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Can an electric dabber be outstanding? The KandyPens Oura electric dab rig says yes. It was awarded by The Vape Critic as “Best Portable Dab Rig of 2019”, by The Vape Guide as “Best E-Nail 2019”, and by Vaping360 as “Best E-Nail for Dabs 2019”. 

Impressive, isn’t it? So what makes the KandyPens Oura e-nail so outstanding? 

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It is a portable e-nail dab, heats up within five seconds, consists of durable materials, and supports a pass-through quality. Besides, it has a plentiful of other splendid features we are happy to outline.

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Specs and features

  • Materials: zinc alloy, handmade glass
  • Battery: 3000 MmAh
  • Temperature modes: 4 (620F, 860F, 980F, 1090F)
  • Charging: USB-C, fast charging
  • Smart features: auto shut-off, haptic vibration
  • Atomizer: quartz crystal
  • Heat-up: 5 seconds
  • Accessories: velvet carrying bag (gift)
  • Warranty: lifetime, all parts covered. 

Bild and design

At first glance, the KandyPens Oura e-nail looks quite usual. The build presents a two-part system with a battery at the bottom and a water filtration system at the top.

The bottom part contains an extended compartment used for a heating cup and features the matte finishing for a comfortable hold. You never feel any displeasure either when you hold it in one hand or two. With the no-button design, Oura e-rig has smart-touch sensors that cater to the ease of use and give access to multiple features. 

The top part of the glass bubble deserves special attention. It consists of heavy, durable glass. The glass bulb is handmade, which makes it even more precious.

Kandypens Oura green

All the parts of the Oura e-nail consist of quality materials. Apart from the handmade bulb, we’ve already mentioned the housing of the lower part consists of the zinc alloy, known for its durability.  

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All the parts come with a lifetime warranty, that is an excellent move, especially if you occasionally break the glass. Wonder why it matters? 

Look: it is the only product on the e-nail dab rig market that has such extensive protection! Besides glass, the warranty covers coils, electronic parts, and the base.  

Kandypens Oura pink

Perfect for taking around

KandyPens Oura is a perfectly portable electric dab rig which makes it stand out in the whole class of e-nail dabbers. Instead of the usual conical shape, it has a barrel-like body that follows the form of a palm as you grasp it.

The bottom part makes it very stable when placed desk-top and a velvet carrying bag makes it simple to travel or go around with your favorite e-nail dab.

We must admit, that such attention to details of user comfort tells a lot about the merits of the makers. 

Heating and Temperature

The Oura e-rig heats at the rocket speed compared to other electric nail dabs. Five seconds and you are ready to go!

Oura offers four pre-set temperature modes, which are 620F, 860F, 980F, and 1090F. That’s a golden mean between having options and not being obliged to dig into settings for hours to find your way. 

Each of the four temperature codes is color-coded, which is a useful design feature but isn’t that important for functionality. 

Kandyan is an expert in wax vaping, so the pre-set temperatures perfectly fit this medium. 

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is superb. That is due to the quality of build and materials. The e-rig comes with two kinds of a bucket: a glass one and a quartz one. They are of a significant size that allows you to load a lot of mediums in your portable enail rig. That caters to the full vapor. 

Tip: for the harder hit, raise the temperature. You should be fully satisfied with the highest setting. 

Who will buy it?

The KandyPens Oura e-nail rig is not that cheap, but the quality makes it attractive to both the newbies and connoisseurs. It’s state-of-the-art design, and user experience will buy the heart of any owners. 

The newbies will buy it for ease of use: with the buttonless design, each step is intuitive. A haptic vibration signal tells you about every tap, protecting you from miss-clicks.

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After 4 minutes of inactivity, the e-dab rig shuts down, which saves battery. The charge time is fast, but if it’s not satisfactory enough, you may benefit from the pass-through feature. 

The professionals will admit portability, vapor quality, and the size of the wax bucket and the power of 3000 mAh battery.


The Oura e-nail dab rig from KandyPen doesn’t just win multiple awards – it can win the affection of any user from a newbie to a professional.

With powerful vapor, fast heat-up, impressive durability and build quality this electric nail dabber lives up to its fame!


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