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We are offering you the story of Rick Simpson and his occasional invention that came to save lives and started a great business. The invention is known as Rick Simpson oil. 

Before we move on, we stress that this article aims to give information about Rick Simpson oil instead of encouraging self-treatment. We point out that the intake of any treatment should be agreed upon with a doctor.

Rick Simpson was working at construction, as he suddenly fainted. The next couple of hours he spent on the floor, without anyone to help him. As he recovered and called for help, he received some usual medical treatment, which was of little use. 

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A couple of days later, Rick Simpson felt the same symptoms, and another hospital visit brought poor results. That was in 1997. 

After the rounds of ineffective medical treatments, Rick Simpson learned about the healing effects of cannabis and decided to try.

The results were life-changing. Rick didn’t just get rid of his illness; he started helping other people as well, preparing RSO oil for sale.

After he produced some cannabis oil and used it for treatment, the doctors saw positive results in his cure. They even encouraged him to continue with oil consumption, although not officially. The thing is that they were still late 90-s and cannabis products were out of the law.

RSO Business: How It Started? 

Rick Simpson was surprised at how the cannabis plant brought relief. Although he didn’t recover from his sickness immediately, RSO improved his condition considerably. It had a significant advantage over traditional drugs.

After that, Rick’s life centered around cannabis. He started growing marijuana in his garden and home farm and cultivated more marijuana than he and his family needed. So he decided to begin donating cannabis oil to people interested in such treatment.  

He turned the out-of-door marijuana, he planted, into the oil. That product was called Rick Simpson Oil or RSO.   

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RSO could be used to treat different disorders. The product got positive acclaim from early users, and Rick went on. In this way, the RSO business started.

Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil 

Rick Simpson cannabis oil is effective in healing and controlling conditions, including depression, multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS / HIV, osteoporosis, psoriasis, insomnia, leukemia, Crohn’s disease, and arthritis. It also helped in treating asthma, chronic pain, glaucoma, mutated cells (tumors, warts, polyps), migraines, burns, and body weight regulation.

Since marijuana business was illegal at the time, Rick Simpsons was forced to leave for Canada and later the Netherlands.

In 2002 Rick got a rare type of skin cancer. He wet a piece of cloth with cannabis oils and made a bandage on his face. He repeated the procedure five days in a row and saw a considerable decrease in the damaged skin areas. 

Thus, cannabis proved useful in cancer treatment.

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson cannabis oil takes two stages of preparation: straining and oil extraction. 

For the first part, take the fresh buds and plants of marijuana and mix them with alcohol. That helps cannabinoids detach from the plants. After you have to squeeze the mixture through the cloth or cheese filter to make even smooth mass, repeat the procedure several times so that you press as much of cannabinoids as possible.

Next, you should heat the substance you got from straining. Make sure you do it in the ventilated room so that alcohol that evaporates doesn’t drop back in the vessel. The main task of this stage is to evaporate the alcohol that is left inside.

Note: be sure you choose a source of heating that produces no sparks. The alcohol in the substance is very explosive, and a little sparkle can make the mixture catch fire.

Be sure the temperature of the mixture doesn’t go over 120 degrees Celsius. This temperature is optimal for evaporating alcohol and carboxylate. 

The cannabinoid will evaporate if you go over this point, and the substance will not have any use left. 

Result: as you are done with evaporating alcohol from the mixture, you are left with thick black oil that is extremely powerful as it contains concentrate cannabidiol. 

We recommend keeping it in syringes or unicorn bottles to get the exact dosage as you will try to consume it.

As RSO is helping people fight different conditions, Richard Simpsons has become known worldwide as a person who raises awareness about the medical use of marijuana, which now gets legalized in many developed countries.

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Is CBD different from RSO

A classical CBD oil contains pure CBD and is also called isolate. It is free from other cannabinoids and is derived from industrial hemp. RSO CBD oil provides a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including a considerable level of THC (up to 20%).

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Interestingly: in 2010, a physician, Ethan Russo, found out that oil is higher when it contains all types of cannabinoids.

To apply RSO, you need to be very cautious about the dosage, as it is different from person to person, and depends significantly on your condition.

Also, for now, we lack medical trials that could prove which dose is sufficient for what condition. Every person should be extremely attentive with choosing the right dosage when you buy Rick Simpson oil for treatment.

You can consume oil as a cream or balm, rubbing it onto your skin or as edible capsules. Also, you can use it as sublingual tinctures by dropping it under the skin.

Since RSO contains a high amount of THC (20-30%), it can make you high. Also, it is called a full spectrum of cannabis oil, as it contains cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), phenols, flavonoids, and fatty acids.

You can’t get high from a usual CBD isolate. That is why some people search Rick Simpson’s oil to buy it for getting high.

RSO in Treatment

Because of the late legalization of marijuana in developed states, its effect on cancer is not yet studied to the full.

The American Cancer Society and other institutions have proven that CBD oil has cancer-inhibiting effects. RSO oil share the same positive impact.

Also, RSO is known as a proven treatment for nervous disorders, tumors, inflammation, pains, depression.

Moreover, it is also a very promising treatment for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. It boosts neurogenesis and enhances neuroplasticity, meaning it keeps our brains young longer.

Legal Issues

Because RSO contains a high level of THC, it is still out of law in some states. Therefore, if you think about buying or producing it, discuss whether it’ legal in the place you live with your lawyer.

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If you are into natural cures with a promising agenda of scientific research, Rick Simpson cannabis oil is worth your attention.

The positive effects of marijuana were discovered by an enthusiast who suffered several disorders and managed to cure them with the help of marijuana extract.

Rick Simpson has done a lot for popularizing medical marijuana across the world. Now, millions of people benefit from natural and affordable cure from various conditions.


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