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Getting to Know Sigelei 213

Sigelei 213 is a powerful box mod with a stunning design and great temperature control. No one knows why the power of the device is precisely 213 watts; perhaps it is just a marketing trick to draw attention to the product. In any case, this mod is worth the attention for many reasons.

 Sigelei 213 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent Sigelei vape mod, use the button below. 

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Sigelei 213W MOD imageSigelei 213W TC Kit

The Sigelei 213W TC kit includes the following elements:

– 1x Sigelei 213w box mod;
– 1x micro USB charging cable;
– 1x Operation manual;
– 1x security code card.

Sigelei 213W MOD kit imageAs you can see, the kit is quite small, but it contains everything a vaper needs to start vaping the moment they get it.

Sigelei 213: Features Review

Without further due, let’s take a look at the features of this mod:

– Measurements: 3,5” x 1,7” x 1,14” (88*44*29mm);
– Material: reinforced carbon fiber; aluminum space frame;
– OLED screen;
– Temperature range: 200°F – 570°F (100°C – 300°C);
– Wattage range: 10W – 213W;
– Voltage output: 1.0V – 7.5V;
– Voltage input: 6.4V – 8.4V;
– Charging: Micro USB (DC5V/2A);
– Firing modes: Resistance Range: 0.1Ω – 3.0Ω;
– Weight: 7,8 oz (with batteries);
– Firing modes: VW, TC (Ni200, Ti, SS), TCR (Temperature Coefficient Of Resistivity), TFR (Temperature Factor Of Resistivity);
– Spring Loaded 510 Pin;
– Brass 510 Pin;
– Battery door panel.

 Sigelei 213 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent Sigelei vape mod, use the button below. 

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Sigelei 213W MOD size imageAll these features don’t come at a low price. Currently, the prices for the mod range between $90–120. It is a rather high price for the current vape market, so we believe that Sigelei is going to offer a discount on this product anytime soon.

Sigelei 213 Box Mod Design

The Sigelei is about one third smaller than its predecessor, manufactured by the same company. This mod is shaped like a rounded rectangular box that has a bit convex, bulging sides. Such a shape makes the device easy and comfortable to hold. The mod aims at the military look with its aluminum frame, the skin of gun-metal gray zinc alloy and some more black carbon-fiber material.

The mod comes in grey/black and gold. All in all, the mod looks very aesthetically pleasing in any color due to its design and the materials it is made of. You can tell that the manufacturer emphasizes the durability of the mod rather than its stylish design.

Sigelei 213W MOD gold black imageUsability of the Mod

As for the usability features of the device, all of them are pretty good. There is a display and some adjustment buttons on the edge of the front of the mod. The OLED screen is clear and bright; it’s easy to see all the white characters on a black background.

There are an asymmetrical firing button and a USB-port on the short side of the mod. The clicky firing button makes a metallic sound as you press it, which is quite unusual.

To activate this box mode, one simply needs to click the firing button three times. The display will light up and allow you to select the needed settings. There are a lot of adjustments you can make thanks to the chip of the mod, like temperature control, temperature coefficient values, and temperature factor of resistance.

Sigelei 213W MOD without batteries imageThere is a Preheat setting that allows you to program the mod so that you won’t need to hold its button down for preheating. You can also lock the resistance to enter an accurate TC mode. If you choose the wrong settings, you can always restore the chip to the factory settings and start all over again.

 Sigelei 213 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent Sigelei vape mod, use the button below. 

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A Shadow Over the Siegel Kingdom

Many users claim that the Sigelei 213W mods have bugs in the controller chip, especially in the first version of the box mod. According to some Sigelei 213 reviews, the temperature control of the mod glitches, there are issues with firing and superimposed screens.

Until now Siegel hasn’t confirmed any firmware update to fix the issues that are quite disappointing for some users. The manufacturer made a step towards another product. They have recently released Fuchai 213, a box mod that is twice cheaper than Sigelei 213. One of the reasons for such a drop in price is caused by less expensive materials in the newer product.

The manufacturer claims that Sigelei 213 Fuchai does not have any of the issues the initial model had. They say that all the issues were addressed accordingly. Even if they were, it doesn’t help those users who are unhappy with their glitching Sigelei 213W TC box mod. Check some of the Sigelei Fuchai 213 reviews if you consider a cheaper model.

Sigelei 213W MOD box imageSigelei 213: Benefits or Losses?

Let’s take a look at the major advantages and disadvantages of this box mod. After all, every vaper has their priorities, taste, and style.


– Exclusive features like TCR, TFR, and Power Up;
– Powerful smart chip;
– Operates in temperature control mode(200-600F) and wattage control mode;
– Stylish and ergonomic unisex design;
– Durable construction;
– Easy operation and maintenance;
– High-quality OLED screen.

 Sigelei 213 is not for sale anymore on most sites, but if you still need a decent Sigelei vape mod, use the button below. 

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– Drains batteries quickly in high-wattage and high-temperature modes;
– Fire down only to 0,1 ohms when similar mods can fire down to 0,05 Ohms;
– Some users claim that the chip glitches.

Having read this list of all the benefits and losses that come with this box mod, it should be easier for you to make a choice regarding its purchase.

Final Thoughts

Sigelei 213 is a powerful and durable box mod that is for sure worth checking out. It has comprehensive controls, stylish unisex design, and some very interesting features. You can’t easily find another device that has an instant preheat option, for example.

The abundance of settings and adjustments makes the mod more appropriate for advanced vapers than for beginners. Sigelei takes mod customization to the next level with this vape. However, the chip bugs make the product less attractive for sure.

We hope that the manufacturer addresses this issue in the next product. And when they do, their products will be much more appreciated.


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