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Kandy Pens Miva 2 is an improved version of MIVA vape. The latest version is compatible with wax and dry herb, whereas the original version is only compatible with dry herb.

Kandy Pens Miva 2 is packed with features every vaper needs: with this vaporizer, you get adjustable temperature control, excellent vapor quality, an OLED screen, compact size, and portability.

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Miva 2 also has an upgraded design with the golden embellishments that make the vape look elegant and modern. Miva 2 is quite similar to another portable vaporizer, the Atmos Vicod 5G. Miva 2 clearly aims at getting Atmos Vicod 5G out of the competition with its cool features.


KandyPens Miva 2 Kit

KandyPens Miva 2 kit contains the following elements:

  • 1 x Miva 2 dry herb vaporizer
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Steel cylinder insert for wax
  • 1 x Glass mouthpiece
  • 1 x Packing tool
  • 1 x Cleaning brush

As you can see, the kit has everything a vaper might need to get with a double-use handheld vaporizer. Please note that a grinder is not included in the kit, so if you don’t have one yet, we recommend you to get a high-quality one.


With a good grinder, you will get even and consistent material that will produce perfect vapor and flavor with every hit.

Look and Feel of Miva 2

This marijuana vaporizer is created with portability and convenience in mind. If it doesn’t fit well into your pocket due to the glass mouthpiece, you can easily remove it and carry it separately. Putting the mouthpiece back is quick and effortless.

The device is also an eye-candy thanks to the gold accents and a smart-looking OLED screen. If you get Miva 2 when shopping for a portable convection vaporizer, you will get what you need plus a conduction feature as a bonus. You can use it practically anywhere, with herb or wax, at your convenience.

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Features of KandyPens Miva 2

This portable cannabis vaporizer is packed with cool features that ensure an ultimate vaping experience with every session. Firstly, it is compact enough to be carried around everywhere you need it.


Also, this vape has precise temperature adjustment that lets you set the temperature precisely changing it by just one degree. It’s also great that the device is compatible with dry herb and concentrates as well. What’s more, there is an OLED screen that makes operating the device even easier.

Specifications of KandyPens Miva 2

The specifications of this weed vaporizer are as follows:

  • Weight: .50 lbs
  • Size: 3.45 x 1.47 x 0.7 inches
  • Available colors: red, pink, white, black
  • Heating system: hybrid (convection/conduction)
  • heating time: 20 seconds
  • Five-minute shutoff feature
  • Even herb heating
  • Temperature range: 350-430°F
  • Temperature adjustment unit: 1°F
  • Battery: 2200mAh
  • Battery life: 90 minutes (with dry herb)
  • Compatible materials: dry herb and wax concentrate
  • Glass mouthpiece to preserve the flavor
  • Digital OLED screen
  • Removable glass mouthpiece

How to Use Miva 2

Why get a dry herb vaporizer that works with one material when you can get a dual operation device like Miva 2? using it with each of the two compatible materials is quite easy. Here’s how you can do it right:

Miva 2 and Dry Herb

  • Take off the mouthpiece
  • Fill in the herb chamber with dry herb, about three quarters
  • Put the mouthpiece back on
  • Click five times on the power button to start the device
  • Enjoy your session

Miva 2 and Wax

  • Take off the mouthpiece
  • Put the concentrate cylinder on the vape
  • Add the dab about the size of the rice
  • Put the mouthpiece back on
  • Click five times on the power button to start the device
  • Set the needed temperature using the arrows
  • Enjoy your session

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Final Thoughts

Miva 2 is a compact vaporizer, compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates. With this vape, you will get even vaporization, rich flavor and dense clouds of vapor with every hit, no matter whether you use dry herb or wax.

A glass mouthpiece is a great addition to the vape. Since it makes the vapor path longer, you get to inhale the cooler vapor. With a standard steel mouthpiece that is located close to the heating chamber, the vapor remains hotter. Tastes differ, and some users prefer the harsher feel that the hot vapor gives them.

All in all, Miva 2 is a very versatile device with great functionality that can make a vaper happy regardless of their vaping experience. It’s not the cheapest device you can find, but the quality and functionality you get with Miva 2 are worth the money.


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