarette smell in a car if you have a cat? Take some extra litter and put it into a bowl and leave it in your car for it to soak up the smell. Also, cat litter will prevent your windows from fogging up. After the smell is gone, you don’t need to throw the litter away, just use it for your cat.

Cat Litter and kitten8. Pet Odor Eliminator

There is one more thing you could borrow from your pet to get rid of the cigarette smell in your car. Pet odor eliminators that are used to remove the smell of the pet urine stains work wonders for tobacco as well. You just need to go through the car carpets and the seats with the st=pray and see what happens.

Pet Odor Eliminator big bottle9. Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks can also help you get smoke smell out of the car effectively. To prepare this DIY odor treatment, you need to boil the cinnamon in water and after it pours it into a travel mug. When you keep your windows up and your car will be filled with the festive cinnamon scent.

Cinnamon Sticks pack10. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another great cheap odor neutralizer. Put it all over the surface of the seats and the rags, and leave it like this for several hours or even overnight. After this, remove the remainings of the soda with a vacuum cleaner. Your car should be much fresher this way.

Baking Soda spoonFinal Thoughts

If a friend smoked in your car without asking or you did so, cigarette smell will stay in the car for quite a while. To get rid of it, you could use DIY air fresheners that are very easy to make. In this article, we explained the ways to hide cigarette smell in a car with the use of the simplest things you probably have at home.

If you use one of these tips, the smell will be gone and your car will smell fresh. What’s also nice is that by reusing the materials from the tips you will be doing nature a kind favor.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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