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Smokers turn to vaping as to a healthier alternative. Freeing their system from the carcinogens and tar, they make a step towards a healthier life.

Very often, people think of vaping as a harmless activity that does not need to be regulated. Still, some vapers wonder whether they are vaping too much and whether their vaping style is safe for their health.

In this post, we will review the concept of chain vaping and its potential threats. We will define how much vaping is too much and what potential risks chain vapers expose them to.

Vaper’s Tongue bad taste imageWhat is Chain Vaping?

Chain vaping is a new term that correlates with chain smoking. Chain vaping is the process of vaping in a chain-like manner, that is having very short breaks between the sessions. You probably saw chain smokers who light one cigarette shortly after another all day long.

Chain vapers do the same, but with their vape. If you are vaping all day, without taking long breaks and feel uncomfortable when you have to refrain from vaping for a couple of hours, you probably are a chain vaper.

Threats of Chain Vaping

How much vaping is too much for your health? Many vapers ask this question without knowing where to search for the answers. You can easily find tons of information on the potential hazards of vaping. Unfortunately, most of the information you can find on the Internet is not backed up by much scientific data or research.

Most of the headlines that escalate the potential threat of vaping are nothing but clickbait. Let’s figure out what potential threats chain vaping might actually carry.

First of all, vaping nicotine e-liquids has more potential health threats than vaping e-juices without nicotine. It might be difficult for a beginner vaper to regulate their nicotine consumption. An ex-smoker knows well how much cigarettes are too much for them, but it can be harder to set the limits with a vape.

Quite often, beginner vapers who turned to vaping from smoking, consume too much nicotine and get the symptoms of nicotine poisoning. It is also possible to experience the signs of dehydration, intensified by vaping if you do not consume enough liquid.

These are the only adverse effects you can experience if you vape all day non-stop. The rest of the threats are nothing but phantoms of someone’s vivid imagination.

One more threat of chain vaping is not health-related. When you take very short breaks between the draws, you do not let the wicking of your coil soak enough e-liquid. It may result in burnt vapor taste, as well as wicking and coil damage.

girl vaping on stairs imageIf you notice that your flavor starts to taste dull during a vaping session, it could be a sign that there isn’t enough e-liquid in the tank. Make sure to refill it in time to avoid wick and coil damage. Burnt vapor isn’t good for your health as well.

How to Identify a Nicotine Overdose

Nicotine poisoning is a very unpleasant condition. If you smoke, vape or consume too much nicotine directly; you might experience the following symptoms:

– headaches;
– increased salivation;
– diarrhea;
– stomach cramps;
– agitation;
– confusion;
– slow heart rates;
– seizures, coma, and respiratory failure (in the worst-case scenario).

As you can see, all of the nicotine poisoning symptoms are unpleasant, and some of them are even life-threatening. We strongly recommend you to keep your nicotine e-liquids away from foods, drinks, pets, and especially children.

Nicotine Poisoning in Chain Vaping

Can you vape too much and get a nicotine poisoning? The bad news is that you can. The good news is that you have to try very hard to overdose with nicotine when vaping. Do the math yourself: to get the symptoms of a nicotine overdose, one needs to consume between 500 and 1000 milligrams of nicotine.

While it’s possible to get to the number with regular smoking, it’s not that close with vaping. This amount of nicotine equals to about 28 milliliters (with an 18mg concentration) or 40 milliliters of a nicotine-infused e-liquid (with a standard 12mg concentration).

Since nicotine doesn’t stay in the system for too long, you need to consume the whole amount in one sitting, which is hard if not impossible even for a chain vaper.

How to Identify Dehydration

If you are vaping PG-based e-liquids excessively, you can experience some dehydration symptoms. The molecules of Propylene Glycol connect with the molecules of water in your body. Thus, when you vape PG-based e-liquids, some amount of water from your mouth, nose, and eyes evaporates together with the vapor.

guy doing vape tricksMost vapors won’t experience any symptoms of dehydration, while some people might be more sensitive to it based on their natural sensitivity to PG. Chain vapers are more likely to feel dehydrated than moderate vapers.

Symptoms of vaping dehydration

– Dry mouth;
– Sore or itchy throat;
– Dry eyes;
– Intense thirst;
– Fatigue;
– Headaches;
– Fatigue;
– Constipation;
– Darkening of urine.

Remember that the best and the only way to prevent dehydration is to take lots of fluids.

Vaper’s Tongue

One of the side-effects of vaping is known as vaper’s tongue. It is closely tied to dehydration. When a vaper’s tongue gets dry, its taste buds get dulled.

vapers tongue featured imageAs a result, a vaper cannot feel the taste of the e-liquids, and it seems like all of them taste the same. A vaper’s tongue is a result of vaping too much without consuming enough liquid. To avoid it, you should stay hydrated at all times.

Allergic Reactions

Some people are sensitive or allergic to some flavors and components of e-liquids. Very often, people complain about being somewhat sensitive to PG.

Most often, vapers experience symptoms like dehydration, which is inseparable from PG. Some vapers reported allergic reactions to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as well.

When it comes to allergic reactions to flavorings, one should be very careful. These sensitivities and allergic reactions can be life-threatening in some cases.

For example, some e-juices can contain traces of peanuts. In case you have any concerns about the e-liquid components and their safety, we recommend you to contact the manufacturer or switch to an e-liquid that is for sure safe for you.

