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The Wismec Noisy cricket mod is a simple-looking mechanical mod that is powered by two 18650 batteries. Made of stainless steel, this mod will never make you unhappy with its built quality. The unit is both lightweight and compact. The Noisy Cricket mod is currently sold at the price of $30.36 at the official Wismec website. It’s a steal price for such a simple, durable and powerful device.

The mod kit is packed in a transparent plastic case that allows you to see it before you unbox it. The Noisy Cricket kit includes the mech mod itself and nothing else. Vape batteries are not supplied with the mod, so you will need to purchase them separately. To install the new batteries, you need to remove a Derlin firing button and a 510 hybrid connector.

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First Impression

The Noisy Cricket vape in six colors, namely silver, black, grey, red, blue, and brown. All of the colors look great on the simple yet stylish design of the mod. If you want a classic-looking mod, we recommend you to opt for the black or stainless steel option.

Noisy Cricket Features

A Noisy Cricket mech mod review wouldn’t be complete without a list of its specs. You can see all the features of the mod below:

– Material: aluminum alloy;
– Designed by Jay-Bo;
– Dimensions: 79mm x 40mm x 22mm;
– High-power output;
– 510 connection (threaded);
– Powered by two 18650 batteries in a series circuit (need to be purchased separately);
– Removable lower battery lid with air holes;
– Top firing button (threaded);
– Suggested atomizer resistance: 0.25 to 0.5 ohms;

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How to Use Noisy Cricket Mech Mod

The Noisy Cricket box mod is easy to use, maintain and clean. It has a solid firing button that is connected with the battery by means of a brass plug (spring-loaded).

The 510 connector allows you to use the mod only with 22 mm vape tanks. Larger mods would interfere with the firing button. The 22 mm tanks do not protrude and fit the mod perfectly.

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Some users claim that the fire button is not so good. You can find the Noisy Cricket button upgrade tips on the Internet. According to the experienced vapers, a battery upgrade from Fat Daddy is the best.

Wismec Noisy Cricket mech mod imageThere is one drawback of the Wismec Noisy Cricket mod we would like to warn you about: a bit of the e-juice residue builds up around the hybrid connector if you don’t clean your mod regularly. We recommend you to clean your mod regularly so that the residue does not build up. Unless you do so, you can experience firing battery malfunction.

Wismec Indestructible RDA

The Noisy Cricket mod can work with an atomizer that is equipped with a 510 pin. The pin needs to protrude significantly and not recess back in the RDA. If you decide to go for the same brand, you can choose the Indestructible RDA by Wismec and install it carefully.

Noisy Cricket mod and the Indestructible RDA make an exciting combination that is quite easy to assemble and setup. Once the unit is ready, you will be pleasantly impressed with the dense clouds you will get with this mod and RDA.

Indestructible RDA Features

The Indestructible RDA makes a perfect tandem with the Noisy Cricket Jay Bo designed mod. It also works well with the single coil advanced builds as well as with a single Clapton coil.

– Material: 301 steel;
– Design: Jay-Bo;
– Diameter: 22 mm;
– Length: 31 mm;
– 510 threaded connection;
– Peek insulators;
– Non-rotating central positive connection post;
– Three posts (two hex screws on the positive post; Phillips head screws on the negative posts);
– Suggested resistance for coil build: 0.25 to 0.5 ohms;
– Nine holes (six air holes; three positioning holes);
– Original open slot wire terminal post holes;
– 3-piece mouthpiece (for hidden airflow);
– Mouthpiece width: 11 mm;
– Additional top airflow (adjustable);

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Market Rivalry

Speaking of competition, the Noisy Cricket mod can be compared to the Phantom from Wotofo. This rival product is in the same price range. A lot of features are the same for the two mods.

WISMEC Noisy Cricket size imageHowever, the Phantom comes with some spare parts, which makes it a better product for some users. Still, the Noisy Cricket mod puts a stake on simplicity and performance, so it finds its fans as well for sure.

Final Thoughts

This was our Noisy Cricket review, and we hope that you found all the information about the product that you were looking for. The Noisy Cricket upgrade kit is a product with which you get great value for the money. If you enjoy vaping with mechanical nods, give the Noisy Cricket a try.

This mod does not have any complicated settings and adjustments, but it does the job well. The mod has a stylish design, and it is quite portable as well as lightweight. All this makes the mod worth its money for sure. Overall simplicity makes the Noisy Cricket an excellent choice for beginners.


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