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If vaping is your daily habit, it’s great to keep e-juice bottles full and at hand. Vape providers have mastered a system of subscribed deliveries allowing you to get monthly vape boxes fast and regularly. Yet, out of the majority of e-juice subscription websites available today some has proven to be the best in price, security, and quality of the products.

They are ZampleBox, Vapebox, Zodist, the Drip Club, and Craft Vapery, which send vape juice boxes in regular intervals, taking account your preferences and specific tastes.

Zample Box

With Zample Box you get the excellent price and the quality of renowned brands. The subscription process is a candy and cancellation is never a fuss. Their subscription programs offer monthly e juice sample boxes with either 3 ($19.99), 6 (24.99) or 11 ($44.99) bottles of different flavors coming in 5 different nicotine strengths.

What can be approved is that you should pay your vape subscription by debit or credit card only, no PayPal payment is enabled yet. All the rest – from the simplicity of international orders to drop-proof packaging or personalized menu, keeps this service up the market.


At Vapebox they allow for some of the game. They will ask you if you like experiments and if the answer is yes, the vape subscription box will contain something you haven’t tried yet. And you never know what that is.

Unlike other companies, they supply you with hardware and if you need something like spare atomizers, you should use a particular subscription plan. As for the latter, there are three available, and they have funny names: the Sampler ($20), the Juice Lover ($32) and the Enthusiast ($60).

Their benefits are free cancellation at any time, international delivery, ability to skip a month and different nicotine levels as well as a variation of high VG juices. And you get this all for quite reasonable prices.


At Zodist you receive the best possible flavors combined with excellent customer services. Their vape box subscription requires a couple of simple questions like what your favorite thing is and what you hate most of all. In the result, they manage always to send you what you really love.

Free shipping, free cancellation, and the finest customer services are among their strong sides. The subscription levels offer from two to six bottles from $19.99 to $54.99. The prices are slightly higher compared to the average market level, but what you receive is not just right, it’s the best.

Drip Club

The Drip Club sends ejuice sample boxes weekly and changes the offer periodically. You get to know what’s issued from their website and if you like the current selection, you can get 60 ml box for only $39.95.

Their sample packages include four bottles from different trademarks coming at the price of $24.95-$34.95. Perhaps, the funniest option is the mysterious box where you never know what you get. It includes 170ml for $49.95.

As a sample service, the Drip Club lets you order the available samples, weekly, with no long-term ejuice subscription. You get informed on the new arrivals by e-mail.

Craft Vapery

This vape juice subscription service offers the most precise selection of tastes, meaning you can never get raspberry-tasting e-liquid if you are a blueberry fan. There are 5 levels of nicotine strengths and a wide range of VG e-liquids. Six subscriptions packages allow for a choice from two to eight bottles, with the $18.99 and $70.99 prices marks.

You can also get some accessories in the starter kit. Low shipping costs, free cancellation, and international shipping attract customers. So do the little surprises, like a pack of Skittles in the vape sample box.

How Vape Subscription Works

E liquid subscription services charge you each month, two-weeks or weekly sending you an ordered amount of juice. Your subscription plan clearly shows the total amount to pay, the size and the number of bottles you order. Although the shipping prices are better than considerable, we are moving towards free shipping cross the market.

Things to Consider

The stuff to consider includes the amount, strength, flavors and renewal plans. The price range varies, but it often depends on the brand name of the supplier. The same thing refers to the nicotine strengths, which are not equally presented. The flavor options may trap you.

Chasing for new impressions can drag you into spending more money for the vape juice sample boxes that you never needed. The best thing about them is the free subscription cancellation flexibility in delivery and payment dates.

To Sum Up

With the majority of e juice subscription services, it’s hard to choose ones offering little fuss and much fun. We hope our selection will help you find the right place to get your monthly vape box regularly and at reasonable costs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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