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Not so long ago, Storz & Bickel updated their top-tier device – the Volcano Vaporizer. Some of you might make fun of us saying that the only part that changed was the whip, and we wouldn’t blame you.

However, there is more to this device than meets the normal eye. On the surface, it’s still the same old classic Volcano but under the hood, the story is completely different.

With a new engine and a new app to power it, this desktop vaporizer is shaping up to becoming one of the best products out there. But how does the new engineering solution make this seemingly old device better and what are the caveats? Let’s find out!


Inside the Box

  • Volcano Hybrid
  • Three Mouthpieces
  • Air Filter Set
  • Herb Mill (ca. Ø 55 mm)
  • One Adapter
  • A Separate Tube System
  • A Power Cord
  • Filling Chamber
  • Manual

A Price Tag To Match The Size

Now, before we jump into the full-blown analysis, we’d like to stress that this piece of technological marvel comes with a $700 price tag. Not everyone can stomach or even justify such a purchase but we can assure you, there is a solid reason why the price is high (more on that later).


This tabletop vaporizer is a behemoth in terms of features and will last you for decades. Now that we covered this, let’s move on to the meaty parts. 

Excellence Across The Board

You know you are getting the absolute best when you choose to buy from Storz & Bickel. You simply cannot dismiss the fact that their build quality is superb. You won’t find anything quite like this plug in vaporizer, even at this price tag.

And it’s not just the build quality, whether you choose to vape concentrates or dry herbs, you are bound to have top-tier vaping sessions. Another vital part of the device is the fact that it passed all kinds of certifications, medical specifications, and manufacturing testing.


You can rest assured knowing that your product will last you for a while and that nothing will go wrong. 

A Whip Like No Other

As we already mentioned, the whip is perhaps the most notable change in this home vaporizer. If you’ve been holding off of Volcano line of products cause of the bags, those days are long past.

The whip delivers tasty, fluffy clouds that will impress everyone (like, everyone). And since the airflow is open, you are guaranteed to have a good hit. The length of the whip is perfect and doesn’t get in the way.

The loading chamber is on the top meaning that the filling process won’t be interrupted and you don’t need to detach the whip from the main body. 

Revised Heater

We are pretty sure that you would not have guessed it but the Volcano Hybrid comes with an updated heat exchange system. The key benefit of the new design is that the system is twice as quick and more efficient than the previous iteration.

The average duration it takes to heat up is roughly 2 minutes. And it only takes up to 35 seconds to fill out the entire bag. Pretty impressive stuff. Another notable change is the fact that there is now a conduction heating mechanism.


It is located on top of the device and looks like a metal ring (which it is, frankly). It directly touches the installed loading chamber meaning that it also gets hot and will vaporize stuff much faster and more reliably. 

A Dedicated Smartphone App

The device comes with its own smartphone app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app itself has four tabs that control different things. The application allows you to change the shutdown timer, as well as adjust the display brightness level.

You can also set up alerts and even program the way the whole system behaves. Essentially, you can control how the system delivers heat, hold, and blow. For instance, if you enjoy starting your vaping sessions at 390°F and increase that number by 10°F every hour, you can set it up.

The system will do everything for you with pin-point accuracy, automatically, 100% of the time. 

Dry herbs? Concentrates? No Problem!

One of the coolest things about the Volacon Hybrid is that it will work with just about anything you throw at it. Whether its dry herbs or concentrates, the filling chamber can store up to half-gram of dry herbs and concentrates.

There is a lot of flexibility, too; if you want smaller doses, you can load as small as 0.1 gram and still get a good result. Oh, and did we mention it is the best desktop vaporizer for weed?

You’re welcome. Plus, this desktop herbal vaporizer works with standard filling capsules, meaning that you can finish it off on another capsule compatible device. 

Is This Device For Everyone?

Not really, the price tag is pretty high but you do get high-quality materials. The performance of this desktop dry herb vaporizer is great and the maintenance process is straightforward. However, not everyone is willing to poke around with settings all day to strike a perfect balance.

This is a niche product and it is aimed at advanced users. If you are willing to put up with a $700 price tag, we say go for it. The device is absolutely worth it. 

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