Vape Tastes Burnt? Sick of It?

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Sooner or later, every vaper tastes the burnt vapor that makes them start coughing. Burnt taste vape doesn’t sound fun, and it feels awful too. In this post, we will tell you what leads to burnt vape taste and how to avoid it.

If you have ever thought to yourself “why does my vape taste burn?” while chain vaping, you probably blamed the vape, the e-juice, and the coils. In most cases, however, the process of chain vaping itself is to blame.

smokers cough guyChain vaping damages the coil of your vape because during this process the wick does not have enough time to absorb the needed amount of e-juice. Because of this, you get a hard burnt hit.

If giving up chain vaping is not an option for you, try vaping e-liquid with high nicotine concentration. In this case, you will get a more significant throat hit most ex-smokers crave for. Taking longer, lighter puffs is also a good method of avoiding dry hits.

If your craving for smoking won’t let you have a peaceful vaping session, try turning your vape off and putting it in your pocket after a regular vaping session to prevent yourself from taking excessive hits.

Why Does your Vape Taste Burnt with a New Coil?

Has it ever happened to you that the new coil tastes burnt? If you take a few puffs with your new coil and get a burnt taste, it is basically because your brand new coil hasn’t been primed. It is essential to prime the coils before initial use to avoid the dry irritating taste.

vape tank dual coil imageIt’s quite easy to prime your new coil. First, make sure that the coil matches the vape you use. Next, check the wattage limit on the side of the coil and remember it. Make sure never to exceed it when vaping. To prime the coil, trickle the e-liquid into each of its holes. After this, let the e-juice to infuse for some time.

Some vapers say several minutes are enough, but there are also those who insist that one should wait several hours before vaping. When the waiting is over, take one or two short puffs without igniting the vape. It will give you a juicy puff when you finally hit the ignition button, and you won’t be disappointed by new coil burnt taste anymore.

Dry Hits in High Power Vaping

In case your vape tastes burnt when you are vaping on the max, we have bad news for you. When you exceed the coil wattage range, defined by the manufacturer, you damage your coils and make them fail faster.

High temperatures make the e-liquid evaporate faster than the wick absorbs it, so the wick gets roasted, and you get the dry hits.

Burnt Taste in High-Power Hits

How to get rid of the burnt taste in a vape and continue high power vaping? There are some rules you need to follow. First of all, keep your voltage and wattage average.

Next, avoid raising the power too much when taking long hits. There’s one more tip for those vapers who puff day and night – get a rebuildable atomizer and upgrade your tank system.

Check the E-Liquid Regularly

Don’t drain your tank entirely before refilling it if you want to avoid the nasty dry hits. When the wick is dry, you are doomed to get a burnt taste. When you see that there is no e-juice above the input holes of your coil, don’t continue vaping to avoid dry hits.

putting vape juice into atomizer imageMake sure to refill your tank regularly. The input holes should always be covered by the e-juice. Even if you want to switch flavors, don’t dry your wick to do so. Try blending the old flavor with the new one instead.

Get the Right E-Liquid

Unfortunately, not all the e-liquids out there are top-quality. Some products burn on the coil. Opt for lower VG vape juices that have less than 70% of VG. Alternatively, you can get a vape tank that will have a stronger wick.

Replace the Coils in Time

When you get a burnt hit, it’s time to recall how old your coils are. Perhaps you simply forgot that your coil needs to be changed. Regardless of how hot you like your vapor to be, a burnt taste is never an option.

vape coils and wires featured imageControl the Temperature

If your vape is equipped with temperature control, you can avoid any dry hits by limiting the maximum temperature of your vape.

Bad Wicking

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If you have a rebuildable atomizer and wick your coils on your own, there is always a chance that your wicking is not perfect. In case there is not enough wicking material, you will get a burnt taste.

Change your wicking weekly to avoid the burnt taste. Keep your coil clean at all times.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, while taking the needed precautions and following the operation and maintenance guides for your vaping device, it is quite easy to avoid any burnt hits. We recommend you to look for the cause of every burnt hit you get. Vaping should be a pleasant and relaxing activity, and there is no pleasure in the burnt taste after all.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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