Vapes for Chain Vaping

Some vapes are more applicable for chain vaping than others. When speaking of chain vaping, we don’t mean one over-enthusiastic vaper. You can chain-vape with a company of friends as well.

For any of these purposes, rebuildable dripping tank atomizers (RDTAs) fit best. You can tune their customizable coils to suit your chain vaping needs.

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When you have chain vaping in mind, make sure to pack about 2mm of wicking material as you build your coil. Rayon is better for chain vaping than cotton because its temperature tolerance is higher. The material should not be too tight or too loose.

Make sure to use temperature control to protect your coils from overheating. Even though chain vaping is increasingly popular among ex-smokers, you should understand that it decreases the lifespan of your coil dramatically.

If you plan to stick with chain vaping, opt for an RDTA with a direct dripping system. This system will handle the pressure of chain-vaping and make your coil last longer.

Final Thoughts

So, how much is too much vaping? When it comes to nicotine e-liquids, there are exact dosages that can harm you and make you feel the symptoms of poisoning. When it comes to dehydration when vaping, you can easily avoid it while consuming enough liquid at all times.

However, if you experience any symptoms like dizziness, weakness, nausea, stomach pain or nausea, you should, by all means, put off your vape till better times.

Luckily, according to the comprehensive studies, symptoms of nicotine poisoning don’t last longer than several hours. In cases of mild to moderate nicotine poisoning, your body will process the nicotine quickly without any extra help. In case your symptoms intensify, make sure to see a doctor.

Chances are that it is a mere coincidence and you might have another health condition. Dehydration and nicotine poisoning, related to vaping, are usually accompanied by mild to moderate symptoms that spin away quickly.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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David Brown

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  1. While chain vaping on its own isn’t as dangerous as people like frame it, doing it with nicotine infused products is a real threat to your health. I mean, it not only dehydrates your body but has direct impact on your stomach. It goes without saying, everything is good in small doses. Also, thanks for posting this Dave, more people should know about this.

  2. Can we take a moment and appreciate how well this post describes what is chain vaping and how it affects you. Man, this is the kind of content I like and this is the reason why I’m here!

  3. Been chaing for years now and you know what? Yep, those symptomes are pretty accurate. Especially the dry mouth part. After a long session I want to drink like a horse and for some odd reason, I’m also hungry!

  4. I kinda get the problem and all but it bothers me that manufacturers don’t do anything about it. Surely they could at least type a few lines that chain vaping can be dangerous. Besides, it wont even cost them a penny, all they have to do is to include this information in the manual. Ideally, this kind of vaping should be locked on a software level, where a system wont give your another take in like an hour.

  5. It won’t be long until the government gets involved. As the gentleman/lady said above, we need protection mechanisms already built inside our vapes before it’s too late. We don’t want some brands to go out of business don’t we?

  6. I’m lost as to what is considered chain vaping? Does the product have to have nicotine? Or is it about obsessive intakes? A little clarification would be highly appreciated!

  7. I think that everyone is old enough to take care of themselves. If somebody drinks a gallon of vodka, does it mean that the government has to ban vodka nation-wide? Absolutely not. We do, however, have to spread this information so that less people repeat this behaviour. Thanks to David for bringing this up, this isn’t new but people tend to forget about stuff all the time!

  8. I can see the connection with cigarette smokers, this really is a thing for many vapers out there. I guess the best solution is to stop using nicotine products.

  9. Oof, never realized this was a problem. Sure, I like my stuff and I vape a couple of times a day but I did not realize that it was called “chain vaping”, even more, I didn’t realize it was a problem untill now. Thanks for the article, it was kinda worrisome at first but then I realized it’s nothing to worry about!

  10. I used to be a chain vaper and I can tell you one thing. It really is addicting and it’s best that you stop soon. I used to be a smoker and vaping was kinda my salvation but then I realized that I’m doing it wrong. It took me months to finally get off of it. I used to drink a ton of water as it helped me a lot. I encourage everyone to share their stories, maybe we can learn more about this.

  11. Some of my friends are actually addicted to this kind of vaping but the problem is not nicotine (it goes away from your body in just a few hours) it’s about the mindset. They’ve been spending way more than I do on vape products and it’s definitely putting a financial strain on them.

  12. Why is everyone so alarmed? I know it’s not good for you but is it deadly? Not! Is it contaigios? Nope! Can it be stopped? Of course. Just keep calm guys and vape on! This isn’t something to be worried about!

  13. There is a saying by Ray Bradbury, that I keep on repeating over and over, “Too much of anything isn’t good for anyone” and the same goes for chain vaping. If you’ve took too much of it and feel like a trainwreck, it’s time you stop. And if you can’t stop, get’s some help or heck, visit a doctor, he might be able to suggest something. In any case, don’t wait for things to get hairy.

  14. Now that I know what is chain vaping and why I shouldn’t be doing it I’ve started to wonder how long does it take for the side effects to kick in. Also, why is nobody doing any kind of research on the matter? Seems like a big deal to me!

  15. Chain vaping heh. Sounds like a myth considering the fact that vapes are like 100% better than cigarettes. Yet, we have things like this. Pretty sure it’s because of nicotine in their juices. That compound is the one that causes this behavior!