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While not resembling a dabbing tool, the Hyer Big-E Rig is exactly what it is, a full-blown e nail dab. Indeed, being one of the most prominent products on the electric dab rig market, there’s a lot to love here.

Especially when you consider that it is much easier to use this rig compared to its counterparts and competitors. But what really sets this e nail dab rig from the rest is its precision heating system. 

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So, for those of you unaware, the Hyer Big-E is a system that can achieve everything a standard e nail rig can accomplish but without the need to use a torch, hence the name, an e rig. As mentioned earlier, the star of the show is the heating element that can vaporize liquids at lower temperatures.

Hyer Big-E Rig specs

This way you will not only ensure pure flavor but have the option to pick between smooth and intense flavors. The sleek and portable design will also allow you to perform full-blown vaping operations anywhere you like. 

What is in the Box

  • 1x USB C Charging Cable
  • 1x SmartSwitch™ Magnetic Cable
  • 1x 18W Wall Charging Adapter
  • 1x Carb Cab / Concentrate Tool
  • 1x Electronic Vaporization Element 30W
  • 1x 14mm Glass Adapter
  • 4x 3300 mAh Batteries
  • 1x HYER Clamp-On Base

One Solution For All Sizes

One of the most interesting parts about the Big-E is its ability to attach itself to just about any pipe imaginable. Thanks to the clever design, this electric dab nail can accept any tobacco pipes as the base shape does not interfere.

Another good thing about this e nail rig is that the silicone traction pads guarantee that you have a seamless connection. This way you also won’t damage any glassware.

Thus, if you have been looking into torchless stations, this electric nail dab is the perfect combination of quality and safety. 

Hyer Big-E Rig base

Heat Control

Contrary to most electric dabbers, the Hyer Big-E employs a custom ceramic heating element. The reason why it’s custom is that it is electronic, making the whole process of using the device super simple since you aren’t messing around with torches.

As for the temperatures, the device can go as high as 750°F making it perfect for those who seek intense dabs. And in case of necessity, you can regulate the heat to a lower temperature for a more smooth flavor.

This is what separates an electric nail dabber from a normal one, you have the option to choose. 

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Ease Of  Use 

Being an e nail dabber, the Big-E is quite easy to set up. The whole process is mega short as all you have to do is fit the bottom of the water glass pipe to the device and regulate the expandable base to firmly fit the pipe.

Hyer Big-E Rig batteries

Once you’ve done this, all you have to do is place the nail into the downstream, set up the temperature, and voilà, you are ready to use your e dab rig. For those of you wondering, the heating process is around a minute and a half.

The device also has an LED indicator that you can use as a reference point. As for the cleaning process, the rig has a special mode for that.

The idea behind it is that the nail will heat to a high temperature and burn off all the leftovers, requiring no input from you whatsoever. 

Portable Capabilities 

There aren’t that many portable electric dab rigs on the market. And frankly, they aren’t made for such operations. You need to worry about the glass parts, as well as you need to make sure the coil isn’t lost during the process.

But we were surprised to learn that the Hyer Big-E Rig managed to resolve most of these issues. First thing first, the device does not have a torch element, meaning that you don’t need to worry about making holes in your clothes.

Hyer Big-E Rig top

Next, there’s the 3300 mAh battery that will deliver two solid hours of vape. All this makes the Big-E one amazing portable enail rig. 


The Big-E has technically two main competitors, one being the MiniNail and the other one is Dab Ninja Enail. If you take a look at the MiniNail, it is clear that it was never comfortable to use since it has a separate controller box.

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Whereas the Dab Ninja Enail was never made for stationary vaping sessions. It takes way too much time to heat up and the hit isn’t that strong once compared. Clearly, it was made for stealth sessions first and foremost. 

Final Thoughts

Ever since dabbing became a thing, it has taken the smoking community by storm. And this is great as more interest generates more innovation, meaning that we users, will be able to get the latest and greatest.

And the Hyer Big-E Rig is exactly this, a very solid product that will sure to leave a positive impact on you. Be sure to give this one a try!


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  1. It works great for about 3 months than it will short circuit. Which is unfortunate bc it is a really convenient way to dab. So far their warranty support has been great. I received my first replacement promptly. And I am hoping the second replacement goes as smooth. The exact same thing happened twice so I doubt its a coincidence. Keep a back up piece since it will fail eventually