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When you need something more powerful than a normal marijuana vape pen, but a desktop vaporizer is too large-format to use out and about, the portable Dr. Dabber Boost is just what the doctor ordered.

Stoners go for dabbing because it gives the cleaner, lighter and purer vapor. A couple of years ago dabs weren’t such elegant, safe and light-weight as now. Users heated nails with the open fire making surroundings go aflame either. Not a quite expected result from a relaxation session, isn’t that?

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Dr. Dabber Boost kit imageNow, with electronically-controlled heating elements, dab rigs aren’t the reason for a fire-alarm anymore, but they make you kick a ceiling if of lousy quality.

Modern dab rigs are safe, comfortable to use and have different temperature settings, yet rare are portable. They are sometimes too bulky to take away, and if you are a party lion, something more delicate should be used.

In search of portability, some make use of the vape pens sacrificing the knock-down effect from rapidly vaporized canna oils. This not the case with Boost by Dr. Dabber is not the case with Boost by Dr. Dabber.

Dr. Dabber Boost box imageDr. Dabber Boost Build Quality

Dr Dabber Boost E-rig is an elegant, yet sturdy device. It is 5.5 inches tall and is powered by a 18659 BestFire battery that holds up to 2500 mAh (the rumor goes, Dr Dabber Boost battery can handle up to 3500 mAh). The battery powers a heating ceramic rod with a nail on top. The latter comes in titanium, ceramics of quartz (glass) and with Dr. Booster you receive three of them in a pack.

The handy mouthpiece is constructed in a way that any spilling is impossible. It snugly joins the central part and being made of glass caters a fresh touch to the lips when inhaling the hot vapor. When assembled, the whole unit is about 10 inches tall.

Dr. Dabber Boost vaporizer imageWhy Dr Dabber Boost Erig beats Competitors?

The new e-nail comes with three screw-in nails is a pack, facilitating experimentation, enabling different modes and letting the user try and choose the best option for everyone.

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They have improved the heating top, changing material from Teflon to ceramics. The ceramic top is considered better especially for unaccustomed users.

Being travel-friendly (comes with a pre-included foam-padded case), it produces super-powerful clouds of canna vapor, beating other dab rigs regarding portability and exceeding vape pens in cloud production.

dr. dabber 2 nails imageIt has a nice design, mainly thanks to the state-of-the-art combination of metal and glass. And it feels sturdy too. Shiny surfaces won’t leave you indifferent, and the well-manufactured construction with neodymium magnets caters to fast and secure assembling sessions.

These magnets (between the body and weighted base, and also on the detachable handle on the card head) give an extra sense of quality, as you work the Dr. Dabber Boost. The glass percolator sits snugly on the ceramic top thanks to the friction from two o-rings.

How to Use the Boost?

The manufacturing is streamlined and user-friendly. To start, fill the glass percolator with a small amount of water (1/4 inch). Once it’s done, click the button three times with the titanium nail or five times with a ceramic or glass nail.

The LED indicator turns white indicating the start of the heating process and gets blue in 25 seconds for a titanium nail and in 40 seconds for ceramic and glass ones. The operating temperature is 515 degrees Fahrenheit, in 20 seconds it can reach up to 600 degrees, and the heater stops working.

Now, as the lamp is blue, dab the oil onto the nail, place the carb and enjoy your time, inhaling the most potent paraphernalia vapor of your life. If you want to keep the temperature at the highest limit, press the button right after the first heating cycle ends.

Initially, Dr Dabber Boost comes with some charge in the battery. You need to drain it for a new session. The Boost charge time is about 4-6 hours.

Vapor Quality and Effect

The vapor is excellent. Dr Dabber Boost E-nail produces great thick steam of cannabinoids, and its productivity wins comparison with any weed vape pen. As for the effectiveness – well, it just works well. Even the small amount of natural high-cannabidiol extract, like that of Harlequin, the stunning stone effect arrives after fifteen minutes of use.

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Within this timeframe, you feel that willpower that makes your body stay alert vanishes, so do the weariness and stress. Your body doesn’t have any desire to move. Still, it doesn’t get numb or anything. So that you can save your flesh in case of a disaster, but if there is none of such, your soul starts to fly.

To conclude our Dr Dabber Boost review we need to say that having spent money on this little candy of glass and steel, you will be disappointed neither by quality nor by its power. Although it lacks all the potency of desktop dabs, with its portability, the Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer is a win.


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