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Have you ever suffered from a condition called “vaper’s tongue”? If you’ve been vaping for quite a while, you might have even experienced it without knowing what it was. Have you ever picked up your vape, inhaled your favorite flavorful e-liquid and felt nothing?

That’s exactly what vapor tongue is about. Vaper’s tongue is a condition when a vaper doesn’t feel the flavor and the taste of the vapor the way they did before. This condition, when one cannot feel the taste and the flavor of the vapor as well as usually, usually lasts from one to three days.

This condition often comes and goes without any warnings, puzzling vapers all over the world. In this post, we’ll go into the details of vape tongue phenomenon.

Vaper’s Tongue girl imageYour Nose Is to Blame

What is vaper’s tongue? Having started talking about vape mouth, we need to tell you right away that the mouth and the tongue have nothing to do with the phenomenon. It is a widely popular misconception that the tongue is the core of the problem. In fact, the problem is in the nose.

So, an accurate term would sound like “vaper’s nose”. The human ability to experience taste and flavor is mostly a matter of smell, rather than taste.

The term vaper’s tongue emerged because vapers who temporarily lose the possibility to taste the flavor, feel like their tongue is insensitive to it. In fact, it is the nose that loses the sensitivity. This condition usually takes place in cases when a vaper has been taking sustainable long sessions regularly for a long time.

One moment they realize that they can hardly feel the flavor. Even though the process of flavor diminishment is gradual, a vaper usually feels it only when it gets too obvious. However, it is not a medical condition one should worry about. It is more of a temporary glitch that fixes itself quickly enough.

Things That Help With Vaper’s Tongue

Vapor tongue is a condition that usually disappears without any medication and leaves no trace. However, we understand that it is not a pleasant state. For this reason, we’ve gathered the most effective remedies that can help you get rid of it soonest possible.

One way that does not work is a change of the flavor. During an episode of a vaper’s tongue condition, all of the flavors seem tasteless to the vaper, as a rule.

For this reason, there is no need to spend money on new flavors you will most likely be disappointed with. Also, we don’t recommend you to continue vaping when you have the condition. First of all, it will be disappointing. Second of all, it may prolong the condition. Here are some methods that work:

Take a Break

Take a break from vaping for a day or two to get your senses back to normal if you have a light to moderate vaping style. Try to go without your vape a day or two more if you are a heavy vaper. This way may not sound fun, but it brings your senses back to normal quickly and effectively.

Vaper’s Tongue bad taste imageAnd after you can feel the taste and the flavor of the vapor to the full again, you will be able to enjoy the vaping sessions you’ve missed even more.

Go Flavorless

If you can’t feel the flavor, you don’t need any. When giving up your vape entirely for several days seems too much, try vaping some unflavored e-liquid, or even plain vegetable glycerin without any nicotine additives. It may shorten the effect of the vaper’s tongue.

Take Care of Your Mouth

Careful oral hygiene is recommended when dealing with the vaper’s tongue. Brush your teeth carefully and use some mouthwash to make your mouth even cleaner. This method may help with a vaper’s tongue condition slightly, and it will definitely do some good for your teeth and gums.

Stay Hydrated

Vaping e-liquid drains your mouth, so it’s quite common for vapers to have a bottle of water with them while they enjoy their favorite flavor. It makes the experience way more pleasant. Stay hydrated at all times, especially when you experience vaper’s tongue syndrome.

Since propylene glycol has a drying effect, it is sometimes associated with vaper’s tongue. However, we should tell you that there is no proven connection between the two.

Magic Coffe Beans

You know how they put coffee beans in perfume shops for people to sniff them when they can’t feel the perfume anymore? That’s a trick you can use for your vaper’s tongue as well. If your brain got too used to the flavor you’ve been treating it with, try to reboot your senses by sniffing fresh coffee beans or freshly ground coffee. In any case, it will be an enjoyable and refreshing experience.

Cure Your Cold

The sensation of taste and smell are closely connected with the person’s health condition. Sometimes when having a common cold, all food tastes like grass and all the smells disappear from your world. If this is the case, take care of your cold and make sure to boost your immune system.

After your body is healthy again, your senses will get back to normal as well. We do not recommend you to vape during a cold, since it may cause the symptoms to prolong.

Clean Your Vape

Sometimes the problem is not inside of your mouth or nose, but inside of your vape. Take a look at your coils and clean them if there is any residue on them. Dirty vape coils cause dull vapor taste and disgusting vaping experience you don’t want to try. We recommend you to clean your coils thoroughly weekly to avoid the nasty experience.

Cigarettes are to Blame

It is common knowledge that cigarettes dull the taste and smell senses of a smoker. In case you recently quit smoking or still treat yourself to a cigarette now and then (which you know you shouldn’t), chances are cigarettes dull your senses.

After you quit smoking completely, your senses take some time to get back to normal. Just give them some time. After things get back to normal, the taste and flavor will be better than ever before.

Let Time Do Its Thing

Since vaper’s tongue is not a permanent condition, and it usually comes and goes within several days, you can either try to cure it in every suggested way or just wait till it’s gone. In any case, it will most likely be gone within two to four days without any extra help.

As the time passes, your ability to smell and taste the richness of the flavor will come back to normal, and you’ll forget that you ever had trouble with it. So, don’t stress much about it and let the time do its thing. Sometimes, one has to take a break and rest even from their favorite activities.

Remember that there is no need to panic when you notice that your favorite flavor feels plain and tasteless. Try some of the remedies given above, and your tastes will go back to normal pretty soon.

In case nothing helps in several days, it could be that you damaged your senses with hot vapor or hot food. Give your body a week or two to get things back to normal without any extra help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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