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In this post, we will provide a review of MLV Phix vape, one of the best modern pod vapes available on the market. This product stands out from the competitors for a score of reasons, but mainly because of its design and comfort of use. We decided to figure out whether it is worth trying out. Below is a detailed overview of the Phix vape.

Many vapers are fascinated by this stylish closed loop vape, but the Phix price might still repel some. Currently, Phix Starter Kit comes at $24.99, a price for Phix Basic Kit is $19.99, and the Phix Pods (4 pack) come at $19.99. Those are the regular prices, presented at the Phix website. If you buy a vape subscription to Phix Pods, you will be able to save 15%.

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MLV PHIX side view imageYou can choose to get your pods delivered every one to four weeks to become a subscribed user and get your discount. There is a one-time purchase option, though. It would be useful for those vapers who want to figure out whether this vape is the right choice for them.

The best thing about Phix is that it is a closed loop vape. It means that with it, you do not need to purchase any e-juices, fill your tank, clean it, and take care of all the spilled mess that it may bring in some cases. All you need to do with Phix is enjoy your vaping and exchange the Phix pods from time to time (on Reddit discussions, users claim that one pod lasts over one week in general).

MLV Phix Kit Content, Specifications, and Design

There are two types of MLV Phix kits to choose from, Phix Starter Kit and Phix Basic Kit. Phix Starter Kit includes one single pod of Original Blend Tobacco, one Phix battery, and one charger). Phix Basic Kit includes one battery and one charger. Phix Flavor Pods come in sets of four.

MLV PHIX contents imageYou can feel the style of this device as soon as you get the kit box into your hands. There is a see-through panel in the package, which allows you to take in the view of the device before you even unwrap it. Several helpful diagrams show the core features of the vape. There is information about USB-charging and the small weight of the device as well.

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As for the design of the Phix, it is very sleek and attractive. The ceramic finish of the mod makes it very pleasant to hold it. You will notice it the moment you get the vape out of its box. Inside of the mod, there are ceramic vape coils, the resistance of which is from 1.4 to 1.5 ohms.

To start testing the vape, you need only to take it out of its package, mount the pod on the device (it attaches magnetically) and take a hit. This smart device activates when you make a pull, and it notifies you about it with a mild click. It is all you need to know about the operation of the vape.

Now, let’s get to the specifications of this vape. This device boasts of a compact but enduring 280 mAh vape battery that can survive about 220 puffs per one charge. The cartridges are lasting, too. Each of them has between four hundred and four hundred forty puffs in store for you. The capacity of the cartridge is 1.5ml, and that is usually enough for a week of delightful vaping as a rule.

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Core Features of Phix Vape

– Phix charger is magnetic, so you can effortlessly put the device to charge in any position you leave it, and it will stay just like that. However, Phix does not support pass-through charging, meaning that you will have to take a break from vaping when your battery is running low.

– The vape is incredibly compact and highly portable. Its height is 4.3 inches, and the width is only 0.7 inches. The depth of the vape is as little as 0.4 inches.

High nicotine level, targeted at ex-smokers. The vape juice has 5% nicotine by volume, which might be too powerful for users without smoking history. However, this percentage is more than the most of the vape juices offer, which might be a huge advantage for some users.

– Phix flavors range consists of four tastes that are suited to every fancy. When you get you Phix kit, it comes together with an Original Tobacco flavor cartridge. There is no changing that. When it’s time to buy a replacement cartridge, you can get them in a pack of four. You can assemble the set as you wish, be it a mix of different aromas or four cartridges of your favorite one. Phix pod flavors are Butterscotch, Hard Strawberry, Ice Tobacco, Original Tobacco, Spearmint, and a recently introduced Infuzion Cool Melon. In discussions on Reddit and Quora users often name Spearmint and Infuzion as their favorite flavors. However, the choice of flavor is a matter of personal taste, and you might find some other of the offered ones. The intensity of the flavor depends on the length of the draw.


The Juul is the closest competitor of Phix, as they both have a pod mod and a closed loop. The content of nicotine in the e-juices offered by both vapes is equal, though the pod capacity of the Juul loses a point to the Phix (0.8ml. Vs. 1.5ml). Сontrariwise, the lower capacity results in smaller and more compact size, which might be more convenient for the user.

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Pros and Cons

To make it loud and simple, we’ve prepared a short, comprehensive list of the pros and cons of Phix vape, so that you could quickly gather whether this product is the right one for your vaping style. We didn’t put one quality anywhere on the list below, and that is dry classic tobacco draw. It could be an advantage for some, and a disadvantage for others, depending on their preferences.

– Sleek, stylish design, inviting to the eye
– Ease of use (magnetic pods and charger)
– Comfortable to hold, excellent grip
– Lasting battery life (over 200 puffs)
– Durable cartridges (over 400 puffs)

– Limited choice of flavors (currently six available)
– Not compatible with pods/flavors of other manufacturers
– Limited functionality, no adjustments
– No battery life indicators
– No pass-through charging (impossible to vape and charge simultaneously)
– Replacement cartridges aren’t cheap


The Phix is a powerful and stylish yet simple and compact vape that aims at getting the attention of ex-smokers. Its high-nicotine e-juice might be too harsh to beginners, but users with long smoking history who are looking to make a change will appreciate it for sure. Phix gives a hit enjoyed by many, as it is a golden ration between smooth and harsh.

It is excellent value for the money, but if quality and size are your primary criteria, you might need to turn your attention to a more powerful vape that has a broader range of functions and adjustments than Phix. Its major competitor, the Juul has a lot of devoted users that claim that it delivers a better experience for nearly the same money. Opinions differ, and we hope that our research will help you find your perfect vape.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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