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Kanger Subox Mini kit is an impressive product that includes everything one may need for an enjoyable vaping session. The Kangertech Subox Mini vape mod is very portable thanks to its shape and size. This box mod can be entirely hidden in a man’s palm, but it still holds 4.5ml of your favorite e-liquid.

It makes this mod perfect for stealthy vapers and for vapers who hate carrying bulky mods around with them. In this review, we will cover the features, design, performance, as well as the pros and cons of the Kanger Subox Mini starter kit.

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Kanger Subox Mini box imageUnboxing the Kanger Subox Mini Kit

Kanger Subox Mini comes in black, red and white colors. The kit comes in a stylish carton box that matches the chosen mod color. It makes the unboxing process fun and exciting. The box opens like a book, and there is a latching side that is held by a magnet.

Thanks to it, everything holds tight well enough. As you open the package, you will see the operation manual covering the device. This manual contains all the information one may need when operating this kit. The manual is very clear and detailed. Below is an overview of what to look for inside the box.

Kanger Subox Mini colors imageSubox Mini Kit Components

1x KBOX Mini 50W;
1x Subtank Mini;
1x RBA Mini Plus base;
1x Mini USB cable;
2x RBA coils;
1x OCC 1.5Ω coil;
1x OCC 0.5Ω coil;
1x Japanese cotton sheet;
1x Operation manual;
2x RBA cover screws;
2x RBA deck screws.

There is no Kangertech Subox Mini battery in the starter kit. You need to purchase a 18650 battery on your own separately. After you install it, the battery unit will include the battery itself, a sticker and a magnetic cover.

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The Kanger Subox Mini battery sticker gives the device an even more stylish look. The pass-through feature of the battery is not new, but it’s definitely nice to have. It allows you to enjoy a vaping session while your mod is charging.

Kangertech Subox Mini Starter Kit: Design

You can tell that the Subox Mini Starter kit is all about style the moment you see the box. The device itself gives an impression of a stylish and well-crafted vape. The moment you take the Subox Mini in your hands, you realize that it feels as good as it looks.

Kanger Subox Mini tank imageThe ceramic type paint coat of the vape is smooth yet not slippery, so it’s very comfortable to hold. This vape has a large ergonomic clicky fire button, situated just above the OLED screen. The screen itself is rather small, but it’s sure enough for the compact size of the vape.

Under the screen, you will find the plus and minus buttons. Right under the buttons, you can see the USB charger. Such location allows you to charge the device while having it stand on your desk.

At the back side of the device, you can find a 510 connector and the magnetic battery latch that pops off easily by four tiny magnets.

Kanger Subox Mini Features

The mod has basic control features, a small screen, and a powerful body. Below is an overview of the best features of this device:

– Ergonomic design;
– Lightweight aluminum construction;
– Ceramic coating;
– 4.5ml e-liquid tank;
– Variable wattage range: 7W – 50W
– Resistance range: 0.3Ω-1.6Ω
– OLED Display;
– Dual airflow control;
– Pass-through battery charging;
– Magnetic battery door;
– 510-threaded;
– Works with a 18650 battery (to be purchased separately).

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As you can see, the features of this mod are quite impressive for such a compact device.

Kanger Subox Mini tank details imageKanger Subox Mini: Review of Operation

To activate the device, you need to press the fire button quickly five times. After this, you will see the information icons on the screen, which will tell you about the battery, wattage, voltage and resistance level of the mod.

To change the wattage, you need to tap the plus or minus buttons. Every tap will change the value by 0.1 increments. If you hold the button down, the value will change by 1 watt.

To flip the screen and get to the controls, you need to hold the plus and minus buttons at the same time. One thing you will not find in this mod is temperature control, which is for sure a disadvantage.

Subox Mini: Review of Vapor

After you set up your device and fill its tank with your favorite vape juice, you are ready to vape. It’s important to set the right wattage for optimal vapor and flavor production. What to expect? Before 30w, the vapor you get will be thin. Around 30w, the vapor will for sure be warm, flavorful and dense.

At 40-50w, the vapor will be hotter, and you will blow out huge dense clouds. The decent flavor will still be there. All in all, both the flavor and vapor quality are nothing to complain about. The mod delivers a satisfying vaping experience, provided that you got the right settings for it. The Kangertech Subox Mini manual will help you do things the right way.

A Blot on the Landscape

Just like any other product on any market, this mod has its drawbacks. There are also some issues typical to it. We believe that you need to know about them before deciding whether to get this mini mod or not.

The absence of temperature control has been already mentioned above, and it is for sure one of the most significant drawbacks of the mod. We think that the manufacturer could introduce it in the later versions.

When reading some reviews for this mod, you can come upon the leakage complaints. The thing is that the early version of the kit had a leakage problem for real. The e-liquid would come out of the air holes and make things messy.

Also, one of the Kangertech Subox Mini coils leaked on the bottom seal. The reason for it was a small metal wire that prevented complete sealing. In the current version of the mod, the Kanger Subox Mini coils do not have this problem anymore.

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Kanger Subox Mini Kit: Benefits or Losses?

Here is an overview of the major advantages and drawbacks of the mod. Consider them to make the right purchase.


– Usability;
– Compactness;
– Pass-through charging;
– Spacious 4.5ml e-liquid tank;
– Black/red/white color options;
– Good vapor and flavor production;
– Simple to operate, set and maintain;
– Spare coils and parts come with the kit.


– Airflow control is tight;
– No spring loaded pin;
– No temperature control;
– Magnetic battery cover isn’t latched.

Subox Mini Maintenance

Cleaning will make your mod last longer and deliver you more satisfying vaping sessions. You can clean your mod quickly and easily by removing the battery and the tank. After you disassemble things, wipe all the elements with an alcohol wipe or a damp cloth. It will take you under ten minutes and you can continue vaping as soon as all the elements dry.

Final Thoughts

Taking into account everything written above, we can confirm that the Kanger Subox Mini Kit is a decent product that stands up to its price. It is a stylish, functional and durable mod that makes many vapers happy. We hope that the manufacturer will add temperature controls in the next version to make the device even better.

Also, we hope that the leaking problem is eliminated in the current version. For sure, we recommend you to take a look at the Kanger Subox Mini Kit. Chances are, it is just the product you are looking for.


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